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Americans against abortions after 20 weeks 2:1 July 12, 2013

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I try to be a stalwart pro-lifer. I am frequently told by other pro-lifers that a majority of Americans share my views regarding abortion.  I am told most Americans are pro-life. I try to be sanguine, but too much data shows that most Americans don’t know what being pro-life means.  When more specific questions are asked, like whether Americans favor abortion in case of “rape and incest,” or “life of the mother” (so easy to justify!), then a large majority of Americans favor abortion. They are not pro-life. It also seems a narrow majority of Americans think most abortions to 12 weeks are OK, although most Americans also think repeat abortions, or birth control by abortion, is bad.

It seems most Americans also disfavor late term abortion.  A new poll out commissioned by the very left wing Huffington Post shows Americans are 2:1 against abortion beyond 20 weeks – when babies can feel pain.  Thank God for that:

Today, the Huffington Post released new national polling showing that by a margin of 59 percent to 30 percent, Americans favor a federal law prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks. (You wouldn’t think that from the media coverage of the Texas bill, would you?)

Those feeling strongly about the issue in the poll in favor of laws restricting late-term abortion over those against them is still 2 to 1. Yup. The Democrats just soiled themselves. The country is not with them on this and they have absolutely no wiggle room on this. They have sold their soul to the abortion industry and absolutely can’t give in to any restriction whatsoever. None.

Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser said:

“Including a strong variety of people in favor of abortion, against it, or undecided, Americans overall agree two to one that federal law should at least protect babies past the twenty week (five-month)  mark, when they are fully formed and capable of feeling pain. This is a point of great consensus for Americans across the country that has now been reflected in numerous state and national polls. The U.S. House has already voted in favor of protecting children past the 20-week mark and we now call on the U.S. Senate to do the same.”

So, at least we have that. But there remains the cognitive dissonance I simply cannot get over: if it is not OK to murder a baby at 20 weeks, why is it OK at 12?  Or 18?  Have there not been enough 12 week or earlier sonograms done to convince people it’s not a blob of cells?

And look how silly the pro-aborts/leftists now look. They’re getting all giddy over a Texas State Senator filibustering over something most Americans find repulsive and amoral. They literally cannot stop themselves. They are literally so wedded to the demonic sacrifice of abortion that they can never, ever, tolerate anything that might limit it in any way, even when it’s something as basic to “women’s health” as health and safety standards for mills.  But we all know that line about “women’s health” is just that – a line.

Planned Barrenhood cared so very much about breast cancer it lied to Komen for years about performing mammograms, until pro-lifers proved the lie. They still make the claim today, sometimes!  When are women going to realize that, for Planned Barrenhood, the piece of meat is them.  To Planned Barrenhood and other pro-abort extremists, women, and their babies, are nothing more than slabs of meat offered up on a cold steel altar to PB’s dark god moloch.   Perhaps this is a message pro-lifers should convey to women more often.

Final thought – it is not a pro-life triumph that 59% of Americans oppose murdering fully formed, pain-feeling children. It is an utter depravity that 41% do not.


Just how far away are the “end times?” July 12, 2013

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Yesterday at Mass, a priest said something I’ve never heard before. I’m quite certain I don’t believe it.  And it’s certainly nothing more than opinion.  But I think it was wrong nonetheless.

The thing the priest said was this: we are hardly any closer to the “end of the world,” or “end times,” or parousia, now, 2000 years after Christ’s Ascension, than they were then.  That is to say, we’re not halfway to the parousia, or 1/3 of the way: 2000 years has essentially made no difference, because the parousia is, like, a billion years from now. Or something.  When the sun dies out, maybe.

And the first thing I thought when I heard this was: nobody knows. We don’t know when the 2nd coming will be.  It could be next week, or 10,000 years from now. The Church has no Doctrine on when the end times will be, except to say, we really don’t know. Some Saints thought they might be pretty soon.  They were wrong.  But that does nothing to invalidate their sanctity.

But then I thought…..why would you claim it’s so far away?  Or what’s the point?  The sermon was focused on personal conversion/growth in sanctity, and how we should all be far more concerned about our personal judgment than the 2nd coming and general resurrection.  I totally agree with that. I’ve never had any truck with protestant rapture fanatics, who are always predicting the end is so very near, so send in your check before Christ comes so we can make sure it clears!  I’ve always held with Scripture, where our Blessed Lord said “You will know neither the day nor the hour.”  There will be signs and portents, certainly, but Christ will also come like a thief in the night. And thousands of prophets of doom have been proved wrong over the years.  So, in general, I have no problem saying the parousia is certainly very far away.

Still, there was something that disturbed me about claiming it was soooooooo far away, that we haven’t hardly begun to inch nearer to it.  I think I had a negative reaction because it sort of plays to that distance people have put between themselves and God, a distance that implies little personal relationship if any and sort of viewing God as a very remote, uninvolved Authority. Or cosmic candy dispenser, since we’re all saved, anyways.  It seemed like saying “look, the end of the world is essentially never going to happen, so don’t worry about it,” which I don’t think is quite the right idea to convey.  Because Christ also said we should be ready for judgment – individual or general – at all times.  I don’t know, it just seemed sort of off to me.  I think people should have a sense that this world is finite, and WILL end.  We are in the LAST age, according to St. Paul.  I guess I thought this rather off the cuff statement could serve to undermine people’s cognizance of personal judgment and, perhaps more importantly, the fact that this world is not, even remotely, our true home.  Heaven is meant to be.

Anyways, late Friday ramblings, I guess.



