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Immediate result of Texas abortion law – Planned Barrenhood closing three clinics July 18, 2013

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And one of those clinics performs abortions  – Abby Johnson’s former mill, the one that started the whole 40 Day for Life Campaign. I’m certain the 40 Day for Life campaign’s presence had a huge impact.  Gov. Rick Perry signed the pro-life bill passes last Saturday today, and Planned Barrenhood immediately closed 3 clinics.

Because they care so much about women – at least, until their mills start to lose money, then they shut them down immediately. Why not run them at a loss, if you care so much, Cecile? If this is really about “caring for women’s health” (which means nothing more than attacking the very heart of feminity – motherhood), then why do you shut down clinics the moment their economic prospects take a downturn?  What do you do with all that $350 million in federal money you get every year?  Besides serving as yet another government-funded wing of leftist sexular pagan agitprop.

Well, here is at least one immediate, positive result of the bill:

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast announced the facilities, located in Bryan, Huntsville and Lufkin, will be closing at the end of August. Each of them provided health and family planning services including cancer screenings and pregnancy, HIV and STD testing. Only the facility in Bryan performed abortions. [Well, that all sounds nice, but the vast, vast majority of what they do is give abortion referrals and hand out contraception paid for by you and me]

“Deplorably, the combined impact of years of budget cuts to women’s health care services and the dismantling of the successful Women’s Health Program will take affordable, preventive health care options away from women in Bryan, Lufkin and Huntsville — just as these policies have taken health care away from an estimated 130,000 others — when Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast is forced to close these family planning health centers at the end of August,” said Melaney A. Linton, president of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, in a statement. [This statement, like everything from Planned Barrenhood, is a monstrous lie. Yes, women are denied all of three facilities that participate in the Women’s Health Program (a misbegotten program, anyways, its prime purpose is also handing out “free” contraception), out of 11,000.  These policies haven’t taken “health care” away from anyone, unless you define health care down to being about nothing but the female crotch, which the sexular pagans do.  All these programs have done is to make contraception dispensing services, which also had a very few ancillary functions, very slightly less available.]

Hours before the announcement, Gov. Rick Perry signed into law a package of strict abortion measures that include banning abortions after 20 weeks of gestation, requiring abortion clinics meet ambulatory surgical standards and requiring doctors who perform pill-induced or surgical abortions have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic.

Critics of the bill, including Planned Parenthood, have said the law will greatly restrict access to abortion in Texas, specifically for poor women living near the border or in West Texas. Critics warn the regulations in the bill could force all but five abortion clinics to close.

Waaaah! Killing babies will be more difficult! How terrible!

There are many things I doubt I will live to see. I doubt I will live to see a strong, vigorous Church in this country, along the lines of the Church in France in the 13th century (or parts of the 19th, for that matter). I doubt I will see abortion ended in my lifetime in this country.  But I do hold out a pious hope that Planned Barrenhood will cease to exist in the years I have left.  The trends are very against them. But they have a most powerful, evil ally in their corner.

Let us pray.

Wherein I finally disagree with Michael Voris -this is NOT the time for Vatican III – UPDATED! July 18, 2013

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There is little question that Michael Voris and I agree on almost everything regarding the Church, the world, the crisis in the Faith, and just about every other subject I can think of.  But I’ve got to disagree with him in the video below, where he calls for a new ecumenical council, a “Vatican III,” to address the crisis in the Faith. It is Michael’s pious hope that the forces of tradition and orthodox belief regarding the Faith could be victorious at this future council, and all the terrible confusion, error, heresy, apostasy, dissent, and abuse in the Church would finally, definitively be put to an end.

I haven’t got much time to write today, but I have to disagree.  Michael notes that faithful Catholics are out-numbered by modernists, progressives, radicals, homosexuals, etc, in the Church.  But he seems to think the outnumbering is not so bad, that orthodox elements in the Church could rally their efforts and come out on top in a near-future ecumenical council.

