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Living in the Spirit of Christ July 1, 2013

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From St. Peter Julian Eymard, and hauntingly echoing the words I heard in a sermon yesterday, how to live in Christ.  From The Eymard Library Vol 3 pp. 283-4.

If we examine ourselves carefully, we find that nature reasserts itself at the slightest opportunity and tries to rule us. Our mind is constantly inclined to yield to the activities, the frivolity, and the curiosity which are natural to it, our heart, to its own preferences and human affections. Our will, so impetuous in everything it does by chioce and by impusle, follows languidly the inspirations of God. Our whole soul, but lately calm and recollected in holy Red_Domincan Rite_NLMmeditation, loses its recollection in an instant and no longer thinks of God. Such is this nature of ours which, far from being dead, is neither conquered nor even well controlled, and which at every moment gets out of hand.

Alas, our spiritual life is a tree without roots! We are like hot-house plants which wither or freeze if moved outdoors. This indicates that our inner life is forced and artificial; it is alive when warmed by the fire of prayer, but icy cold as soon as we are left to ourselves or go about our outside occupations.

What causes this?

There are two causes. The first is that, apart from prayer, we draw no spiritual nourishment from what we are doing. When we study, it is not from devotion, but from zeal, from natural diligence. We make intercourse with others a distraction instead of finding therein an opportunity to work for God. 7053901535_a8b2ed67a4_zConsequently, our various occupations are like a fever which weakens and consumes us.

Certainly we must work, but, at the same time, our spirit must find nourishment in the virtue of labor. We must do our work with recollection in God, see in it the accomplishment of God’s plan, keep ourselves in His Holy Will, and say before every action: “I am doing this to give glory to God!”

The second cause is this: we lack a spiritual center to which we may retire to recruit our spent forces, restoring them in proportion as we use them up. Our life flows on like a torrent, all rushing sound and movement.

The thought of God’s presence, or of His Will, or of His Glory, or of some mystery or virtue should be habitual to us. In short, we should live in awareness of Jesus Christ, beneath His eye, by His inspiration, just as He lived in union with His Father. “For let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus.” (1 Phil 2:5)

———————-End Quote———————–

I so understand what St. Peter Julian Eymard is saying!  I don’t live the Faith, I put it on!  I have used the metaphor of a box on a shelf to describe what I am trying to say.  Most people, at best, treat their faith as an object they take down off the shelf for an hour or two on Sunday, and perhaps one or two other times a week, they play with it a bit, and then put it back on the shelf until next time, forgetting about it.  Their faith is just one more accoutrement in their lives. I fear I am the same way.  My box may be a bit bigger, and I may take it down more often, but I don’t think I really live the Faith, have it truly subsume every thing I say or do, as I should. I find myself back in those old destructive habits so quickly. I find my practice of virtue fly out the window at the first sight of difficulty.

But Christ doesn’t want just part of us. He doesn’t want us part time. He wants all of us, all the time. He wants to be, and should be, our all.  Lord, may I cooperate with Your Grace to make that a reality! And have mercy on me until I do!



Pro-lifers needed in Austin for special session July 1, 2013

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The second 2013 special session that Governor Rick Perry called gets underway this week.  In fact, tomorrow, there will be a committee hearing on Senate Bill 5, the bill that came agonizing close to passing last week but was stymied by a catheter-powered filibuster and some undemocratic mob action by a bunch of bussed in pro-aborts. Senate Bill 5 does nothing but add very sensical regulations to abortion: banning abortions after 20 weeks, at which developmental point much science says babies can feel pain, and requiring mills to meet the same basic health and safety requirements as other ambulatory surgical centers. So, you won’t have the filthy conditions at Routh Street anymore (because, I pray, there won’t be any more Routh St).

Pro-life forces in this state are gearing up for a major fight.  The Susan B. Anthony list sent out the following request:

Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) called a special session for the Texas state legislature starting today to pass critical pro-life legislation, and your presence at the State Capitol in Austin is needed tomorrow, Tuesday, 7/2.

As I’m sure you know, Planned Parenthood and the billion-dollar abortion-lobby are viciously attacking legislation that would protect babies capable of feeling excruciating pain from late-term abortion, and put into place commonsense abortion clinic regulations. The same crowd that disrupted and shut down the legislative proceedings last week will be out in force again this week. [because many of them are paid to be there. Some students may be receiving guaranteed A’s from radical pro-abort UT professors for attending the mob action, as occurred when the Catholic University of America went “on strike” in support of the arch-heretic Charles Curran in 1967. That’s a true story, not only did Curran and his allies bus in allies from other universities, they also paid students and guaranteed them 4.0 semester GPAs for attending his “strike.” I know that’s a bit non sequitur, but somehow it fits]

Will you join our friends at Texas Right to Life and Texas Alliance for Life by being a voice for the voiceless in Austin tomorrow?

