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Sometimes only art can convey truth July 11, 2013

Posted by Tantumblogo in foolishness, fun, General Catholic, non squitur, silliness, Society.


This is so very very very true…..and that is so very very sad!




1. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - July 11, 2013

You get it, my friend. And to reference another, more powerful image, imho, these heroes of the rebellion look upon ‘Mordor-on-the-Potomoc’. The eye of Sauron is quite literally upon us all and he does not share power.

2. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - July 11, 2013

And another interesting opinion coming from, of all places, the media…

Caution: Strong language.

3. Steve - July 11, 2013

I apologize for having posted the following here. On the “Regarding Latin Mass in the Dallas Diocese July 9, 2013” thread, it reads that “32 comments” were posted there.

However, when I clicked this morning to read the comments, I saw just 18. Is there a way to read the additional comments? Thank you.

tantamergo - July 11, 2013

You should see them all. I have no idea what the problem would be, and I won’t be around the blog much today.

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