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Of course, silly! Of course we knew all along homosexual marriage would lead to polygamy and incest being legalized July 17, 2013

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A very honest assessment regarding state recognition of homosexual simulation of marriage (I need a better expression). Now that homosexual marriage looks set to be the law of the land, the radical redefitionists are discussing among themselves whether they want to support polygamy and incest, or oppose it. You can go read the article yourself if you want.  I won’t quote any here.  I’ll just say, the utter separation from any transcendent Truth is readily apparent.

But I think we already know what the lobby of Sodom/Gomorrah is going to do: they’re going to help advance at least polygamy, because many relationships between people of the same sex already involve multiple partners.  Some of the more radical fringe have already admitted they plan to support polygamy laws so one or two partners in a large group who happen to work, can insist on benefits like health insurance, etc., for the rest. Much of this fervor comes down to money.  And God will be driven from the world a little more, and a little more. The Church will be forced from the public square, if not entirely, at least effectively.

Hey, want to know what a country looks like without God?  See Mexico!  Oh, oh, oh, the “Mexican Marines” just arrested Trevino Morales, the leader of the demonic Zetas (the prime officianados of Santa Muerte). That means one of two things: either the Sinaloa Cartel gave the info to some faction in the Mexican armed forces to temporarily detain their chief rival (for these guys often escape), or the infighting in the Zetas over who will lead has reached a new level. The probability that the Mexican government really, honestly captured these guys with no ulterior motive is about 1 in 1000 – especially with PRI back in power.  My guess is what this means is that the government, at Obama’s behest, is now decisively favoring the Sinaloa cartel.  Because, they are so “reasonable.”

These cartel types love to prey on the innocent, especially migrants who are essentially defenseless. There have been numerous massacres of migrants, probably for refusing to either carry drugs for the cartels (especially the Zetas) or surrendering their daughters to lives of drug-addicted prostitution.  It’s hell on earth.  As one priest notes:

For the group most terrorized by Trevino Morales, Central American migrants who were kidnapped, beaten and extorted by the tens of thousands, the arrest “will certainly be a relief,” said the Rev. Alejandro Solalinde. The Roman Catholic priest runs a migrant shelter in the state of Oaxaca and has spent much of the last decade living under death threats from the Zetas.

“This was a blow, but it’s only skin deep,” Solalinde said.  “The Zetas operate in almost 20 states of Mexico. They have a lot of public servants on their payroll, a lot of police.” [And the anti-Catholic PRI – “Institutional Revolutionary Party” – has always been tight with the cartels. This arrest almost certainly is intended to benefit the Sinaloa cartel]

Solalinde said that in southern Mexico, the Zetas have used their ties in Honduras and Guatemala, where they also ship cocaine and grow opium, to recruit street gang members to kidnap and kill Central American migrants in Mexico.

The Zetas forcibly recruit some migrants, kill those who won’t join and increasingly kidnap young girls, who are forced into prostitution at Zeta-run bars or are made to distribute Zeta drugs.

“We’re talking about human trafficking, organ trafficking, kidnappings, forced recruitment, everything,” Solalinde said.

Poor Mexico!  Once perhaps the most thoroughly Catholic country in the world, now prostrate, broken, largely bereft of Faith.  The Church is broken, as well, but much of that has been self-inflicted due to embrace of progressive ideals in the past 50 years. But the unrelenting war the French Revolution inspired governments of Mexico waged against the Church for 150 years or more played a huge part in driving the Church from the lives of Mexicans. And now they are reaping the hideous fruit of that radical secularism.

God forbid such ever happen here, but if we keep heading in the direction we’ve been on, it will.


1. TG - July 17, 2013

Our Lady of Guadalupe, pray for Mexico. I’ve telling everyone that Mexico has lost her soul. It makes me sad because my maternal grandparents fled Mexico during the Mexican Revolution and came to Texas. There were no good guys during that war. The government troops and the rebels would both kill people and rape their women. I remember my mother saying that young girls were hidden by their parents to protect them from both the soldiers and rebels. I wish I had known about the Cristeros war before my parents passed so I could have found out more about it. I know my mother’s family was very devout Catholic from the state of Guanajuato so I’d like to think some of my relatives might have been Cristeros.

2. Elizabeth - July 18, 2013

I read some other blogger use the phrase ‘homosexual pretend-marriage’. I liked it as soon as I read it. Short and to the point. And it says it all.

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