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Some quick hits July 2, 2013

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A few items I don’t have time or interest in focusing on in much depth, but they do warrant your consideration.  First, Susan B. Anthony list pro-life group has an online petition up to encourage Texas political leaders to pass Senate Bill 5, the pro-life bill under consideration that will ban all abortions beyond 20 weeks and require all abortion mills to meet minimal health and safety requirements. I’m afraid the petition is, like so many of these things, really a vehicle aimed at fundraising, but it’s for a pretty good cause. After you fill out the very brief petition form, you are directed to a page to make a donation to their group.  They do very good work, I would certainly not tell readers not to donate to them, but some may find the redirect off-putting.

Secondly, I was sent a truly horrifying piece by an alert reade that details some of the horrifying abuse that has occurred in boys who have been adopted by homosexual males.  Anecdotal to be sure, but given that there are so few homosexual male parents, even a handful of cases could give indication of grave systemic problems – as if there weren’t enough simply on grounds of morals or logic – with allowing homosexual male couples to adopt.  I warn you, this article is very, very disturbing.  My personal knowledge of such matters, however, leads me to believe such abuse to be a very grave potentiality, because history and experience dating all the way back to ancient times show the profound and disordered attraction so many homosexual males have for young boys.

I know a person who suffered childhood sex abuse, and I can state unequivocally that such souls are never fully right again.  We are playing with the worst kind of fire with this kind of thing.

Blessed JPII, John XXIII soon to be canonized July 2, 2013

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And, I am certain it is hoped by some, the most recent Council right along with them.  Congratulations to our Holy Mother for two new heavenly stars!

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints has approved a 2nd miracle attributed to the influence of Blessed John Paul II, according to Cardinalmultiple reports in the Italian news media.

The Congregation also reportedly approved a 2nd miracle attributed to the influence of Blessed John XXIII.

If the reports are accurate, and Pope Francis adds his approval, both former Pontiffs could be canonized before the end of this year…….

……Vatican-watchers have already begun theorizing that Popes John XXIII and John Paul II could be canonized at the same ceremony. Although earlier speculation had pointed toward the canonization of Blessed John Paul II in October, the advance planning required for the massive ceremony involving the canonization of two beloved Pontiffs could push the date back to December.

It’s always awesome to have more Saints.  It’s only more opportunities for intercession or finding in their lives an exemplar that could change ours into one of sanctity.  But there is something a bit unsettling to me in what seems to be a drive to canonize the post-conciliar popes almost automatically, as if simply being pope in this era is indication of heroic virtue.  I may be wrong, however – there may be no such drive with Pope Benedict. We’ll see, but should there not be a major push for his early canonization, that would be, I think, most illuminating.

Anyway, within a few months,  there will be new Saints for Holy Mother Church, and I bet there will be a major feast day added to the calendar, as well, at least for JPII.  By far the most important factor in all this, may be that we now have certainty that two more souls have joined God in Heaven, and are enjoying the beatific vision for all eternity. That, in and of itself, ought to be worthy of an enormous celebration!  Two more of us made it!  They’re in Heaven!  Alleliuia!


Awesome video meditation on the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass! July 2, 2013

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Want to know what the Traditional Latin Mass (TLM) really is? Want to know how it is so significantly, theologically different from the new Mass, the “Novus Ordo,” be it in English or Latin?  See this brilliant video below, which explains the symbolism of the Traditional Mass, especially all the many small prayers, movements, and gestures that were suppressed in the switch from the TLM to the Novus Ordo.  I have had several commenters of late ask just what is the difference between the TLM and the Novus Ordo Latin, and I think this video goes far to explaining, not in a detailed, verbal way, but in a symbolic, visual way, what those differences are.  I should clarify, that there are certainly elements of what is what is described below in the Novus Ordo, but many have been lost.

