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“Santa Muerte” a sinister and infernal cult June 25, 2013

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And, I would say, satanic.  For those who don’t know, “santa muerte,” or holy death, is a bizaare satanic cult with some “Catholic” trappings has spread like wildfire through Mexico and Central America in the past decade or so, fueled by the huge drug gangs and the collapse in the practice of the Catholic Faith. It has, through immigration, spread into the United States, as well. Bishop Michael D. Pfeifer of San Angelo has some strong words of condemnation for this death-worshipping cult (I add emphasis and comments):

The cult “Santa Muerte” has been called by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, President of the Pontifical Council for Culture, sinister and infernal. 08santa_muerte_jb_jpegThis diabolical “Santa Muerte” cult has been burgeoning on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Santa Muerte cult is in no way santa (holy) but rather is, as Cardinal Ravasi has said, a celebration of devastation and of hell. It is a terrible blasphemy against God and is a false religiosity promoted by organized crime and drug traffickers. These groups celebrate death. It is in no way a true religion that celebrates life and justice and the dignity and sacredness of each person. La Santa Muerte has been called the “la religiosidad de narcos”—drug traffickers who falsify religion. [a more literal translation would be the religion of the narcos – drug traffickers]

The Santa Muerte is a skeletal figure of a cloaked woman with a scythe, or blade, in her bony hand. This cult is worshipped by drug dealers in Mexico and by the terrified people who live in drug-torn neighborhoods, and sadly in Texas, especially along the border. The devotion to the Santa Muerte, a female figure, goes directly against the true teaching of our Catholic Church and puts one in connection with the enemy of Christ, Satan.[And, thus, it exposes one to demonic obsession, oppression, and possession. There is little wonder the demand for exorcisms in Mexico has exploded, at a time when there are very few in that formerly amazingly Catholic country.  This whole death cult is a dire sign of how far the Faith has fallen in Mexico, and how perverted it has become.  Many of the practitioners of this cult consider themselves to be good Catholics!] From a Christian perspective, we have every assurance based on the Word of God that Christ has already defeated his last enemy —death — through His resurrection and has given us the Holy Spirit to guide us on the right path as we live each day with Christ preparing us for a holy death that will open the gates of heaven for us. [Perhaps a bit of post-Vatican II univeral salvationism here. I would rather the bishop warn these souls that they fall in dread danger of hell in following this cult]

The Santa Muerte engages in Satanism and many of its followers, Santa Muertistas, have committed heinous crimes in the name of the skeletal folk so called saint. Human sacrifice, narco-assassinations and other lurid crimes have been committed in Mexico and to some degree in the U.S. by devotees who believe that Saint Death sanctions and blesses these nefarious needs. [Read about the many mass graves found in Mexico, where deranged narcos and others tied up in this cult will suddenly, and for no reason, seize a bus full of poor people and murder them all, burying them in a mass grave.]

santa-muerte-denounced-by-vatican_67291_600x450Cardinal Ravasi points out that the Santa Muerte is not a religion just because it is dressed up like a religion. The cardinal stresses the importance to impress upon young people that these criminal groups have no religion, and that their activities run counter to human, social and cultural values. [Sigh.  How about, they run counter to the Gospel of Christ and objectively constitute commission of a mortal sin!  How about……they are EVIL!]

To counteract this satanic cult it is important to be faithful to Christ, our Good Shepherd, who has conquered sin, death and Satan himself, and to live by the guidance of the Holy Spirit and call on the protection of Our Lady of Guadalupe. And remember, that the true santas and santos in our Catholic faith are women and men who down through the ages have witnessed by holy lives to the Risen Savior, have rejected Satan and have been faithful followers of Jesus even to the point of giving their lives in martyrdom. These are the true Santos and Santas that we want to follow.

celebracion-del-7o-an-del-altar-a-la-santa-muerte-en-tepito1I like that last paragraph a lot.  Simple language, but conveying such critical truths that are so often forgotten today.

Santa muerte has exploded in the past few decades, at the same time concepts like “inculturation” and  the general suppression of traditional piety have been so widespread in the Church, especially in countries like Mexico where the fall from traditional Catholic practice to shocking modernism was so incredibly swift. Mexico was founded on the ruins of the Aztec Empire, an empire that practiced formal human sacrifice as the core act of their entire religion/culture. Human sacrifice and death worship were practiced on a scale not seen at least since ancient times.