What: Stand for Life: Committee hearing on critical pro-life legislation. Make sure to wear blue!
When: TOMORROW, Tuesday, July 2 at 1:30pm
Where: State Capitol, Room E1.010, 112 E 11th St., Austin, TX

The committee hearing for the bill could happen as early as 2:00 PM, so arrive early! Please remember to register your support for the bill at the Capitol kiosk. If you cannot make it to Austin, be sure to use the hashtag #Stand4Life on Twitter to help show grassroots support.

Our friends at Texas Right to Life and Texas Alliance for Life are working tirelessly to protect women and unborn children from the Gosnells and Karpens. For more information, click here for Texas Right to Life and here for Texas Alliance for Life.

If you have any questions regarding tomorrow’s rally, please contact Melissa Conway with Texas Right to Life at mconway@texasrighttolife.com or call her at 832-724-6634. To contact Texas Alliance for Life for more information on their events, call 512-477-1244.

Reader MJD offers the following prayer, for those of us who cannot be in Austin tomorrow:

Precious Blood, ocean of Divine Mercy, flow upon all those who will be traveling to the Special Session of the Texas Legislature as well as those who will be involved in the passage of the pro-life bill.  Precious Blood, most pure offering, procure them every grace. Precious Blood, hope and refuge of every sinner, atone for us , especially those who have been involved in the scourge of abortion. Thank you Lord, for shedding Your Blood for us. May the Water and Blood that came from the side of Jesus create a protecting fountain of grace, one which flows directly from the throne of God to us. Come Lord, and fill us with your Holy Spirit. AMEN

May I add, Dear Lord, please protect the lives of ALL people in this state!  Please let this bill pass and be the beginning of the quick, final end of the diabolical evil of abortion in this country.

You can see more here.  Including the following talking points to help insure passage:

How to Win

Keep to the following simple messaging:

  • Abortion Hurts Women
  • Abortion Hurts Babies
  • #Stand4Life
  • Texas Women Deserve Better Than Gosnell

The voters of Texas have spoken overwhelmingly that they want this bill. The House wants the bill. The Senate wants the bill. With enough prayer and hard work, there is no reason for us not to pass a pro-life bill worthy of the Great State of Texas.


Texas Bishop – “I urge you to stop donating to CCHD” July 1, 2013

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Retired (unfortunately) Bishop Rene Gracida of Corpus Christi has some strong advice regarding the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD), the US bishop’s prime “social justice” agency. He urges Catholics NOT to support it.  This is as plain a condemnation of this organization that I have ever seen or heard from any American bishop, retired or no.  He also says the CCHD has always been a source of scandal and is, to me, strongly implies that as an entity it is irreformable:

When I was Chancellor, Vicar General and then Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Miami I learned how great a scandal it was that the very liberal staff of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops was making grants from the funds of the annual CCHD collection taken up in the dioceses of the United States to organizations that were in opposition to the doctrines of the Catholic ChurchWhen I became Bishop of the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee I would not allow the annual collection for CCHD to be taken up in that Diocese.  I continued the policy when I became Bishop of the Diocese of Corpus Christi.

In spite of expressions of support for CCHD on the part of the bishops who constitute the leadership of USCCB, the CCHD has almost never been free from the criticism that it gives funds to secular organizations that engage in activities that are in fundamental opposition to the teachings, statements and doctrines of the Roman Catholic Church. [Bishop Gracida is absolutely right. CCHD has been a constant source of scandal since its inception 40 years ago. There were grave concerns about its orientation as a funding vehicle for sexular leftist organizations even then, and of course decades of evidence has shown that CCHD is incapable of NOT funding groups with agendas and beliefs that are diametrically opposed to the Doctrine of the Faith.  One would think that would move the bishops to close this misbegotten agency, but one would be wrong.]

If you have been in the habit of contributing to the annual collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development, I urge you to stop and to direct you contributions to organizations that you are sure do not support abortion, among other things in opposition to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Thank you for being so honest and charitable, Bishop Gracida. Thank you for not mincing words, and making a statement that is plainly intelligible.

