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Psychiatry destroys yet another soul – family lets 6 y/o girl live as boy July 15, 2013

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As regular readers will know, I have read a number of histories regarding the catastrophes that shook the Church after the most recent ecumenical Council.  One salient aspect of that collapse was the enormous proportion of priests and religious who abjured their vows and went back to secular life. Something like 40% of US priests and a much higher percentage of religious left their sacred vows and adopted a much more worldly vocation.  That amazing process, unprecedented in Church history to my knowledge, was driven by psychiatry.  A large majority of these priests and religious were, by various means, exposed to psychiatry or other psychological manipulation, and many of those who were so exposed found themselves rejecting the vocation they had aimed their life at up to that point. It was so common it is virtually a cliche in many books written on the Council: Father X, shining star of Diocese Y and who was a junior peritus of Bishop Z at the Council, became extremely radicalized after the Council, was exposed to psychiatry (the radicalization and the exposure are like the chicken and the egg), and after visiting some devastation on Diocese Y subsequently left the priesthood. These sorts of stories are legion. 

And many of those who remained were also similarly “treated” by various “mental health professionals.”  That treatment has also had a very heavy effect on the Church, as we have seen in the priest boy-rape scandal, where so many bishops deferred to arrogant psychiatric assumptions regarding reformability of pederasts, and returned to service men who visited untold destruction on souls and the Church at large.

None of which is to say that, in certain circumstances, treatment by psychiatrists/psychologists is not warranted and necessary.  But it is to say that there are a lot of kooky psychological theories and practitioners out there, and exposing otherwise healthy souls to their machinations has caused a great many problems.

For example, witness the case of a 5 year old girl from Maryland who is now living as a boy, based on a psychiatrist’s recommendations:

The Washington Post reports that a Maryland couple has no regrets about a decision they made to allow their 5-year-old daughter to live as a boy. Now 6, Tyler (formerly known as Kathryn) has been living as a boy after his family made a public switch 18 months ago when Kathryn insisted she was really a boy. A psychiatrist told the family that the switch would be healthy if they allowed Kathryn to pick a boy’s name and if they were to able find a kindergarten that would allow them to enroll the child as a boy. Tyler’s mother said “It’s not a phase. Anyone who meets him says, ‘Yeah, that’s a boy.'”

I would say that making decisions this traumatic, this consequential, for a child this young is beyond ludicrous. I would say it’s borderline criminal abuse. Children sometimes have very powerful, very long-lasting phases. But left alone, they will grow out of them. These parents are, in my opinion, encouraging behavior which will result in confusion and misery for the rest of this child’s life, and will likely have a very unhappy end.  I think it’s tragic.

I have to thank God that my children have never professed any “gender dysphoria.”  But my son, much of the time, is utterly convinced he is “sword-man!”  He calls himself sword-man.  He got that from some book on knights and castles he saw when he was younger. He has a knight’s costume and a little plastic shield and sword, and he chases his sisters around the house with the sword, and they all have a great time.  It would never cross my mind that my son was really a knight, or that he should see a psyciatrist.  Cases like this make me rather certain none of my children will ever see a psychiatrist or other “mental health professional.”  To think that one person’s opinion, even a highly educated one (or, perhaps, especially a highly educated one) could be permitted by parents to hold such sway……..what of the biases of the psychiatrist?  What of their predelictions? Sigmund Freud was a very sick man, and he transposed much of his sickness onto the upper crust women of Venice. Alfred Kinsey did far, far worse. 

If you read the comments at the Post article, you will find many adults discussing how they went through very long, very powerful phases where they were utterly convinced they were of the opposite sex, but almost all of them grew out of it, even though in many cases the parents did not pressure them to do so.  It was simply something they had to pass through on their way to becoming an adult.

I have a strong temptation to say that cases like this are driven by the parents (again, see the comments, I think you will find evidence of subtle pressure exerted by parents of those who claim to be happy transexuals today). They rarely seem to happen in households with more than one child – and even in those rare cases, there are usually strange circumstances surrounding the child’s upbringing. I’ve reported on these cases before, of extremely young children being – I tend to think – maniuplated into these decisions by pressure subtle and gross exerted by the parents.  There were some cases reported in Britain last year of several male children being raised by lesbian couples becoming convinced they were actually girls, and some even undergoing extremely damaging hormone therapy at ludicrously young ages.  Could this be the result of some subtly – or brazenly – expressed disdain for males?  Did the child in this Maryland case pick up on the fact mom and dad really, really wanted a boy?

We’ll likely never really know.  But what we do know is that – based on statistical data gathered from around the world – those afflicted with “gender identity” problems have extraordinarily bad life outcomes. Their rates of drug abuse, suicide, serious psychological problems (a way to keep the psychiatrists in business for life!), promiscuity and attendent sexually transmitted diseases, self-mutilation, etc,. etc, are sky high. Far higher even, than the already very high rates for homosexuals. And this evidence persists even in very liberated, very tolerant locales like Holland, a country which makes a cult of its permissiveness.  So, it’s not a factor of some imagined persecution.  These people are miserable, and it is a misery that stems from very deep-seeded traumas frequently associated with childhood. And I fear greatly the increasing number of children being identified as “transgender” at incredibly young ages are being doomed to lives of great sadness and constant isolation.

What is truly frightening, is that this is a rapidly growing phenomenon.  I fear for these children.


1. TG - July 15, 2013

The world has gone crazy. If my grandsons or granddaughter told me they were the opposite sex, I’d say God doesn’t make mistakes. Now get out of here and get over it.

2. Martina - July 15, 2013

This rapidly growing phenomen is backed and promoted by the UN and is brought via UNESCO into the schools worldwide as a “human rights issue”.
Just one link: http://www.iglhrc.org/content/united-nations-first-lesbian-gay-bisexual-and-transgender-organization-global-south-gain

Search for “UN” oder “UNESCO”and “transgender” and you will find dozens more.

tantamergo - July 15, 2013

Yikes. Thanks, Martina.

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