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Bishops cannot look to courts to overturn HHS Mandate July 11, 2013

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The 4th Circuit Court just turned in a totally inane judgment finding the HHS Mandate perfectly constitutional and religious objections unfounded:

As usual, the Court finds for Obama and Empowered Government generally down the line, finding that ObamaCare is okay because sometimes it’s a tax and sometimes it’s not (per the Supreme Court ruling) and furthermore that the power to tax is “extensive.”  Indeed, it turns out it’s overwhelming.

After finding against the plaintiffs on every earlier point, they turn to the question of whether or not the government may compel private citizens to violate their religious teachings through taxes and mandates, and finds that that’s just what the Founders had in mind.

…….It’s just incredible.  I don’t recognize this country anymore.

Nor do I.  I don’t see any chance, with Obamacare found constitutional, that the mandate won’t be, as well.  Will the bishops close hospitals, shut down charities, or stop allowing non-Catholics in schools to avoid paying for abortion?

Let me ask that question a different way: how many dioceses already pay for abortion and contraception via their health-insurance plans, like New York?  I would bet it’s the large majority.

It’s easy to get used to something after you’ve been doing it for years.

Once you reject some Doctrine of the Faith (commit heresy), you cease to be Catholic July 11, 2013

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The post title may not seem like a particular revelation to you, my good Catholic readers, but such is apparently beyond the comprehension of millions who call themselves “Catholic.”  Hence, the terrible need to hyphenate the term (liberal Catholic, traditional Catholic, etc), or create insulting new words (catholyc).

As St. Vincent of Lerins notes below, those who embrace error – who reject what the Church has doctrinally/dogmatically defined – cease to be Catholic.  In fact, embracing heresy for a Catholic is the very worst thing possible, short of dying outside the state of Grace, which these heretics who embrace abortion, contraception, divorce and remarriage, and the like, most tragically, most likely, will do.

Along the way, St. Vincent also destroys Sola Scriptura, refuting another major heresy, 110o years before it manifested itself in Luther’s Germany (from Faith of the Early Fathers Vol 3 pp. 262-3):

With great zeal and closest attention, therefore, I frequently inquired of many men, eminent for their holiness and doctrine, how I might, in a concise and, so to speak, general and ordinary way, distinguish the truth of the Catholic Faith from the falsehood of heretical depravityI received almost always the same answer from all of them, that if I or anyone else wanted to expose the frauds and escape the snares of the heretics who rise ujp, and to remain intact and sound in a sound faith, it would be necessary, with God’s Grace, to fortify that faith in a twofold manner: first, of course, by the authority of the Divine Law  [St. Vincent is referring to Sacred Scripture] then, by the Tradition of the Catholic Church. Here, perhaps, someone may ask: “If the canon of the Scriptures be perfect, and in itself more than suffices for everything, why is it necessary that the authority of ecclesiastical interpretation be joined to it?” Because, quite plainly, Sacred Scripture, by reason of its own depth, is not accepted by everyone as having one and the same meaning. The same passage is interpreted in one way by some, in another by others, so that it can almost appear as if there are as many opinions as there are men…….. [Little wonder then the tens of thousands of protestant sects littering the ecclesiastical landscape today]

…….And thus, because of so many distortions of such various errors, it is highly necessary that the line of prophetic and apostolic interpretation be directed in accord with the norm of the ecclesiastical and Catholic meaning. In the Catholic Church herself every care must be taken that we may hold fastg to that which has been believed everywhere, always and by all. For this is, then, truly and properly Catholic. That is what the force and meaning of the name itself declares, a name ath embraces all almost universally. This general rule will be correctly applied if we pursue universality, antiquity, and agreement. And we follow universality in this way, if we confess this one Faith to be true, which is confessed by the whole Church throughout the whole world; antiquity, however, if we in no way depart from those interpretations which, it is clear, our holy predecessors and fathers solemnized; and likewise agreement, if, in this very antiquity, we adopt the definitions and theses of all or certainly of almost all priests and teachers.

——————-End Quote——————–

St. Vincent notes three characteristics of belief in order to insure doctrinal integrity: universality, antiquity, and agreement.  And thank God for all three, for without them, we would be lost (save for the glorious overwatch of the Holy Ghost!).  Today, universality is lost due to massive heresy, even apostasy, among those who claim the name “Catholic.”  Agreement is thus lost, too.  Thus, we can often not trust modern sources that are disconnected from the Faith of yesteryear. Faithful Catholics frequently have to “reset,” to a prior time, in order to find sources espousing those doctrines which were held universally, in line with the constant Tradition of the Church stemming from apostolic times, and in which agreement dominated.

