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I told you the hooligans who stopped SB5 were paid activists July 2, 2013

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I was just waiting for the smoking gun to be found, and found it has been.  Planned Parenthood ran ads in Austin’s Craigslist looking for leftists who wanted to make a little money in an attempt to shut down the will of the people – since 62% of Texans support Senate Bill 5, which puts very limited, very appropriate restrictions on abortion in this state, as well as it being supported by overwhelming majorities of the state House and Senate.

The ads, shockingly!, went up 2 days after Rick Perry declared the first special session, and several days before the end of the session.  The ad made plain that they were looking for little Austin leftists to shout them down some legislative action:

In case it gets taken down, I’ve cached the page here. The special session got announced by Gov. Rick Perry on the 26th (of May); this ad went up three days later, and just two days before a swarm of “volunteers” arrived at the capitol building today.  Pro-choice Texas employees get paid roughly minimum wage to “stand,” I mean start, assuming that the $1300 per month is for full-time work.  The position ranges to nearly $12.70 for standing around and yelling slogans like, “Hey hey, ho ho, fully-formed human life’s got to go,” and so on.

The employment comes from the ironically-named Grassroots Campaigns, which stages these demonstrations on behalf of client organizations like Planned Parenthood Federation of America, MoveOn, and the Democratic National Committee, among others.  There’s nothing much that’s “grassroots” about this; GCI’s clients comprise most of the professional progressive non-profit community, as the list at Wikipedia demonstrates. GCI’s money to pay these employees presumably comes from donors to those organizations.  Their website certainly doesn’t offer any other explanation.

This is the ad that ran:


And, no, these ads do not run all the time as a normal, routine matter of business.  They are almost always targeted at specific bits of legislation or other events that leftists oppose at various locales around the country.

Thus, left wing “grass roots” activism.  But the TEA party is nothing but a bunch of paid Koch Brothers hacks.  Please.

It is certain the pro-aborts, and especially Planned Barrenhood, is using our taxpayer money, paid to them by the federal government, to once again block the passage of SB5 in the current special session.  Let us get thousands of pro-lifers down there to stop them!  And let Lt. Gov. Dewhurst use the powers of his office to insure the legislative process is not hijacked again – how about clearing the gallery before the vote?

Always remember, folks, with the left, it’s never a fair fight. You are always fighting not only the small number of committed leftists, but paid activists (see the nightmare that occurred in Wisconsin when Gov. Scott Walker reduced the lavish benefits state employees there were receiving), frequently union thugs, agents of the government-media complex, and, of course, the courts.  There is no earthly way to overcome the forces ranged against us, but we can obliterate these forces if we trust in Jesus Christ.  That is our trump card, which all the left’s rage and naked use of force can do nothing against.



1. TG - July 2, 2013

Yes, Satan’s army is very well financed. I’m giving an extra donation to Students for Life this week. They are sending many students from out of state.

skeinster - July 2, 2013

Now, see- this bothers me. March for Life in Washington? Fine. But don’t mess with other people’s state legislatures.

Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - July 3, 2013

I agree. Yet another reason to secede. Control the flow of ne’er-do-wells from all parts of this damnable Union.

2. Heather Nandell - July 2, 2013
3. Marguerite Mann - July 2, 2013

We need people to go down to Austin next Tuesday. St. Thomas Aquinas Pro Life and the Knights are trying to pull together some people to head down. What are the efforts from other Dallas Parishes??? We’ve talked to some Knights at St. Patrick’s and we have yet to hear back from them.

The pro life side is very unorganized at the moment and this is how we lose things like this. I just spoke to Rhonda our pro life head at STA who is in Austin right now and reiterated this! We will be out after our Masses on Sunday to generate support but we can’t be the only ones from Dallas going if we plan to stop the blood of innocents!! Please don’t miss this opportunity! This is a battle that IS OURS TO WIN!! ALL FOR THE IMMACULATA!!!!

4. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - July 3, 2013
5. John - July 3, 2013

I was at the Capital last night after work. It was very disturbing to see all of the pro-aborts (mostly women, but a few emasculated/feminine men also) behaving so badly and disrespectful. Our side was BADLY outnumbered during my “shift” (6-8PM). But I was told we had the majority earlier in the day. Strangely, the pro-aborts had a steady supply of pizza (and busses filled with people) being brought in, and many of the Planned Parenthood “community organizers” were also sporting walkie-talkies and I-pads to assist in their machine of death’s successful campaign of misinformation.

Our side, of course being more refined and mature weren’t nearly as load or disruptive. Disturbingly I’d regularly hear snickers and jeers when a post-abortive Pro-Lifer came to testify about the mental anguish after her decision to take the life of her unborn, who was supposedly safe in the womb of it’s mother. The Planned Parenthood lies of women feeling “empowered” or “back-alley coat-hanger” abortions being the “next step” after this common sense restriction is unfortunately taken up lock-stock- and barrel by the misguided folks in orange last night. Granted their are surely some “true-believers” in the pro-abortion world, who believe in the sinister population control and eugenics roots of the abortion industry, many of the women (actually, girls) there have simply been fooled by the false language and catch phrases thought up by NARAL and Planned Parenthood. I must say, I’m truly saddened after seeing their display, even though the facts show the numbers are on our side.

Thankfully, the priest at my new parish (I jumped parishes due to Extraordinary Form being offered and no luck after requesting at my old one) is very vocal and doesn’t mince words when it comes to us Catholics allowing this culture of death to permeate, even in the pews, with most Catholics going against Church Teaching on artificial birth control. Contraception has shown to be the next step leading to increased abortions (paradoxically, but true). My “home parish” priest was afraid (his words) to speak about issues involving abortion,birth control, not to mention the Four Last Things. This may have accounted for the sickening number of Obama/Biden stickers in my old Parish’s parking lot. The Social Justice Catholics aren’t helping the situation, and the Democrat Pro-abort party have struck gold by fooling the Hispanic Catholics.
Its quite sad, and many don’t even know the Faith, which is obvious when 99% of the 300+ crowd received communion (in the had, of course) every Mass, even though confessions are only heard 20-minutes a week! But I digress…. My main point in this ramble is we need to PRAY HARD for our priests and bishops to have zeal, and be unafraid. If the false ecumenism/Church of Nice stuff continues to entrench the Church, we will continue to only be able to blame ourselves as Catholics.

tantamergo - July 3, 2013

I’m going to turn this into a post.

tantamergo - July 3, 2013

I have been imagining many of these people have been wearing burnt orange to try to appear local when they are not. I know there are a bunch of jackass UT students, I spent 5 years there, but I wouldn’t doubt if this is yet another aspect of the astroturfing.

Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - July 3, 2013

They need to get the hell out of my state or there will be a come to Jesus meeting…

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