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Dangit all – not ALL traditionalists are SSPXers June 28, 2013

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I don’t write much on the Society of St. Pius X. I avoid it because I frankly don’t know that much about it, but also because it’s such a hot topic.  In general, I have a fair amount of sympathy for their position, but I also see problems with it. That’s all I’ll say.

But one thing I am certain of, is that I am sick and tired of seeing “mainstream” professional Catholic “conservative” news sites attacking traditionalists via the SSPX!  If the SSPX does something the mainstream conservative crowd doesn’t like, they lash out bashing “traditionalists.”  But not all traditionalists are in the SSPX!  There are many varied degrees of what is called traditional Catholicism, and many groups and fraternities and societies that strongly adhere to the traditional – the constant, unchanging, unchangeable – beliefs AND practices of the Church.

I am referring to the pounding traditionalists have taken from groups like Catholic Answers and National Catholic Register.  Catholic Answers had a 2 hour show a couple weeks ago where they just pounded on “traditionalists,” but what they really meant was the SSPX.  Whatever their criticisms of the SSPX, it is totally unfair to paint a million or more other traditionalists who are not associated with the Society with the same damning brush.

I sense a sort of jihad against “traditionalists” in some of this coverage. I also have to wonder if some of this, especially the Catholic Answers diatribe, isn’t meant to scare people away from the traditional Mass?  After all, what are traditionalists most known for, outside of being raging schismatic pelagians?  It’s the TLM.  And if TLMers are schismatic nuts, surely on their way to forming some satanic cult, you sure don’t want to go to the TLM.  I know, via various means, that Tim Staples has a less than positive attitude towards the TLM, anyway.

But, I’m sure my words will have no effect. Whatevs, it’s all part of being Catholic, taking the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune and thanking God for them.

Dominus vobiscum!

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1. Dismas - June 28, 2013

You say that salvation is through the Catholic Church. I say that salvation is available by any number of means.

You say that the Mass is a Holy Sacrifice. I say that the Sacrifice has already occurred and that we gather to celebrate the Last Supper prior to that Sacrifice.

You say that salvation is a tough road and that many are lost on the way. I say that God is all-loving and saves almost everyone.

You say that Our Lord set aside a particular class of men to serve in His place. I say that every created person has that innate sense of priesthood within him or her and that we are all of a holy class.

This goes on into a pretty long list.

So can we say we share the same religion? Do we believe the same things? Does one of us believe what the Catholic Church purports to have defined as Divine Truth and the other believe that truth can change, or that Divine Truth can be understood differently?

Do my views threaten you, or do they make a mockery of what you know is defined by God’s Holy Religion as Divine Truth?

Do your views threaten the very existence of the religion I have decided to create by my own criteria?

Whatever this other thing is, it has no choice. It can accept nearly anything as being true, apart from the statement that Divine Truth is known and has been defined and must be adhered to.

This other thing has to despise Catholicism in order to survive. It is of its very nature.

2. Joannie - June 28, 2013

The idea that everybody will be saved is called “Universalism” and it it is an error. Most will NOT be saved. Jesus said this himself. As far as all Religions are equal ways of salvation it is another heresy called “Relativism” and it is false. As far as the Catholic Church believes it says it is not Calvary repeated but it is an UNBLOODY Sacrifice. This article is great to see since any Traditional Minded Catholic is a Schismatic, is because both CA and NCR always cater and pander to the Charismatic Renewal and the Theology of the Body Crap. I can understand why the SSPX is cutting off talks since it is obvious they know Rome will not “Tolerate” them

3. Susan - June 29, 2013

This explains in very clear terms the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.


4. skeinster - June 29, 2013

I can sympathize a bit with someone like Mr. Staples- if you’re a convert, you want to not put a foot wrong and if all Tradition is painted with the crazy brush, it does look like something to stay away from.

In conversation, just make the distinction up front: you’re Traditional, but not SSPX. You’re not required to explain yourself to SSPX supporters you’ll meet, and you’ll educate the ignorant. I’ve even been known to draw diagrams to explain the alphabet soup.

It’s worked for me for the last twenty years…And SP has been a tremendous field-leveler.

5. Michael P. Mc Crory - June 29, 2013

Call up Catholic Answers and talk with James Blackburn.
Better still call Fr. Regis Scanlon OFMcap in Denver Co. He has the best position of anyone I know on TLM and the facts to back up everything he says.
Too much computer-conversation among good Catholics and not enough man to man stuff. We need each other to fight side by side against those bent on destroying Holy Mother Church.

6. skeinster - June 29, 2013

Put this on “Canterbury Tales” back in March. Just some food for thought:

Believe it or not, it’s better than it was years ago. The resignation/election threw a lot of people and they may be reacting more viscerally than they might have ordinarily.

That said- this is still an object lesson in Why No One Likes the Trads. These are the tendencies we need to work on. (Tendencies, I said. Not everyone of us does this, so shoe, foot.)

1) We tend to see everything through a personal lens and to analyse all things Churchly only as it affects us.
Forgetting that there are umpty million other Catholics in the world, with their own concerns.

2) We tend to think that we are better catechized and formed than we actually are.

3) We tend to conflate what, for want of a better term, I call “Twilight Zone” spirituality with true mysticism.

4) We sometimes act as though every OF Mass attendee is a deliberate enemy, rather than a fellow Catholic often a victim of circumstances beyond their control.

5) We tend to have the Gift of Grudge, which is fatal to sanctification.

6) We tend, in our zeal and enthusiasm, to exaggerate and to make subjective statements as if they were facts.

7) We tend to be big drama queens, generating more heat than light.

8) We tend to be very good at excusing our own behavior, but not extending the same benevolence to others. A general human failing, yes, but especially prevalent among us.

So, sinners like everyone, just prone to some particular faults. And, no, we don’t get a pass b/c we’re not as bad as some. You are the best Trad- or the only Trad- somebody knows. Don’t waste that.

7. Alphonsus Jr. - June 29, 2013

A rather devastating response to the attack on traditionalists by Catholic Answers has been issued here:


8. Maria - June 29, 2013

Some in catholic answers are protestant converts and they feel at home with the Novus Ordo.(Read Michael Davies on the new mass) You don’t have to defend the SSPX but at least you should recognize that if it wasn’t for Mons. Lefebvre, the TLM would have been by now a thing of the past.

tantamergo - July 1, 2013

I recognize more than that. The SSPX almost certainly provides the “cover” the allows the indult communities to operate. It’s a very complex situation, to say the least. If the SSPX were dissolved or absorbed, I fear the FSSP, IBP, etc would be in a very precarious position.

9. Dismas - June 29, 2013

A group of well-formed, well-known authentic Catholics is preparing to launch a website specifically in response to the confusion caused by CA. Stay tuned.

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