What is so often forgotten by modernist exegetes who pretend to espouse novel “doctrines,” is that they are disconnecting themselves from that universality which occurs not just in space but also across time.  They are cut off, voluntarily, from the constant belief of the Chuch.  That is not to say understanding of Doctrine cannot develop, but it does say that things which were false yesterday cannot be true today, and vice versa.  And things which were evil yesterday, cannot be good today.

Thus, the whole panoply of sexual sins which modernists have used to break soul’s union with the Faith through erroneous, confusing situational “ethics” and denial of clear truth, are revealed for what they are: simply the same evils they have always been, sadly foisted on badly formed Catholics who, given our fallen natures, are all too eager to embrace them.  As our Blessed Mother clearly revealed at Fatima, more souls fall into hell over sins of lust than any other reason – and if this was true for Our Lady and the children of Fatima 95 years ago, it is true today.

Pray for those lost in error! Errors of intellectual pride are the very hardest to break, according to many Saints including the Moral Doctor St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori!  Only prayer can save these souls!  Have mercy on them!

Black Robe (1991 film) July 11, 2013

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Black Robe is a film about the French Jesuit missions in North America in the early 1600s. These are the missions which produced so many great Saints, from a time when the Jesuits were still a great order.  I haven’t time to blog much today, so I thought I’d throw this out. I had never heard of this movie until yesterday, and can’t say I’ve watched all of it.  You might want to be careful.  There is, unfortunately, some unnecessarily explicit sexual activity @~21:00 – 21:30 and @ 28:30 – 30:00. I think it is show that the priest is a man and chastity is not something easy for him, but it’s unnecessary.  There is also violence which is really essential to the story, as it shows the savagery of life among Native Americans, and their fear and hostility towards the missionaries.  I don’t know if that invalidates some very good aspects to the movie – such as the fact that these men are motivated solely by their love for God in these incredibly arduous missions that made martyrs of so many men.

I judge this movie acceptable for adults with reservations, and older children so long as the problematic parts are skipped. I have not witnessed the whole movie, there may be more explicitness later. It has much to recommend for demonstrating the heroic virtue of these missionaries.  What happened to such men?  Do we still have them in the Church?

Am I doing anything to bring such men back, or foster them?

Low-class pro-abort males oppose SB5 to keep their promiscuous sex a comin’ July 11, 2013

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Well, at least they’re being honest.  We love abortion so we can keep our swinging, pointless, soul-draining sex coming:

Forcing women to adhere to the anti-choice attitudes of state legislators forces men to do the same, and will have serious consequences both on men’s lives and lifestyles.


Your sex life is at stake. Can you think of anything that kills the vibe faster than a woman fearing a back-alley abortion? Making abortion essentially inaccessible in Texas will add an anxiety to sex that will drastically undercut its joys. And don’t be surprised if casual sex outside of relationships becomes far more difficult to come by.

Yes, it would be an absolute catastrophe if men and women actually waited until marriage to engage in…………the marital act.  If SB5 helps tone down some of the pathetic, egregious, animalistic rutting that defines modern relationships (and I am being generous, most of these encounters don’t even rise to the level of a friendly chat), as far as I’m concerned, that’s yet another merit in the bill’s favor.  But this is a joke, all the bill does is move the time limit for most abortions from 24 weeks to 20, while also imposing very necessary, very minimal health and safety standards on abortion mills. The lack of which has been a complete travesty – it makes a lie of the very Hippocratic Oath doctors are supposed to honor.  How can you do no harm in a filthy mill like Gosnell’s or Routh St. for that matter, while performing very invasive, often complex surgeries?

But we now have some additional evidence of what those beta-male types that glom onto the pro-abort feminists are really after. As if we didn’t know already.  I mentioned in a previous post about a conversation I had with some college age pro-abort women some time back, and how they were shaken by my calling out the total lack of true masculine concern for women on the part of their lefty pro-abort boyfriends in attendance. The boys were like nervous 8 year olds, looking at the ground and shuffling their feet when I called them to account for their failure to perform their duty as men to protect women and children from harm.  But I don’t think my words had any lasting effect, alas.

And if pro-aborts keep trying to glom onto UT’s burnt orange to bolster their cause, I’m burning all my stuff:


What’s the matter, Cecile?  Bummed because you know your opposition to this law is doomed?

Sometimes only art can convey truth July 11, 2013

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This is so very very very true…..and that is so very very sad!