I’m sorry, but I just cannot agree with this.  The orthodox elements of the Faith are outnumbered, among all the souls in the Church, probably something like 99:1. Maybe I’m being a bit negative, maybe it’s not quite so bad in Africa and a few other places – but then again, the modernism and faithlessness is far worse in much of Latin America and Europe than it is here.  Among heads of religious orders and bishops, who would actually vote at the Council, and especially theologians, who would advise at the Council, the bias is quite possibly even higher. How many truly traditional bishops are there?  How many in the episcopate have ever even been exposed to traditional theology?  How many really understand the Summa, or are familiar with the Church Fathers in great depth?  I can tell you, that in nation after nation, it is almost universally the most liberal, the most heterodox bishops who have the most influence. They would control who was nominated to generate the draft documents, which subjects were discussed, and  the whole agenda.  It would take a miracle for the traditional/orthodox side to even set some limits on heterodox excesses, let alone control the agenda and undo all the sources of crisis in the Church.

No, I’m afraid, now is just about the worst possible time to call a council.  Perhaps Michael is much more virtuous than I, but my hope for such a council would be minimal, and my fear great.  I think the best thing we can hope and pray for is that a council is NOT called at least for another 100 years or so, until the nascent traditional movement can actually be on a footing to compete, on at least something approaching equality, in terms of numbers and influence. In my heart of hearts, I fear……I KNOW……..that if a new ecumenical council is called, it will be Katie bar the door. It would take an enormous miracle for such a council to arrive at any end save for one which the most progressive elements would love.  The Kungs, McBriens, Gaillardetz, Kicanas, and Dolans of the Church are in total control.  Only the Holy Spirit could prevent complete, total calamity.

Please, let us recover from the most recent council, let these many near fatal wounds heal, before we get over-confident and try to “fix” things with a new one.

UPDATE: A few more comments, now that I have time. This was originally in response to a commenter, so you’ll see the same below:

A Council can be quite short of openly proclaiming heresy, while still unleashing unknown and uncontrollable forces on the Church. I have seen some of the attempts at theological thinking by some of our leading prelates, at least in this country (but also a few others), and the results are frequently not just imprudent but downright embarrassing. Enormous damage could be done even if the Council is safeguarded from heresy by the Holy Ghost, which it would be. The problem with Vatican II is ambiguity, it’s openness to modernist interpretations. That is where much of the revolution in the Church has come from. That’s not to say the Council is not valid nor that it taught error – I am certainly not one to make that claim, and even if I did (which I won’t) it would be meaningless, because I have no authority to do anything about it – but merely by using fuzzy language and, in its promotion both within and without the Church, letting the idea run rampant that the Council had changed things substantially (the substance of the Faith), we could see an entirely new crisis.  I see nothing either in the doctrinal integrity of those who would make up the proposed council, or in the ability of the Vatican to promote an orthodox message and overcome all the heterodox sources of information out there (traditional media, blogs, badly formed clergy, wayward religious, the culture itself, etc., etc).

No, for now, I pray we do the hard work of individual catachesis and re-forming souls in the traditional practice of the Faith. The Church has been trying “big program” solutions from the top-down for decades now, and none have worked. In fact, they have done a great deal of damage. I fear Michael is falling into the trap of “we have a massive problem, we need some great big program/effort/event at the top of the Church to clean house and rid us of the filth and error!”  But who is going to do the cleaning? The filth?  It’s a great temptation, to want to see all our concerns addressed at one fell swoop by some great action by the Pope/council. But it’s not going to happen. The heterodox, the progressive, would dominate, and we’ll be in a much worse place than we are today.

Enjoy this performance of Pie Jesu July 18, 2013

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A beautiful, glorious traditional hymn. A perfect filler for a day when I cannot do my normal posting.

Thanks to reader D for the link.  As he said, I wonder if the singers know what these amazing words mean in English.  How many in the audience know what a powerful prayer was sung to them?

This had perfect timing, as good Fr. Gordon offered a Requiem Mass for all the souls of those who have departed last night.

I do love this hymn.

