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Pro-lifers needed in Austin for special session July 1, 2013

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The second 2013 special session that Governor Rick Perry called gets underway this week.  In fact, tomorrow, there will be a committee hearing on Senate Bill 5, the bill that came agonizing close to passing last week but was stymied by a catheter-powered filibuster and some undemocratic mob action by a bunch of bussed in pro-aborts. Senate Bill 5 does nothing but add very sensical regulations to abortion: banning abortions after 20 weeks, at which developmental point much science says babies can feel pain, and requiring mills to meet the same basic health and safety requirements as other ambulatory surgical centers. So, you won’t have the filthy conditions at Routh Street anymore (because, I pray, there won’t be any more Routh St).

Pro-life forces in this state are gearing up for a major fight.  The Susan B. Anthony list sent out the following request:

Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) called a special session for the Texas state legislature starting today to pass critical pro-life legislation, and your presence at the State Capitol in Austin is needed tomorrow, Tuesday, 7/2.

As I’m sure you know, Planned Parenthood and the billion-dollar abortion-lobby are viciously attacking legislation that would protect babies capable of feeling excruciating pain from late-term abortion, and put into place commonsense abortion clinic regulations. The same crowd that disrupted and shut down the legislative proceedings last week will be out in force again this week. [because many of them are paid to be there. Some students may be receiving guaranteed A’s from radical pro-abort UT professors for attending the mob action, as occurred when the Catholic University of America went “on strike” in support of the arch-heretic Charles Curran in 1967. That’s a true story, not only did Curran and his allies bus in allies from other universities, they also paid students and guaranteed them 4.0 semester GPAs for attending his “strike.” I know that’s a bit non sequitur, but somehow it fits]

Will you join our friends at Texas Right to Life and Texas Alliance for Life by being a voice for the voiceless in Austin tomorrow?

What: Stand for Life: Committee hearing on critical pro-life legislation. Make sure to wear blue!
When: TOMORROW, Tuesday, July 2 at 1:30pm
Where: State Capitol, Room E1.010, 112 E 11th St., Austin, TX

The committee hearing for the bill could happen as early as 2:00 PM, so arrive early! Please remember to register your support for the bill at the Capitol kiosk. If you cannot make it to Austin, be sure to use the hashtag #Stand4Life on Twitter to help show grassroots support.

Our friends at Texas Right to Life and Texas Alliance for Life are working tirelessly to protect women and unborn children from the Gosnells and Karpens. For more information, click here for Texas Right to Life and here for Texas Alliance for Life.

If you have any questions regarding tomorrow’s rally, please contact Melissa Conway with Texas Right to Life at mconway@texasrighttolife.com or call her at 832-724-6634. To contact Texas Alliance for Life for more information on their events, call 512-477-1244.

Reader MJD offers the following prayer, for those of us who cannot be in Austin tomorrow:

Precious Blood, ocean of Divine Mercy, flow upon all those who will be traveling to the Special Session of the Texas Legislature as well as those who will be involved in the passage of the pro-life bill.  Precious Blood, most pure offering, procure them every grace. Precious Blood, hope and refuge of every sinner, atone for us , especially those who have been involved in the scourge of abortion. Thank you Lord, for shedding Your Blood for us. May the Water and Blood that came from the side of Jesus create a protecting fountain of grace, one which flows directly from the throne of God to us. Come Lord, and fill us with your Holy Spirit. AMEN

May I add, Dear Lord, please protect the lives of ALL people in this state!  Please let this bill pass and be the beginning of the quick, final end of the diabolical evil of abortion in this country.

You can see more here.  Including the following talking points to help insure passage:

How to Win

Keep to the following simple messaging:

  • Abortion Hurts Women
  • Abortion Hurts Babies
  • #Stand4Life
  • Texas Women Deserve Better Than Gosnell

The voters of Texas have spoken overwhelmingly that they want this bill. The House wants the bill. The Senate wants the bill. With enough prayer and hard work, there is no reason for us not to pass a pro-life bill worthy of the Great State of Texas.



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