I pray you find this as edifying, and as moving, as I did.  Really, try to chill out, maybe darken the lights, and really focus on this video.  Truly, it is a meditation.  The video shows clearly how the Traditional Mass follows the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ and other elements of His earthly life. It was truly brilliant to interpose scenes from The Passion of the Christ with the TLM:

A description of the symbolism, from the video’s creator. I should add that these descriptions of the symbolism are just ONE of the many layers of symbolism that exist in the various actions and prayers of the Mass. The Mass is such a theological feast the people can, and do, spend literally entire books describing it and still never “explain” it all. That richness stems from the fact that the Traditional Mass is not the work of human hands, but is a divine gift with many key parts, it is believed, coming straight from the Apostles down to us:

After previewing the movie for my family, they expressed concern about some of the symbolism, particularly the scene of the Kiss of Judas and the priest kissing the altar. Please know that I based everything on ancient Catholic teaching. For example:

“When the priest kisses the altar, he is kissing Christ, *faithfully,* in contradiction to the kiss of betrayal by Judas.” In a sense, the priest is making atonement for the betrayal of Judas.

“The priest reading the Introit represents Christ being falsely accused by Annas and blasphemed.”

“The priest going to the middle of the altar and saying the Kyrie Eleison represents Christ being brought to Caiphas and these three times denied by Peter.”

“The priest saying the ‘Dominus vobiscum’ represents Christ looking at Peter and converting him.”

“The priest saying the ‘Orate Fratres’ represents Christ being shown by Pilate to the people with the words ‘Ecce Homo.'”

“The priest praying in a low voice represents Christ being mocked and spit upon.”

“The priest blessing the bread and wine represents Christ being nailed to the cross.”

“The priest elevating the host represents Christ being raised on the cross.”

“The priest goes to the Epistle side and prays signifying how Jesus was led before Pilate and falsely accused.”

“The priest goes to the Gospel-side, where he reads the Gospel, signifying how Christ was sent from Pilate to Herod, and was mocked and derided by the latter.”

“The priest goes from the Gospel side again to the middle of the altar – this signifies how Jesus was sent back from Herod to Pilate.”

“The priest uncovers the chalice, recalling how Christ was stripped for the scourging.”

“The priest offers bread and wine, signifying how Jesus was bound to the pillar and scourged.”

“The priest washes his hands, signifying how Pilate declared Jesus innocent by washing his hands.”

“The priest covers the chalice after the Offertory recalling how Jesus was crowned with thorns.”

“The priest breaking and separating the host represents Christ giving up His spirit.”

“The priest saying the Agnus Dei represents Christ being acknowledged on the cross as the Son of God by many bystanders.”

“The priest saying the Last Gospel, which are the first words of the beloved disciple St. John, represents sending the Apostles into all parts of the world to preach the Gospel and preserving His Holy Church for all time.”

A couple of random notes from me, TantrumFrogo:

I so love the hymn from the Good Friday Mass during the scene of Christ’s scourging at the pillar – the Miserere Mei.  When I hear it well sung like in the video @ 9:00 – 9:30, it seems like angels crying.

My favorite character in the Passion of the Christ, beyond, ummmm…….GOD!, was Abenader, the Roman centurion who converted on Golgotha.

“Ecce homo”

“Hoc est corpus meum”

“Hic est calix sanguinis mei”

Medical study – abortion increases breast cancer risk six-fold, millions dead July 2, 2013

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LifeSiteNews has some explosive, ummm, news (I add emphasis and comments):

A study published in the Indian Journal of Community Medicine (May, 2013) found a 6.38-fold greater risk of breast cancer among women with histories of induced abortion. [1] The study, led by Ramachandra Kamath, MD (Department of Public Health, Manipal University), found induced abortion was the most important risk factor.

