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Sickening – CCHD head has close ties to pro-abort senator Wendy Davis June 27, 2013

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Tuesday, radical pro-abort senator from Ft. Worth, Wendy Davis, managed, for the time being, to talk to death Senate Bill 5, which would have imposed very reasonable and necessary limitations on abortion in this state.  Fortunately, Governor Rick Perry has called another session of the legislature, and Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst has said SB 5 will be the first order of business in the coming session.  I pray they bring in about 500 troopers and Texas Rangers and post them around the entrances to the capitol building.

However, that same Wendy Davis, radical pro-abort, has close ties to one Ralph McCloud, current head of the always problematic, always leftist Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD).  Thanks to reader John B for sending this in:

It’s hard to believe the long and sad story of the Catholic Campaign For Human Development’s partnership with the abortion industry could be even more sickening. But today it got even worse.

On Tuesday June 25, a Democratic in Texas Sen. Wendy Davis, attempted to filibuster a pro-life bill that would save thousands of lives.  Sen. Davis attempted to stand for 13 straight hours in an effort to put an end to a bill that would have banned the killing of persons in the womb after 20 weeks.

Sen. Davis and her allies in the abortion industry have used this filibuster to mock children in the womb and continue to destroy human life.

Mr. Ralph McCloud, while he was head of the Catholic Campaign For Human Development, was the campaign treasurer for pro-abort Wendy Davis in her successful run in 2008 for the Texas State Senate.

Not only has the Catholic Campaign For Human Development pumped millions of dollars into abortion promoting organizations the head of the CCHD worked long and hard, while head of CCHD, to elect one of the most pro-baby killing public officials in America.

As reader John B noted to me:

The campaign he worked for (Wendy Davis, a democrat State Senator from Ft. Worth), defeated an incumbent pro-life politician and received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from such pro-abort groups as Emily’s List, Planned Parenthood, and ACORN in 2008.  Planned Parenthood of North Texas was fined by the Texas Ethics Commission for illegal contributions to Davis’ campaign, of which CCHD’s own Ralph McLoud was treasurer.  Shameful.

Which would strongly imply that McCloud helped direct these illegal pro-abort contributions, which were instrumental in getting this Davis character elected.  He’s a peach of a man, surely just the kind of very faithful, very virtuous soul Catholics would expect at the head of a major diocesan agency.

McCloud also worked for the Diocese of Ft. Worth for 14 years, which I think should give every pious soul pause.

In the video below, which John B, a true pro-life stalwart in the area, also sent on, you can see Ralph McCloud speaking at a 2008 Gamaliel Foundation fundraiser.  The Gamaliel Foundation is one of many leftist groups started by Saul Alinsky himself, which formed the very model for the CCHD. The CCHD in turn, fools Catholics into believing they are “alleviating poverty” with their annual fundraiser, and then turn around and funnel the money to left wing political activist groups like Gamaliel and its hundreds of front organizations.  CCHD does NOTHING to feed, clothe, or house the poor. It is an organization created for one purpose: to advocate for radical leftist causes using funds taken from Catholics under largely false pretenses. CCHD collections are frequently described as “helping the poor,” or “helping the poor help themselves,” which on the surface, sounds like they provide direct care services or job training and the like. Nothing could be further from the Truth –  CCHD’s vision of “empowering” the poor is a strictly left-wing vision, directing money to almost exclusively left-wing groups, many of which, again, radically oppose Catholic belief.

McCloud let the crowd know in 2008 that Obama’s election portended “a great day…..where we will realize a new Jerusalem and justice will flow like water.”

Most galling of all regarding this latest revelation regarding CCHD, is it comes in the wake of the clumsy, prevaricating, and obtuse PR effort by CCHD and its aging radical supporters to “push back” against the well-earned criticism the organization has received.  In this latest defense, CCHD supporters weren’t in the slightest bit apologetic regarding the organization’s founding purpose, to “empower” the poor by funnelling money to left wing advocacy groups. Even though many of those groups support things directly counter to the belief and practice of the Faith.  The PR blitz was really just a campaign of shooting the messenger, the messenger in this case being pro-life faithful Catholics who have been pointing up the scandal of CCHD for years.

When that collection basket for CCHD comes around Nov. 23-24, will you give?  I, for one, will not. Ever.


1. tg - June 27, 2013

I’m getting to where I don’t like reading anything anymore – so much bad news. I don’t give anything to CCHD. Before that I was just a marginal Catholic and didn’t give to anything. I just tear the envelope. I did write to the Diocese of Austin about it. I’ll have to remember this man’s name so I can write them again.

2. David - June 28, 2013

I would like to check and see when Mr. McCloud left his paid job at the Diocese of Fort Worth. I was told that Bishop Vann did a fair share of housecleaning (I heard he replaced the majority of his chancery office) within a short time after his ordination in 2005.

My perception tells me that McCloud had left his paid job at the Fort Worth Diocese by 2008.

I don’t give a dime to the CCHD either.

tantamergo - June 28, 2013

I’m sorry if the text is unclear. Yes, McCloud left the Diocese of FW prior to 08, but he is presently head of the national CCHD.

3. c cirulli (@ccirulli) - June 28, 2013

Is not the CCHD part of the USCCB?

skeinster - June 28, 2013

Apparently so:

David, the blog posts could be clearer- it seems that he’s involved nationally, not in a particular diocese. Doesn’t change the gist of the matter, in fact, it almost makes it worse, b/c it involves a conference of bishops, instead of just one or two.

skeinster - June 28, 2013

Or my reading comprehension could be off…
Apologies to all who I accused of unclearness.
But, yes- no use for the USCCB.

tantamergo - June 28, 2013

Yes, it is. CCHD is their specific “social justice” construct.

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