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Catholic Relief Services gave $14 million to pro-abort, contraceptive-distributing group in 2012 July 15, 2013

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I have long said that I strongly oppose donations to Catholic Relief Services, CCHD, and Catholic Charities because those organizations are wrongly oriented and frequently fund groups or activities antithetical to Catholic belief and practice. I am beginning to think that donating to these groups, amazingly, as they are formal arms of the national US bishop’s conference, the USCCB, may rise to the level of material cooperation with sin, as the scandals these agencies are embroiled in are so constant, and so grave, that I fear no Catholic in good conscience can support them.

Whether that be the case or not, the fact remains, Catholic Relief Services, the USCCB’s official overseas charity, gave over $14 million to pro-abort, contraception-distributing groups last year:

As the U.S. Bishops’ development agency was taking heat last summer for handing out over $5 million to the abortion-supporting group CARE, they were in the midst of giving a total of $13.8 million in grants to the same pro-abortion group during 2012, according to its recently-publishedIRS filings.

While CARE claims it “does not fund, support or perform abortions,” in 2009 its president and CEO, Helene Gayle, appeared before a Senate committee to urge the funding of abortions abroad by overturning the Mexico City Policy. CARE also heavily distributes contraceptives, including the abortifacient “emergency contraception,” as part of its development efforts.  Moreover, it partners with the illegalabortionpractitioner Marie Stopes International (page 4).

Susan Yoshihara of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM) told LifeSiteNews last year that Gayle “is an avid advocate for an international human right to abortion-on-demand.”

Since LifeSiteNews’ coverage of CARE last summer, CARE issued a commitment at the Gates Foundation’s London Summit on Family Planning in which they pledged to put “reproductive rights” at the center of their work in the area of maternal health and to make “family planning” a priority in emergency services. Of the $13.8 million CRS gave to CARE in 2012, nearly $9 million was dedicated to “emergency services.” [So, CARE is now even more militantly more pro-abort, and the USCCB is helping to fund a very healthy chuck of their efforts. I wonder what crisis pregnancy centers could do with $9 million?  Which dioceses fund crisis pregnancy centers?  Dallas sure as heck doesn’t.]

Catholic pro-life leaders decried the news, saying it’s a scandal that a Church agency would support a group working against the Church’s efforts to promote a culture of life.

“Our pro-life educational and advocacy work is severely hampered, to the detriment of untold numbers of our brothers and sisters in the developing world, when groups like CARE can say that they enjoy a good working relationship with the Catholic Church,” said Fr. Shenan Boquet, president of Human Life International. He said this is the case “even if behind the scenes one finds that no Catholic money goes directly to their anti-life projects.”

“The scandal is that it appears to some that the Church supports CARE’s entire program,” he added.

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, said 2012 appears to be CRS’ worst year yet for funding of immoral groups.

CRS is bringing a scandal on the Church. They need to stop calling themselves Catholic because what they’re doing is in direct contradiction to the moral teachings of the Church,” she said. “And I finally want to encourage anybody who has ever given a thin dime to Catholic Relief Services to ask for a refund and never give them another penny.” [I agree with all that. Most vehemently.]

And some interesting questions from Mrs. Brown:

They don’t want birth control marketing among Catholics. So why isn’t CRS going to those bishops? Why aren’t they giving money to those dioceses in Third World instead of giving them to CARE?

Yes, why?  Because those dioceses don’t employ the left-leaning friends of CRS staffers, friends who might hire them for a lucrative position at CARE or some other NGO in a few years, or whom a CRS staffer could hire back one day?  It’s a revolving door at these government-funded charities.  Today’s director of population control at UNICEF is tomorrow’s senior level manager at CRS.  It’s amazing the little empires these people carve out for themselves, all relentlessly advancing the sexular pagan agenda behind the bishop’s backs. And the poor, hapless bishops have to defend it in order not to look ridiculous.  The massive lay bureaucracies created after Vatican II are almost totally beyond the bishop’s control.  These bureaucracies have their own agendas, and pursue those agendas relentlessly.

So, you can either choose to contribute to that agenda, or not.

PS – I’m loading you up on posts today because I’m going to be out again on Thurs and Fri.


1. ProLIFEmommy - July 16, 2013

EXCELLENT commentary on CRS. I contacted the USCCB back in March 2013 to ask WHY they are promoting this scandalous organization on their website. The USCCB mouthpiece, Anthoney Bosnick, replied via email stating:

Dear ProLIFEmommy,

Thank you for you concern regarding CRS and its policies. We agree that all groups representing the Bishops need to be very careful regarding their practices so that all that they do conforms gladly to the social and moral teaching of the Church. The Bishops of the US take great care to ensure that this is done by CRS.

