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Pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Francois Murad OFM July 1, 2013

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The video below is extremely, frighteningly graphic. DO NOT WATCH IT UNLESS YOU ARE PREPARED TO SEE THE EXTREMELY GRAPHIC DEATH OF ONE OF CHRIST’S PRIESTS!!!! Why these evil muslims have to use a dull little knife rather than a sword to do their job is utterly beyond me, perhaps it adds to the terror factor.  Are these idiots too backwards to use a sword?  I noticed several very central Asian-looking people in the crowd, it seems the Chechens continue to spread their nightmare of satanic hate around the world, just as they did at the Boston Marathon, Iraq, Egypt, etc. This is what Christians have to look forward to should Assad fall. This is what the world has to look forward to if it keeps pretending islam is the “religion of peace.”

It is completely, utterly unconscionable that the Obama administration and lost corrupt fallen men like John McCain would support these diabolical, Christian-hating islamists!  Look how they film their wickedness with glee!  They killed a priest of God, and Obama fights on their side?!?  And the only major power in the world that has shown even a remote degree of care for the fate of Christians in Syria is Russia?!  Russia, headed by a KGB operative/demi-dictator!

Pray for the repose of the soul of Fr. Francois Murad, and the other man killed.  I have a feeling that Fr. Murad is now a Saint in Heaven, so perhaps we should ask him to pray for us.  But since we cannot know that, at least until the Church makes a determination, the prudent, charitable act is to pray for the repose of his soul.  In our Christian ways, however, we should remember that Fr. Murad’s defeat is actually a victory of unimaginable proportions.  He, I pray, is in Heaven now, and his prayers and intercessions will have more power and more influence than all the jihadis put together could ever imagine in their fevered little minds.

These terrorists are currently being supported by the US government.  Obama has shown repeatedly that he cares nothing for the suffering of Christians, and even seems to take a perverse pleasure in it, while supporting all the most radical pathologies in the MidEast.  If I were Israel, I would be seriously reconsidering what they have helped unleash.  If Syria falls, Jordan and Lebanon will be next, and then Israel will be completely surrounded by implacably hostile, totally irrational states.  Good plan.

Again, the following video is extremely disturbing and totally graphic.  If you don’t want to see someone beheaded, don’t watch it. I post it because this is critical evidence of the state of the world today, and what Christians are facing, especially in the Mideast. But if our collective Western moral cowardice continues, events like these will be coming sooner than you think to a country near you:

Hey, ecumenists, why don’t you try to explain away that!  Cardinal Dolan, Christians and muslims “worship the same God,” huh?  I’m sorry to hear you have such a low opinion of Our Blessed Lord.


1. John - July 1, 2013

Insanity…. The devil has found a strong footing in that Mickey-Mouse Religion…

2. skeinster - July 1, 2013

There’s an update at Fr. Z’s: this is not Fr. Murad’s martyrdom, but some other poor souls’. Fr. was shot and his body was recovered by the Franciscans.
None of which changes the barbarism of the terrorists.

tantamergo - July 1, 2013

The clothes looked like some religious? It looked like a cassock with a rope belt?

One was plainly “civilian.” I suspect both of these were Christian, most likely Catholic.

3. John - July 3, 2013

Islam is NOT a religion. It is a terrorist organization, nothing more and is disguised as a religion! Muhammad was illiterate (could not read or write) and was NOT a prophet WHATSOEVER. Muhammad NEVER made a single prophecy in his entire lifetime. Allah was named after ALLIE, his father’s IDOL he worshiped. Allah is the MOON-GOD idol that is sitting in the desert at Mecca and is nothing more than a rock. Anyone that is a Muslim is worshiping a false religion on many levels. The quoran has over 100 passages to kill the infidels, but not a single pass to love thy neighbor. The only love it talks about is how to love Allah (the IDOL, not a god).

This disgusting TERRORIST ORGANIZATION disrespects women and uses children to do their acts of terror. It is EVIL from the very core and is not of goodness, but evil from the devil!

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