The lyrics:

Pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu
Qui tollis peccata mundi
Dona eis requiem, dona eis requiem
Pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu, pie Jesu
Qui tollis peccata mundi
Dona eis requiem, dona eis requiem
Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei, Agnus Dei
Qui tollis peccata mundi
Dona eis requiem, dona eis requiem

Merciful Jesus, merciful Jesus, merciful Jesus, merciful Jesus
Who takes away the sins of the world
Grant them rest, grant them rest
Merciful Jesus, merciful Jesus, merciful Jesus, merciful Jesus
Who takes away the sins of the world
Grant them rest, grant them rest
Lamb of God, Lamb of God, Lamb of God, Lamb of God
Who takes away the sins of the world
Grant them rest, grant them rest
Everlasting Rest

Please pray for my friend/pro-life stalwart Elizabeth Muzyka July 18, 2013

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Many local readers will know the Muzyka family.  Elizabeth Muzyka, pro-life stalwart, faithful Catholic, and mother of 5, was involved in a severe automobile accident recently.  It is a miracle she survived – the car looks like crumpled aluminum foil. She has broken ribs, a ruptured lung, and aome other wounds and abrasions.  Amazingly, but so characteristic for her, she is offering up all her sufferings for the good of Holy Matrimony and the end of abortion.

Would you please, in your charity, say a prayer for Elizabeth, perhaps also recommending her sufferings to the Lord for the strengthening of the gift of marriage and for the end of abortion?  Perhaps you have a list of sick people you pray for – please consider adding her to your list. She is a very dear woman and she and her husband played a significant role in my true conversion and catching fire in the Faith. Both Danny and Elizabeth volunteer extensively in local parishes leading catachesis and apologetics classes.

Thank you!

Dominus vobiscum!

You may want to get that organ donor opt-out card…… July 18, 2013

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……and fill it out.  Thanks to reader JB, who sent this along.  The organ transplant business has, through misplaced compassion, excessive zeal, and certainly a very strong financial motive, gone well beyond what is reasonable in terms of trying to harvest organs from still living people. The “default setting” in more and more states is becoming, if you haven’t specifically said you don’t want your organs donated, they will try to take them if you are in the state of fake-death.  Fake-death being anything from breathing on your own, with your heart beating away, and even some neurological reactions, but declared “brain dead.”  They can’t take most vital organs from a truly dead person:

The Harvard Committee faced a quandary. The medical community needed fresh human organs for transplantation purposes. Where could they obtain such healthy organs? Obviously, one could not get healthy organs from a corpse. The only alternative was to redefine death to include human beings who were very ill but not “quite” dead. As with the Burns’ case, the final decision to define a potential donor as “dead” or “brain dead” belonged to the attending physician. If he said you were dead, you were legally dead, even though you were in fact alive by all traditional standards.

This is how the transplant industry which is fueled by profit motives and false propaganda got a new enlarged supply of potential donors including teenagers.

Today, every state has Declaration of Death Statutes that serve as transplant regulations and laws, which recognize the lie of “brain death,” as true criteria for death.

Then there other laws like the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act (UAGA) that has been passed in 45 states. The UAGA presumes that everyone intends to be an organ donor and has consented to everything that can be done, even if harmful, to get the organs. A Living Will can be overridden to get vital organs for transplantations.

Most Americans do not understand how the procurement system for obtaining fresh vital organs from living human beings actually works.

They do not understand that Federal laws mandate that doctors and hospital staff alert organ donor agencies when a brain-injured patient on a ventilator has arrived at the hospital. All the patient’s personal medical records are sent to the Organ Procurement Organization (OPO). No permission or consent is needed from the potential donor or any relative. All the information is in the hands of government officials who are in league with the organ transplant industry………

……..If you do not have a vital donor organ opt-out card,* perhaps the Burns Case will motivate you to get one and keep it on your person along with your SS card and driver’s license. The life you save may be your own.

*Opt Out Cards can be obtained by contacting Life Guardian Foundation

This is something we should really be hearing from the Church, how this organ donation business is based on hacking up still living people to get hearts, livers, etc into others.  To date, I have only heard one priest really address this big subject, and the need to opt-out individually, and insure that family members have opted out.  But this is something all bishops and priests should address, because hundreds or thousands of people a year have their organs harvested while still alive.  The transplant business is, in many ways, immoral, and predicated on a totally false definition of “death.”

How long before the organ tranplant and euthanasia movements merge, and depressed people, etc., are encouraged to die by organ transplantation?

Sorry I can’t write more, I’m trying to throw a few posts out in the very limited time I have today!