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How internet radio host Rebecca Diserio was persecuted unto silence June 26, 2013

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Anyone who pays even remote attention to what is going on in this nation – which includes, I am certain, pretty much all my readers, but probably less than half of the general populace – knows that the IRS under the Obama administration has been deliberately and purposefully persecuting conservative and Catholic groups in order to block their ability to pose a threat to Obama’s leftist agenda. No, the smoking gun connecting Obama directly has not yet been found, but it will be before too long. Nonetheless, the point of this post is to recount, in her own words, the persecution that my friend, colleague, and co-host from internet radio (Fidelis Radio Network) Rebecca Diserio experienced at the hands of the IRS.

Some may recall that I hosted the Salve Regina Radio Show on Fidelis for much of 2012. This was a Catholic radio show on a conservative internet talk “network.”  Rebecca also featured much content related to the Church on her own show.  Early in 2013, Rebecca sort of just dropped off and the network folded up. I did not know what had occurred.  Now that Rebecca is starting to get her life back together, she is able to tell her tale. It started when, suddenly and without warning, the IRS began to garnish almost all her husband’s wages for some unspecified reason.  That left Rebecca and her family financially prostrate.  I will let her tell the rest:

Sometime at the end of January, or beginning of February, a funny thing happened. [I would not call it funny]

My husband’s direct deposit pay which is approximately 1600 every 2 weeks was garnished—–and I mean garnished.  Confused and alarmed, his Human Resources Department said it was the IRS.  The IRS? Huh? What?

We never received any correspondence prior– as in “Hello, unless you pay we will start to garnish your wages”.     We usually get a tax return.  His pay was garnished so that we netted 365.00 every 2 weeks. [Wow, they were taking almost 75%. How nice of our government overlords to leave them a pittance to survive on]

Luckily, my husband is a “Retired Detective” who receives a pension.   He took a job after retirement  for a firm which needed experienced top professionals in security— for one purpose—to ensure my sons, his step-sons, could finish College.

It had to be a mistake.  This garnishment….what else could it be?  I tried without success to reach a “live” person at the IRS.  And stupid me.  I kept thinking—watch—-his next paycheck will be “right”.  But the HR Department never received any paperwork to stop it.  I STILL thought, I KNEW, its a clerical error somewhere, and I kept calling.  One time on hold for over 3 hours.

Our lives changed drastically.  Just like Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, my focus was food and shelter.  And getting our sons to their classes.  That was the one thing I could not, would not, allow to change.  My middle son was scheduled to graduate in May 2013, my youngest son was in his Junior year.

So, as I do in a crisis, I tried to just focus on food and shelter.  No internet, no TV, no cell phones.  Little by little all the things many of us take for granted had to go.  And then I got through.  YES, about a week before the whole IRS story “broke” a live person was on the phone with me. [It is difficult to see this as a coincidence. The IRS was beginning prep work for the breaking of this scandal, including a softball planted question at a press conference given by top Obama IRS appointee Laura Lerner, a week before it really came out.  Very interesting timing.]

After I gave our Social Security numbers, the “minion” placed me on hold to get a Supervisor.  The Supervisor was completely apologetic! (HUH? the IRS acting somewhat human?)

“OH, mam, yes we have your file here, and while you are on the phone, as we speak, I am faxing directly to your husband’s Human Resource Department to lift this….right away…hold on….its going through.  Yes, there.  Now give them a call to make sure.”

Shocked, and elated, I asked few questions.  At this point I was suffering from exhaustion, depression, shell shock.

I asked “Well, can you tell me why this “snafu” occured?” Silence for about 30 seconds.  Then “Hmmm, its odd, looks like your return was “flagged” for something….not sure why, but its fixed now and you should not expect anymore issues.”

When the IRS story broke, it still didn’t fit until I remembered in January my accountant filed Fidelis Radio as a start-up business, a Conservative Radio Network— so we could write off the expenses

So, right around the time Rebecca filed Fidelis Radio for tax purposes as a conservative entity, suddenly her husband’s wages get garnished, almost in toto, by the IRS. There was no hearing, no warning, no letter demanding payment, just a sudden disappearance of almost all income.  Naturally, for amateur bloggers or radio people who do such things as a sideline to their main job and receive little or no income from them, such an occurrence would be a disaster of the first order. And since such activities, no matter how strongly we may feel about what is going on in our nation or the need to wake people up and try to fight the creeping sexular pagan socialism, are not our “profession,” they tend to be one of the first things to go when financial trouble strikes.

Do you imagine the IRS is ignorant of this? Or any of the other alphabet soup of government agencies that have suddenly, and very deliberately, been targeting conservative and tea party groups since opposition to Obama really began to take hold in 2010?  Groups like OSHA, EPA, ATF, ICE, etc., etc. All have been used to target conservatives.

One of the beauties of this persecution, is that in so many cases like Rebecca’s, it will be next to impossible to gather evidence to prove this persecution was deliberate and politically motivated. Rebecca just went through great financial hardship, she, and thousands, tens of thousands, possibly hundreds of thousands like her, probably don’t have the resources to hire a lawyer and others to pursue this case.  It was likely the glare of media attention which brought about this sudden change, or else a scrupulous IRS employee simply righted a wrong.

Or, it could all just be a great big coincidence. I will leave it to you, the readers, to assess that.

Another impressive aspect, if it can be called that, is how this persecution plays to people’s psychology. I don’t know about you, but even though I hold the government in increasing disdain, I would not have, at least until recently, assumed that the government would be acting illegally, or with an ulterior motive, if something like this occurred to me. My first thought would be, they screwed up. And if it continued, I would think, hmmm, maybe we screwed up somewhere?  But I really wouldn’t – until now – have considered it likely that whatever trouble I was in would have been the result of some malicious, politically motivated campaign of repression.  I mean, who would care about li’l ‘ol me?   No politician/political movement would be so twisted, evil, even, as to sick the powers of the federal government on ordinary citizens, simply because we hold different beliefs and are political opponents.  Would they?

I don’t think we can afford to have such naivete anymore.  The modern left is so utterly disdainful of any who do not submit to their shibolleths, is so sure that they, and only they, are possessed of ALL good and ALL right, and that their rightness is so obvious that only those that are EVIL could oppose them, that they feel no compunction whatsoever at using WHATEVER means are necessary to crush the opposition, because this is a campaign of “good” (them) versus “evil” (us).  Don’t think the Church will not be persecuted unto natural destruction by this bunch.  They hate the Church, the true, faithful Church, with a white hot passion.

But rejoice!  Stay strong in the Faith, and Heaven is assured!  God raises us great Saints in times of persecution! May He be merciful and beneficent with all of us!


1. tg - June 26, 2013

Awful what happened to Rebecca. I don’t know much about business or non-profit but wouldn’t it be easier just to not claim tax-exemptation so the government can leave you alone?

tantamergo - June 26, 2013

Well, she obviously did not know how things were going to turn out at that time. No one did. Everyone thought we still lived in a country where decency and the rule of law applied. Silly us.

Duly noted, we’ll not bother again, thanks.

2. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - June 26, 2013

Really, do we need any more reason to consider secession? Come on, Texans! Wake up and realize that due to the 16th amendment, your income is not your own. It belongs to our federal overlords. This is blatant tyranny. Our founders would have taken up arms long ago. William B. Travis is rolling in his grave. Does the IRS want to take your income? As Texans, our answer should be ‘Come And Take It!’. The answer to 1984 is October 2nd, 1835.

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