But since Vatican II, and the general cultural marxist attacks on Western culture and the Catholic Faith in particular, there has been almost a Church-

"Penitents" walking for blocks on their knees to appease santa muerte

“Penitents” walking for blocks on their knees to appease santa muerte

approved revival of numerous Aztec practices. Most parishes with any significant hispanic population will almost certainly now feature a troupe of Aztec dancers! I don’t think it any accident, then, that at a time when the Church has so visibly collapsed in Mexico, with so many traditional acts of piety ridiculed and downplayed, that something very twisted would emerge in its wake. Something was going to fill that vacuum – for most people in the US, it’s mindless materialism, but in Mexico it’s something much more dark, much more sinister.  There is a visible tie-in between this “santa muerte” and the old Aztec death worship.

Which just goes to show that those old pieties that modernists like Richard McBrien and others love to denigrate did not just randomly materialize, they did not just sort of develop a life of their own without being very efficiacious of Grace and conversion.  They were very, very effectual, which is why they were so widely practiced and so cherished for so long. The Church must recover its traditional pieties – the Rosary, Eucharistic Adoration, Processions, all kinds of little sacramentals like blessings of candles, etc., etc. – if it is to recover its vigor and its very soul.

Or else, we can expect to see more and more abominations of desolation like this below, the very worst of all, the mocking of the Blessed Virgin as a harbinger of death:


If you want to see how deep and wide this perversion has sunk into Mexico, check out this link. But I warn you, much great immorality present in these photos (but no nudity)- this cult is tightly bound up with alcohol and drug abuse.


1. JLG - June 25, 2013

Unfortunately you can find candles with this image at most dollar tree stores. They are right next to the candles with Our Lady of Guadalupe, Fatima, and Lords, the Sacred Heart, st Jude, and st Joseph.

2. skeinster - June 25, 2013

Wait a minute- you mean it’s not just choirboys sneaking across the border, like the bishops and Mark Shea, and the Anchoress said?

tantamergo - June 25, 2013

And Jeff Mirus.

Talk to the Sheriff of Maverick Cty, or from Laredo. Law and Order essentially no longer exists within 20 miles of the major drug plazas.

skeinster - June 26, 2013

Oops, forgot Dr. Mirus…

Have you seen the desperate billboard in I-35 on the way to Austin about “Don’t believe the hype about Laredo? It’s still safe to visit”?

Um, no thanks.

3. tg - June 25, 2013

I’ve heard about this. Scary. My grandparents from Mexico and parents would be shocked. I’ve attended Mass a few times at a parish for mostly Mexican people and I saw a difference from the past. They were very man centered not God centered. I also don’t like the fashions like going to a club. I’m so happy my parish is at least semi traditional. I personally don’t know many illegals but I have friends that do. My friend tells me that most Mexicans today are not humble like in the past. They are also very materialistic which is why they deal in drugs. I’m hispanic but I am against the immigration bill. I don’t want this country to turn into a Banana Republic which I’m afraid we’re headed that way. There is a lot of corruption in Mexico and Latin America and then it will get spread here. I know American politicians here are also corrupt but it’s much worse in Latin America. I think it’s due to the extreme poverty of the people. We should complain to the Dollar Tree about the candles and tell them it’s part of the occult and drug dealers. I will if I ever went in one.

4. iconstitcher - June 26, 2013

Very good article. I wasn’t aware this had spread into Texas. Living in Mexico and Central America I have seen these horrible “shrines”. Most of the comments above are true. Santa Muerte or San Muerte come from some pagan, local idols or demi-gods to whom sacrifices would be made. Some priests are excellent and very blunt about their use and cult. Our bishops and priests who minister in the Latino community need to be count, outspoken and courageous about these practices. They are not cultural, rather of pagan Origen.

5. B Riggs - June 26, 2013

Our priest here in Kansas spoke about this cult in a homily several months ago. (Our parish has many hispanic members). He spoke of finding the image in homes he was invited in to bless. Thank you for this article, which helped me understand the sinister nature of this belief.

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