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Immediate result of Texas abortion law – Planned Barrenhood closing three clinics July 18, 2013

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And one of those clinics performs abortions  – Abby Johnson’s former mill, the one that started the whole 40 Day for Life Campaign. I’m certain the 40 Day for Life campaign’s presence had a huge impact.  Gov. Rick Perry signed the pro-life bill passes last Saturday today, and Planned Barrenhood immediately closed 3 clinics.

Because they care so much about women – at least, until their mills start to lose money, then they shut them down immediately. Why not run them at a loss, if you care so much, Cecile? If this is really about “caring for women’s health” (which means nothing more than attacking the very heart of feminity – motherhood), then why do you shut down clinics the moment their economic prospects take a downturn?  What do you do with all that $350 million in federal money you get every year?  Besides serving as yet another government-funded wing of leftist sexular pagan agitprop.

Well, here is at least one immediate, positive result of the bill:

Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast announced the facilities, located in Bryan, Huntsville and Lufkin, will be closing at the end of August. Each of them provided health and family planning services including cancer screenings and pregnancy, HIV and STD testing. Only the facility in Bryan performed abortions. [Well, that all sounds nice, but the vast, vast majority of what they do is give abortion referrals and hand out contraception paid for by you and me]

“Deplorably, the combined impact of years of budget cuts to women’s health care services and the dismantling of the successful Women’s Health Program will take affordable, preventive health care options away from women in Bryan, Lufkin and Huntsville — just as these policies have taken health care away from an estimated 130,000 others — when Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast is forced to close these family planning health centers at the end of August,” said Melaney A. Linton, president of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, in a statement. [This statement, like everything from Planned Barrenhood, is a monstrous lie. Yes, women are denied all of three facilities that participate in the Women’s Health Program (a misbegotten program, anyways, its prime purpose is also handing out “free” contraception), out of 11,000.  These policies haven’t taken “health care” away from anyone, unless you define health care down to being about nothing but the female crotch, which the sexular pagans do.  All these programs have done is to make contraception dispensing services, which also had a very few ancillary functions, very slightly less available.]

Hours before the announcement, Gov. Rick Perry signed into law a package of strict abortion measures that include banning abortions after 20 weeks of gestation, requiring abortion clinics meet ambulatory surgical standards and requiring doctors who perform pill-induced or surgical abortions have admitting privileges to a hospital within 30 miles of the clinic.

Critics of the bill, including Planned Parenthood, have said the law will greatly restrict access to abortion in Texas, specifically for poor women living near the border or in West Texas. Critics warn the regulations in the bill could force all but five abortion clinics to close.

Waaaah! Killing babies will be more difficult! How terrible!

There are many things I doubt I will live to see. I doubt I will live to see a strong, vigorous Church in this country, along the lines of the Church in France in the 13th century (or parts of the 19th, for that matter). I doubt I will see abortion ended in my lifetime in this country.  But I do hold out a pious hope that Planned Barrenhood will cease to exist in the years I have left.  The trends are very against them. But they have a most powerful, evil ally in their corner.

Let us pray.


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Thank God!

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