Some people may disagree with this, even after the report of the NCBC (National Catholic Bioethics Center) was issued. If the Bishops on CRS’s board still had concerns after NCBC issued its report, we can be confident that they would have continued the investigation of CRS practices.

I’ve attached a copy of the report I mentioned regarding CRS. I hope it inspires in you a sense of trust in CRS and its work.

Anthony Bosnick
Director, Department for Charity and Justice
Archdiocese of Washington
P.O. Box 29260
Washington, DC 20017
Phone: 301-853-5340

The “report” that he mentions is a memo from the USCCB— a response to the questions regarding CRS funding :

February 7, 2013

RE: Questions about CRS Funding

“Reports have circulated in the past year regarding grant policies of Catholic Relief Services. These reports have raised concerns about CRS providing funds which can be used to promote abortions and other actions contrary to Catholic moral and social teaching.

We discussed by telephone conversation and emails these various questions related to CRS grants with John Rivera of the CRS Communications Office in Baltimore. Mr. Rivera reported that CRS has submitted the situation in question to Dr. John Haas of the National Catholic Bioethics Center for review. In short, the report by Dr. Hass dismissed the claims made against CRS by Defend Life.

Mr. Rivera supplied the following talking points from CRS on this issue:

· CRS is not in agreement with CARE’s position on contraception because we do not support any positions that would be in violation of Catholic teaching on human dignity and the sanctity of human life.
· These concerns about grants and partnerships, including the concerns over CARE, were raised to CRS last year. The agency undertook a thorough review of all partnerships together with Dr. John Haas of the National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC). After careful review, their report came to  three main conclusions:
1. None of the activities listed suggest support of or involvement in immoral activities.
2. None of the funding from CRS was fungible. That is, there is little to no risk of the grant funds being used either (i) for purposes outside those outlined in the grant request or (ii) for freeing up money in the receiving organization for immoral purposes by virtue of their having received the grant from CRS.
3. CRS has a process for vetting our relationships with partners to ensure we are in full compliance with Church teaching. CRS has consulted with Dr. John Haas of the National Catholic Bioethics Center, an expert in moral theology who is a member of the bishops’ pro-life committee, to review our grants (including grants with CARE) and he found that none of them constitutes support of or involvement in immoral activities. However, he cautioned CRS of the risk of scandal if people become confused and wrongly assume that CRS was endorsing a partner’s position on other issues. He advised CRS to be clear with CARE or any other group we work with that CRS opposes contraception. To address this, CRS posted a statement following our Mission Statement on our website, titled The Catholic Values of CRS: http://crs.org/about/mission-statement/
· CRS does promote abstinence and Natural Family Planning as embraced by the Church. You can find more details at http://crs.org/east-timor/healthier-moms-healthier-babies/

In addition, Mr. Rivera supplied a URL to News and Commentary piece on the NCBC website. That report states: “The NCBC came to the conclusion that providing such a grant would be acceptable through the application of the Principle of material Cooperation.” Here is a good summary of the NCBC report on its website: http://www.ncbcenter.org/page.aspx?pid=1263&storyid2509=185&ncs2509=3

And here is CARE’s language on abortion, under their FAQ page: http://www.care.org/about/faqs.asp

In conclusion, based on the report from Dr. Haas and the NCBC and from CRS, we feel that the accusations made against CRS have been interpreted in a way that the situation does not support. We recognize that some do not agree with this assessment. We believe, however, that it is necessary to trust the judgment of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and those bishops in particular who have oversight of CRS. They are charged with taking care to ensure that the moral and social teachings of the Church are not violated by CRS, their own overseas development and relief agency. ”

Yesterday, I sent an email to Mr. Bosnick, asking if he and the USCCB still stand by their assertion regarding CRS. He said he will get back to me. I’ll let you know what response I receive. But, I highly encourage your readers to contact Mr. Bosnick personally and put the pressure on. This scandal has gone WAAAAAYYY too far!!!!

Pax Christi!

2. TG - July 16, 2013

I’ve gotten an answer like the letter above when I complained about CCHD. The only thing I think bishops will understand is to quit donating. When we get our letter this year for Diocese of Austin’s annual fund raiser, I’m going to send a small amount and a letter on why I cannot support them with a larger amount like in the past. I will list the organizations I do support and why. I think hitting them in the pocket book is the only language they understand.

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