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A first hand report of the satanic leftist activists in Austin protesting SB5 July 3, 2013

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A commenter John left the following first hand account of the efforts of pro-lifers in Austin, and the virulent, diabolical opposition being ginned up by Planned Barrenhood and their merry band of demons.  It’s quite interesting. I add emphasis and comments:

I was at the Capital last night after work. [May God bless you for going]It was very disturbing to see all of the pro-aborts (mostly women, but a few emasculated/feminine men also)[Yes, it’s pathetic to see the pro-abort men hanging around, so obviously trying to curry favor with the dominant feminist type personalities.  Surely hoping something may fall their way]behaving so badly and disrespectful. Our side was BADLY outnumbered during my “shift” (6-8PM). But I was told we had the majority earlier in the day.  Strangely, the pro-aborts had a steady supply of pizza (and busses filled with people) being brought in, and many of the Planned Parenthood “community organizers” were also sporting walkie-talkies and I-pads to assist in their machine of death’s successful campaign of misinformation. [Of course, they are always well supplied and well funded. Those lefties in the Occupy movement had a great deal, especially in NYC – they got tons of free food, free drugs, and free love.  This kind of thing happens as a matter of course – and if the pizzas and goodies weren’t there, the support would fall away dramatically. But we have to remember, this is Austin]

Our side, of course being more refined and mature weren’t nearly as load or disruptive. Disturbingly I’d regularly hear snickers and jeers when a post-abortive Pro-Lifer came to testify about the mental anguish after her decision to take the life of her unborn, who was supposedly safe in the womb of it’s mother. The Planned Parenthood lies of women feeling “empowered” or “back-alley coat-hanger” abortions being the “next step” after this common sense restriction is unfortunately taken up lock-stock- and barrel by the misguided folks in orange last night. [I suspect many of those in orange have no connection to UT whatsoever. They are being made to look like locals by sporting burnt orange. Just a suspicion] Granted their are surely some “true-believers” in the pro-abortion world, who believe in the sinister population control and eugenics roots of the abortion industry, many of the women (actually, girls) there have simply been fooled by the false language and catch phrases thought up by NARAL and Planned Parenthood. [More on this below] I must say, I’m truly saddened after seeing their display, even though the facts show the numbers are on our side.

Thankfully, the priest at my new parish (I jumped parishes due to Extraordinary Form being offered and no luck after requesting at my old one) is very vocal and doesn’t mince words when it comes to us Catholics allowing this culture of death to permeate, even in the pews, with most Catholics going against Church Teaching on artificial birth control. [You are blessed indeed to have such a priest. They are worth far more than a diamond mine] Contraception has shown to be the next step leading to increased abortions (paradoxically, but true).  [More than that – as Sandra Day O’Connor said in the Casey vs. Planned Barrenhood decision keeping abortion legal, mass contraception use makes legalized abortion inevitable. It’s the chicken that laid the abortion egg. Contraception always fails over time (I am living proof of that!), and many who have been conditioned not to be in a frame of mind to have a child will abort when it fails] My “home parish” priest was afraid (his words) to speak about issues involving abortion,birth control, not to mention the Four Last Things[We must pray for the conversion of priests who refuse to address these key topics, and even more, pray that bishops will not punish priests who preach the Truth on these topics] This may have accounted for the sickening number of Obama/Biden stickers in my old Parish’s parking lot. The Social Justice Catholics aren’t helping the situation, and the Democrat Pro-abort party have struck gold by fooling the Hispanic Catholics…….. If the false ecumenism/Church of Nice stuff continues to entrench the Church, we will continue to only be able to blame ourselves as Catholics.

Planned Barrenhood and other silly pro-aborts tried a year or so ago to have a “March for Death” or whatever they called it in some cities around the country, to show up the many Marches for Life.  Well, I don’t think they’ll try that again in most places, because their crowd was pathetic, maybe 100, maybe less, mostly college age kids who may well have made some money for showing up, just as they are in Austin right now.  We had a counter protest here in Dallas, and while we did not outnumber the pro-aborts, we certainly out-argued them, and eventually got some help that allowed us to out-shout them, even though they had a bullhorn.

In the course of this probably pointless tete a tete, I wound up standing across from some young girls on the pro-abort side. And I started to engage with them sort of one on one, and I was really cutting to the core of what all this was about. I talked about contraception and boys that loooove girls that contracept (there were some of these little boys in the crowd, they were as far from being a man as you can imagine) and how they used them and how many times has she been so used and then felt very empty inside?  And I could tell this cut two or three of the girls to the quick. And I tried to tell them it doesn’t have to be that way, that you can reset and live a chaste life and find true fulfillment in Jesus Christ, and also a true man who will love and cherish you and not use you like a porn video. And I could see them softening, softening, and then, bam, just a pall came over their face, like a shadow, all at once, and they pulled back and walked back into their pro-abort group and tried to forget what I had reminded them of. Because they knew what I was saying was true, they knew they were being used and that they were and probably are in great pain, but they just couldn’t pull away. I was saddened that I couldn’t reach them, I probably made some mistakes in that discourse.

But that is so much what is going on with these radical pro-abort women, and in my experience, almost all the truly radical pro-aborts (and their aren’t very many of them) are women, women who have bought the illogical feminist lie of “empowerment” through slatternly behavior.  There is a very sad aspect to these women, for God’s Law is written on their hearts and they know deep down that their abortion or their slatternly behavior is morally atrocious, but they either can’t face what they have done and have to call it “good,” or they just keep imbibing like an addict, hoping the next “fix” will make them feel better. But it never does. And it is that deep-seeded guilt that powers their rage.

I pray we get many more pro-lifers down in Austin, and I pray, further, that the capital be closed if necessary to allow the legislative process to continue.

Go to Austin if you can! Next week will be critically important! Thousands of lives are at stake, as is the continued existence of many mills!

Thanks to John for the commentary.

Oh, and I said that leftists were being satanic, check out this report from The Blaze:

The abortion battle in Texas was still raging Tuesday as both abortion supporters and pro-life activists flooded the State Capitol to make their voices heard. The Texas House and Senate reconvened briefly for a special session called by Gov. Rick Perry.

One of the more bizarre tactics used by pro-abortion activists involved chanting “Hail Satan!” to harass a pro-life crowd as they sang “Amazing Grace.”

You can see video of this insanity at the link.  I have never had any doubt that the pro-abort movement is thoroughly satanic, whether that satanism be overt or no. For Heaven’s sake, they are sacrificing little children, just as the satanic pagan neighbors of the ancient Jews did!   When the Jews took part, that is what led the Lord to allow Israel to be destroyed.


1. TG - July 3, 2013

If I lived near Austin and was off, I would go. Agree with your comments.

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