I have long concluded that the CCHD is totally unreformable. CCHD was disordered from its very conception, because its founding purpose – not to help train the poor in job or life skills or to help alleviate the effectgs of poverty via food, housing, medicine, etc, but to “empower” the poor by turning them into vehicles of left wing agitprop – was scandalously erroneous.  The CCHD funnels money to groups that are, in essence, left wing activist groups. That very bias reveals how disordered CCHD is – are only left wing groups truly able to advocate for the poor, or are the poor being used as a political prop to advance various left wing causes?  Is the money of the faithful really helping “empower” the poor, or do they pay the salaries and fund the activities of various aspiring revolutionaries?

Because of its disastrous founding principle – it has always been the darling of the Saul Alinsky revolutionary set, and funded ACORN for years! – I don’t think CCHD can be reformed. A year or two ago, there was talk some bishops wanted it abolished. Let us pray that becomes most, if not all.

Now that’s my kind of nun! July 1, 2013

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I picked up from Facebook, via my darling, inexorable wife, the following photos from the Sisters of Reparation to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus out of Steubenville.  It seems they’ve had a deer problem, and Reverend Mother took care of the problem:


Deer: it's what's for dinner

Deer: it’s what’s for dinner

I’m pretty sure this was an out-of-season shot, but apparently a nuisance permit in Ohio allows for such things. That’s a pretty good sized doe. Nice heart shot. Looks like a pretty clean drop. For does, I usually like to shoot them through the spine a few inches below the head, especially in a face-on shot, so they don’t feel a thing and sure don’t run. I’ve shot most of my deer that way, save for a few bucks with memorable racks I didn’t want to spoil.

The Sisters have a blog here. Check them out.  Not Traditional, but orthodox, it seems.  Good for me, another religious order to pray for.

Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark cancelled July 1, 2013

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There will NOT be Novus Ordo Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark, I guess because it’s a holiday week.

Anyway, don’t show up.  There won’t be any Mass.


Pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Francois Murad OFM July 1, 2013

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The video below is extremely, frighteningly graphic. DO NOT WATCH IT UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO SEE THE EXTREMELY GRAPHIC DEATH OF ONE OF CHRIST’S PRIESTS!!!! Why these evil muslims have to use a dull little knife rather than a sword to do their job is utterly beyond me, perhaps it adds to the terror factor.  Are these idiots too backwards to use a sword?  I noticed several very central Asian-looking people in the crowd, it seems the Chechens continue to spread their nightmare of satanic hate around the world, just as they did at the Boston Marathon, Iraq, Egypt, etc. This is what Christians have to look forward to should Assad fall. This is what the world has to look forward to if it keeps pretending islam is the “religion of peace.”

It is completely, utterly unconscionable that the Obama administration and lost corrupt fallen men like John McCain would support these diabolical, Christian-hating islamists!  Look how they film their wickedness with glee!  They killed a priest of God, and Obama fights on their side?!?  And the only major power in the world that has shown even a remote degree of care for the fate of Christians in Syria is Russia?!  Russia, headed by a KGB operative/demi-dictator!

Pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Francois Murad, and the other man killed.  I have a feeling that Fr. Murad is now a Saint in Heaven, so perhaps we should ask him to pray for us.  But since we cannot know that, at least until the Church makes a determination, the prudent, charitable act is to pray for the repose of his soul.  In our Christian ways, however, we should remember that Fr. Murad’s defeat is actually a victory of unimaginable proportions.  He, I pray, is in Heaven now, and his prayers and intercessions will have more power and more influence than all the jihadis put together could ever imagine in their fevered little minds.

These terrorists are currently being supported by the US government.  Obama has shown repeatedly that he cares nothing for the suffering of Christians, and even seems to take a perverse pleasure in it, while supporting all the most radical pathologies in the MidEast.  If I were Israel, I would be seriously reconsidering what they have helped unleash.  If Syria falls, Jordan and Lebanon will be next, and then Israel will be completely surrounded by implacably hostile, totally irrational states.  Good plan.

Again, the following video is extremely disturbing and totally graphic.  If you don’t want to see someone beheaded, don’t watch it. I post it because this is critical evidence of the state of the world today, and what Christians are facing, especially in the Mideast. But if our collective Western moral cowardice continues, events like these will be coming sooner than you think to a country near you:

Hey, ecumenists, why don’t you try to explain away that!  Cardinal Dolan, Christians and muslims “worship the same God,” huh?  I’m sorry to hear you have such a low opinion of Our Blessed Lord.