“With only 94 cases and 94 controls, the study was way too small for a significant risk of the order of 1.5-fold to even show up,” explained Professor Joel Brind (Baruch College, City University of New York). “Yet induced abortion did show up as the strongest risk factor (and right on the border of statistical significance) because the risk increase was so high at 6.38-fold.” [OK, so this is a very small study, but may be statistically significant.  Certainly, it meshes with much other data, which the medical establishment has frequently attempted to supress, that shows a strong statistical correlation between abortion and increased breast cancer risk]

……..Kamath’s group observed that India has the “largest estimated number of breast cancer deaths worldwide,” and breast cancer rates are on the rise there. [Which would make perfect sense, given that India has been subjected to horrific “family planning” initiatives since the early 70s, up to and including widespread forced abortion.  US breast cancer rates exploded after contraception and abortion became widespread. Ex post facto may be a logical fallacy, but sometimes it is true.]

Brind said he found it “troubling that the abortion-breast cancer link is now showing up big time in the world’s most populous countries where breast cancer used to be rare. That means millions upon millions of women will die from this deadly after-effect of abortion. Consider that between India and China, we’re talking about over a billion women. If only 1% of them get breast cancer due to abortion, that’s still 10 million women, of whom at least 2 or 3 million will die from it!”

I guess it’s abortion day on veneremurcernui!  Another significant factor is that the highest breast cancer risk is associated with late-term abortion, which the Texas Senate will hopefully help limit further, down to 20 weeks.

The abortion-breast cancer link is increasingly solidly established.  The contraception-breast cancer link is less so, but I have to wonder if that is not because so few people want to see the truth of that issue?  Americans are so very wedded to contraception.  But I’ve become convinced that until we get people unhooked from contraception we’ll never see an end to abortion.  Which is why it is so very vital for all of our shepherds to regularly denounce contraceptive use as immoral, dangerous, and devastating both personally and for society at large.

I will continue to pray for such daily, but I will not hold my breath.

In related news, bonehead PhD type calls for “sex strike” against pro-lifers July 2, 2013

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Madam, as if we would even be interested. As I used to say in my drinking days, there isn’t enough beer in the world………

There are so many things wrong with the below, which I’m getting off CMR via concerned reader S, that I’ll just have to fisk it as we go:

We’ve all been there, attracted to that man who does not mean well for us. We sure would not want our daughters dating or married to these kinds of guys who think they should decide what is best for women. [OK, right off the bat we’re completely off into radical feminist illogic.  First of all, how many pro-life men are involved with pro-abort women?  Especially in something resembling a serious relationship?  I doubt it’s that many.  This is just “I am woman hear me roar” red meat for brain damaged feminists]  How perfectly patriarchal, these Texas men trying to not hear what women want have shown themselves to be, but how incredibly out of touch with today’s reality. Women of Texas, it’s going to be a long hot summer — make sure the men who do not deeply respect and support women feel it. [Notice some key errors. First, only MEN oppose abortion to this overeducated ignoramus.  Please, look at it any way you choose, the pro-life movement is most often organized, energized, and certainly led by women. The most passionate anti-choicers I know are women, and thank God for that. Who organized the annual March for Life in DC? A woman. Who runs the Susan B. Anthony List? A woman. Who has the most effective undercover research and expose service against abortionists in the country (LiveAction)? A woman.  But this is simply an attempt, as they did with Sarah Palin in 2008, to pretend that women who oppose abortion aren’t real “women.”  Yes, certainly, that makes sense, it’s the women who hate motherhood and the offspring associated that are the real women!]

As a native Texan, and someone who has survived 100-plus-degree temperatures for many summers, I can tell you, this summer in Texas is surely going to be hotter than usual. Sultry, sweaty summers can be made much nicer when good old-fashioned sex is part of the picture. [For crying out loud. What are you, 16?  Can we move past making our crotches the focus of our entire lives (provided that a child never results from all that focus, right!)?] But women, take heed: Don’t give in if your man, boyfriend, husband, toyboy is not voting for your best interests, your reproductive health — do not sleep with that man! [Once again, we have the nonsensical, hypocritical definition of “woman” as nothing more than her reproductive organs by a supposed feminist, who at the same time notes, by implication, that many women are being used by men for sex.  Which is supposed to be empowering, or something.] I don’t care how cute or charming he is! I don’t care if he is your husband of many years. Resist! Go swimming! Meditate! [I guess you could describe the author as a single issue voter?]

