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Bishops cannot look to courts to overturn HHS Mandate July 11, 2013

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The 4th Circuit Court just turned in a totally inane judgment finding the HHS Mandate perfectly constitutional and religious objections unfounded:

As usual, the Court finds for Obama and Empowered Government generally down the line, finding that ObamaCare is okay because sometimes it’s a tax and sometimes it’s not (per the Supreme Court ruling) and furthermore that the power to tax is “extensive.”  Indeed, it turns out it’s overwhelming.

After finding against the plaintiffs on every earlier point, they turn to the question of whether or not the government may compel private citizens to violate their religious teachings through taxes and mandates, and finds that that’s just what the Founders had in mind.

…….It’s just incredible.  I don’t recognize this country anymore.

Nor do I.  I don’t see any chance, with Obamacare found constitutional, that the mandate won’t be, as well.  Will the bishops close hospitals, shut down charities, or stop allowing non-Catholics in schools to avoid paying for abortion?

Let me ask that question a different way: how many dioceses already pay for abortion and contraception via their health-insurance plans, like New York?  I would bet it’s the large majority.

It’s easy to get used to something after you’ve been doing it for years.

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