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Wherein I stand with Pat Archbold – I’m ready for a third party, too June 26, 2013

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Back in the run up to the 2012 election, I argued vociferously against either staying home or voting for a third party in the presidential election.  I argued that as bad a candidate as Mitt Romney was for conservatives, he was vastly favorable to Obama and was the only realistic alternative. I chided – unfairly, I think – those who simply could not, in conscience, support a candidate like Romney who had so blatantly pandered to whichever constituency he was trying to please at given moments in time, being variably rabidly pro-abort, then pro-life, then pro-life with exceptions, etc., etc.  I went a bit over the top in claiming that those who refused to vote or went third party were basically handing the country over to Obama.

Well, in the 8 months since then, we have seen the Republican party cave on so many issues of critical import I have reached the same place that Pat Archbold at Creative Minority Report has reached – I’m ready to consider a third party, or even more drastic alternatives (like secession, which I don’t hold out much hope for, but I’m much more open minded on the topic than I was a year ago). Before I post what Archbold wrote, I’ll caveat my statements with this consideration: I’m referring to national level elections. At the state level, the Republican party is doing a number of good things, things worthy of continued support, like the comprehensive abortion bill they very nearly passed last night. But, given the direction this country is taking, as we saw with the recent Supreme Court decision regarding DOMA and the overturning of the popular will with Prop 8, we may have to look for alternatives beyond what the mainstream parties can offer in order to protect our families and our Church.  But, for now, at the national level, why continue to vote Republican when they lie to us about their positions, and then happily join the sexular leftist pagan club once elected?

For years, I have advocated involvement in the Republican party by conservative Catholics as the best means of creating an effective group dedicated to the principles we hold dear.  Among these principles are life, liberty, and subsidiarity.

Many of the like-minded have had their frustration with the Republican party’s feckless, cowardly, and ineffective leadership in which show votes with no chance of becoming law are the a means to keep the base happy with the leadership and a sizable portion of the party go along with the progressive legislative agenda of the day.

We have have pinned our hopes on the American people to wake up, rise up, only to be disappointed time and again. We have put our hope in men elected with a promise no compromise with our governing elites, only to have them co-opted before even taking the oath.  We have gone along with compromises and losses portrayed as victory because we were told that it is the best we can do.

All the while the party moves further and further away from the principles we hold dear and has shown itself ineffective and unconcerned with stemming the tide.  All this while party elites look down on me and my ilk knowing that we have no place else to go.

So I as ponder all this I must ask myself, if the party will not stand for the principles I hold dear, if they have proven an ineffective block on the march of progressive death fetish, why can’t I go some place else.  Isn’t it time?

………I am done with them.  Yes the Democrats are mostly worse and I will never support them.  But my support of the Republican party has done nothing to advance the principles I hold dear or to slow the progressive steamroller.  I think maybe it is time to consider a 3rd party.  Maybe a 3rd party cannot win, but perhaps I can help the Republican party die. It deserves it.

And Archbold wrote this yesterday, before the DOMA ruling. I wonder what he thinks, now.

Just a quick final note: it is Republican Supreme Court nominees who have given us (and many were “Catholics,” too!) Roe v. Wade, Casey vs. Planned Parenthood, Lawrence vs. Texas, this DOMA ruling, the Obamacare ruling, Griswold vs. Connecticutt (making contraception legal throughout the land), etc,. etc.  With “friends” like this, we need no enemies.


1. Dismas - June 26, 2013

Do we have two “parties” or do we simply have a governing class? I think the latter and I think it has been so for quite a while.

Before I understood Catholicism I was in favor of a “third party.” Now I am not sure that any “party” which adequately addressed the concerns of people who cleave to the authentic Catholic Faith would garner even a minimum of support. Somewhere, then, we would have to compromise.

Very well, maybe we can compromise. Maybe there is some way in this nation which explicitly rejects Our Lord as sovereign that we can subsist if some “party” were to adhere to the supreme dogma of the constitution properly interpreted. We could then, perhaps, join with non-Catholic “social conservatives” in building up this new “party”

But what about the “Tea Party?” No time to comment on that. Co-opted joke.

What about a Party that it seems comes the closest to exactly what we are proposing (remember, it is not a “Catholic” Party) and that would be the Constitution Party? If we are going to minimally compromise, why not just get behind an already existing party that already gets a few votes and actually puts people in office here or there?

If all of this were even possible, there is a very heavy rock to roll back up a long, steep cliff.

Finally, not to forget – we now have electronic voting. The ultimate failsafe for the governing class.


tantamergo - June 26, 2013

I don’t disagree with any of the above. But I got into enough issues in that post without going into the whole “this entire government is founded on a massive error” deal. Which, it is. But I’ve covered a whoooole lot of ground today, I didn’t want to get into that entirely different topic. Maybe I should have. Because in a very powerful sense you’re right, so long as this nation is founded on error, it may well be unfixable. But as much as I beleive that, I’m not sure saying it accomplishes very much, practically speaking, aside from making me and a very few others feel better.

Please don’t think I look to a third party as a panacea. It may mean, at most, that I don’t compromise as much.

Dismas - June 26, 2013

Me, either. And I’m a pragmatist within limits. So I have to ask, what exactly is it about the Constitution Party that turns off people who are also turned off to the Republicrats? Why re-invent the wheel?

But, yes, whatever we might do we are likely amusing ourselves until they load us onto the bus with the mesh on the windows. I need to remember also that it is exactly this defeatist attitude they rejoice at.

Let’s stay in a State of Grace. That’s the “party” that matters in the end.

tantamergo - June 27, 2013

Constitution Party is very good. As you said, a Catholic can accept most all of their positions without moral pause.

And, no, I’m not waiting to be carted off, either.

Raul - June 27, 2013

Good to see you starting to come around to the idea of the ‘S’ word. Contrary to popular opinion and what has been taught in the public school system, this matter was not settled 150 years ago.

2. tg - June 27, 2013

Only Replubicans, I like are Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Mike Lee. I don’t think the Tea Party is bad. I read the newsletter of one of their members and they uphold family values and of course, fiscal responsibility.

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