Do not make him dinner, do not go fetch him a cold beer from the fridge, do not iron that shirt, hell, do not change that diaper… do not make his life a little nicer this summer if he does not “get it” and learn to respect women! [Is this a snide attack on traditional feminine roles, or at least this wacko’s vision of such?]   Instead, volunteer some time for senators like Wendy Davis, go with a group of women to Austin and make your voices heard. Get on the computer and the social networks and organize. [Everything must revolve around abortion. Nothing else matters]

I am seeing so many cross-currents of thought in my life right now it’s not even funny. I keep reading Solzhenitsyn, and of late he’s been describing the illogical impenetrability of communist thought, and how NO evidence of the evil, the injustice, or just the plain unworkability of the communist system could ever even slightly shake the communist true believer. And I see more and more left wing true believers in our country, and it frightens me.  I also see more and more hijacking of language so that terms like “women’s health” come to mean nothing but weird code speak for unimaginable barbarity.  That’s another similarity with Soviet Russia.



I told you the hooligans who stopped SB5 were paid activists July 2, 2013

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I was just waiting for the smoking gun to be found, and found it has been.  Planned Parenthood ran ads in Austin’s Craigslist looking for leftists who wanted to make a little money in an attempt to shut down the will of the people – since 62% of Texans support Senate Bill 5, which puts very limited, very appropriate restrictions on abortion in this state, as well as it being supported by overwhelming majorities of the state House and Senate.

The ads, shockingly!, went up 2 days after Rick Perry declared the first special session, and several days before the end of the session.  The ad made plain that they were looking for little Austin leftists to shout them down some legislative action:

In case it gets taken down, I’ve cached the page here. The special session got announced by Gov. Rick Perry on the 26th (of May); this ad went up three days later, and just two days before a swarm of “volunteers” arrived at the capitol building today.  Pro-choice Texas employees get paid roughly minimum wage to “stand,” I mean start, assuming that the $1300 per month is for full-time work.  The position ranges to nearly $12.70 for standing around and yelling slogans like, “Hey hey, ho ho, fully-formed human life’s got to go,” and so on.

The employment comes from the ironically-named Grassroots Campaigns, which stages these demonstrations on behalf of client organizations like Planned Parenthood Federation of America, MoveOn, and the Democratic National Committee, among others.  There’s nothing much that’s “grassroots” about this; GCI’s clients comprise most of the professional progressive non-profit community, as the list at Wikipedia demonstrates. GCI’s money to pay these employees presumably comes from donors to those organizations.  Their website certainly doesn’t offer any other explanation.

This is the ad that ran:


And, no, these ads do not run all the time as a normal, routine matter of business.  They are almost always targeted at specific bits of legislation or other events that leftists oppose at various locales around the country.

Thus, left wing “grass roots” activism.  But the TEA party is nothing but a bunch of paid Koch Brothers hacks.  Please.

It is certain the pro-aborts, and especially Planned Barrenhood, is using our taxpayer money, paid to them by the federal government, to once again block the passage of SB5 in the current special session.  Let us get thousands of pro-lifers down there to stop them!  And let Lt. Gov. Dewhurst use the powers of his office to insure the legislative process is not hijacked again – how about clearing the gallery before the vote?

Always remember, folks, with the left, it’s never a fair fight. You are always fighting not only the small number of committed leftists, but paid activists (see the nightmare that occurred in Wisconsin when Gov. Scott Walker reduced the lavish benefits state employees there were receiving), frequently union thugs, agents of the government-media complex, and, of course, the courts.  There is no earthly way to overcome the forces ranged against us, but we can obliterate these forces if we trust in Jesus Christ.  That is our trump card, which all the left’s rage and naked use of force can do nothing against.