A traditional priest’s call to conversion to Church liberals July 12, 2013

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I’m not sure who this priest is, but he posted this.  Very much like Michael Voris, I think.  A beautiful and simple call to conversion.  But having tried the same over the past 5 years or so, I can say that the hearts he is trying to reach are harder than flint.  How many hundreds of thousands or millions of faithful Catholics must raise their voices before they are heard? (I add emphasis and comments):

In the L’Osservatore Romano on 24 December 1984, Joseph Ratzinger stated: “Certainly, the results (of Vatican II) seem cruelly opposed to the expectations of everyone, beginning with those of Pope John XXIII and then of Pope Paul VI: expected was a new Catholic unity and instead we have been exposed to dissension which—to use the words of Paul VI—seems to have gone from self-criticism to self-destruction. [And well beyond that, now, to self-hatred]  Expected was a new enthusiasm, and many wound up discouraged and bored. [And yet I think boredom, boredom with learning the “same old things” as the previous 80 generations, boredom with faithfulness to the constant belief and practice of the Church, boredom with the hard work of catachesis played a huge role in fomenting the revolution] Expected was a great step forward, and instead we find ourselves faced with a progressive process of decadence which has developed for the most part precisely under the sign of calling back to the Council, and has therefore contributed to discrediting for many.  The net result therefore seems negative.  I am repeating here what I said ten years after the conclusion of the work: it is incontrovertible that this period has definitely been unfavorable for the Catholic Church.”

This is not being said to discourage us traditional catholics.  It is being said so that we can help the church survive from the wreck or crash.  But it is also so we can tell the liberals, who have all the power in the church, open your eyes.  Be transparent with us about the financial and demographic statistics of the church.[Ummm……yeah. I’m sure they just can’t wait to do that. It’s funny how the “open and honest” progressive crowd loves their secrets, as well as all the privileges of their power] When will you liberals have respect to another point of view than your own?  When will you ask someone else, other than your liberal committees, why this self-destruction is still going on? [Never. I’m sorry, this priest is great, I admire his charity, but it is not within these people to admit what they have done, the destruction their beliefs have caused. It is literally impossible. Liberalism is a dogma, a dogma which in so many in the Church has totally superseded Catholic Dogma, and it is thus totally impossible for committed progressives to look at the evidence honestly and arrive at the factual conclusion. Everything must be spun to support their chosen dogma. Even more, anything which opposes that dogma must be crushed, obliterated, and prevented from ever challenging the progressive “orthodoxy” ever again. The only thing – the ONLY thing – that can change these people, in my opinion, is Grace. Yes, we must argue with them, and constantly show them the Truth, but I judge that prayer is the only true means of converting these people. Because that is what they need: conversion from the false religion of modernist “progressivism” to Catholicism.]

The Catholic Church belongs Jesus and to all of us.  Everyone looses[sic]when thousands upon thousands of catholics leave the church.  You in the hierarchy are responsible for this because you direct the catechizes and appointing of employees, nuns, priest, bishops and cardinalsWhen will you take responsibility for the recent 50 years of the church, and apologize for the sex scandals and the huge exodus of catholics from the church that happened under your command?  Don’t blame it on the culture.  It comes from bad doctrinal teaching in the seminaries, parishes and catholic schools.  More dissenting bishops, priests nuns, theologians and teachers will not stop the self-destruction. [Unfortunately, we’re two generations or more into this catastrophe, so the leaders were not formed themselves. Many in high positions in the Church have never been exposed to, nor expected to believe and practice, so much that is utterly essential to the Catholic Faith.]

With God’s help and a great deal of prayer, work and humility we can helpThe Gates of Hell will never prevail over the Church, but we have to be the ones resisting this self-destruction, not helping it.  God; help us get back on the firm foundation of 1980 [I would argue 1930 years, since the last 50 years have been lost] years of traditional catholicism.

The Church has faced other enormous crises, and not only survived, but emerged stronger, holier, healthier. This present crisis is probably the greatest one the Church has ever had to face.  But if we are willing to pray, work, suffer, and pray some more (I cannot emphasize how critical prayer is in repairing the Church), the Church will emerge glorious and victorious, once again.  It may not be in our lifetimes, but it will happen.

Keep prayin!

Look what they have done to my Father’s house! July 12, 2013

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Reader SB sent me a photo which is very similar to one I think I’ve seen before. Not sure if I’ve ever posted it, or not.  Maybe I did.  I don’t have time to check because of this training I’m stuck in all day.  My friend thought this was from the 50s, but I’m certain it’s from the 20s or 30s.  Maybe WWII timeframe, but I think it’s early. Maybe MFG will let me know.

Whenever it’s from, it was a far more beautiful, uplifting, Catholic cathedral than what we presently have.


This is a big file, you can see a lot of glorious detail.

Drat it, I had lots more in this post, including photos of the cathedral as it is now.  I have no idea what happened to them, wordpress must have ate all that content.

As I was tried to say earlier, before wordpress intervened, one could assume the flags represent patriotism and nothing more, but given the history of the Church in this country, there is also the possibility of an Americanist influence.  I’ve been reading about the history of the Church in this country and how the heresy of Americanism, defined by Pope Leo XIII in 1899, has been part of the Church since this nation’s founding.  This particular history claims that the Church in the US has been protestantized by the dominant culture, rather than converting the culture to the Church. It further claims that this tendency has been the result of decisions made by the leadership, conscious or not, which always “bought into” the revolutionary ideas of “freedom of conscience” and just wanting the Church to be just another “denomination.”  Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus has rarely been loudly proclaimed in the US, and the last priest to make a serious effort to do so was thoroughly, completely squashed by the hierarchy, whatever the vagaries of his efforts were.

Nonetheless, what we have today is nearly iconoclastic in content, as can be seen from the current day photos of the cathedral. I am thankful the beautiful stained glass remains, but much other art has been removed, including lovely details along the ceiling:




I should note that it the marble altar rail you see in the old photo above that was removed in the early 70s and turned into curbs in the chancery parking lot.