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Congratulations to the FSSP! July 19, 2013

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Today is the 25th anniversary of the formal founding of the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter–  Fraternetie Sacerdotalis Sancte Petri! Yay!

On June 30, 1988, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the leader of the Society of St. Pius X, and his associate, Bishop Antonio de Castro Meyer, consecrated four bishops in defiance of the wishes of Pope John Paul II.

While Archbishop Lefebvre’s desire to preserve the traditional Latin Mass amidst the onslaught of liturgical abuses was shared by Father Josef Bisig, an SSPX priest at the time, there was sharp disagreement on the method of preservation. Father Bisig did not think acting against a papal command was the right way to bring this about.

Two days after the illicit consecrations, Father Bisig, a native of Switzerland, along with 11 other priests and about 20 seminarians, announced their departure from the SSPX. They wanted to continue their adherence to the traditional Latin liturgy, but not outside the realm of obedience to the Holy Father.

In their Declaration of Intention by the Founders, dated July 2, 1988, the former members of the SSPX stated their “profound regret over the illicit consecration of bishops” and also made clear their goal: to live as a religious society in the Catholic Church and to place themselves at its service, under the authority of the pope.

This goal was made possible on July 18, 1988, when the former SSPX members founded the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) with the strong support of the then-president of the pontifical commission Ecclesia Dei, Cardinal Paul Mayer.

Exactly three months later, on Oct. 18, 1988, the same commission, with the explicit approval of Blessed Pope John Paul II, established the FSSP as a society of apostolic life. The group’s name was chosen to express filial devotion to the successor of Peter, the rock on whom the Church is built.

Father Bisig was the FSSP’s first superior general, a position he held until 2000.  [Until he was forced out by the Vatican.  FSSP has not had an entirely smooth 25 year history.  It’s sort of a long story.  There was also an expectation that the FSSP would be headed by a bishop promoted from their ranks; that also, has not occurred.]   During his tenure, he continually made clear the importance of remaining true to liturgical traditions, while at the same time being obedient to ecclesiastical authority. [I think it safe to say that Fr. Bissig has suffered for that obedience. God bless him.]

“The Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter serves the faithful by retaining Latin liturgical traditions, the Church’s source of continuity. This is done, not out of nostalgia or a reactionary disposition, but out of humility,” Father Bisig told the Register. “At the same time, we are called to live joyfully under the paternal authority of the successor of St. Peter. This is done out of humility as well.”

—————End Quote—————

Ad multos annos!


1. Steve - July 20, 2013

I hope and pray that Mater Dei parish grows to such an extent that our diocese would call upon the FSSP to establish another parish in the Dallas area.

Either that, or after having been shown that our diocese is blessed with many Faithful who love and hunger for Holy Tradition, the Dallas Diocese would call upon this or that Traditional Catholic group to establish a parish.

2. Woody - July 20, 2013

May God bless each and every one these priests. And thank you, Tantum, for bringing this to our attention.

3. skeinster - July 20, 2013

I think we will eventually grow to the point of ridiculousness and your prayer will be answered.
I think we were the first U.S. apostolate of the F.S.S.P.
Hard to believe the time has gone so fast. I will be always grateful to them for making the Mass I had only read about available.
May God bless and prosper them.

4. Steve - July 20, 2013

Skeinster, that you for your uplifting response that has given me hope and joy.

I wonder if the following is likely:

In place of our diocese establishing an additional Traditional parish (or parishes), perhaps the decision would be to simply establish Traditional Roman Masses (and the Traditional Catholic life that one encounters at Traditional parishes) at existing Dallas parishes.

Holy Mother Church recognizes our right as (Latin) Catholics to worship God via the Traditional Roman Mass (and to experience everything that goes with the Traditional Catholic life).

Therefore, why not simply offer the Traditional Roman Mass at Dallas parishes?

Woody - July 20, 2013

Run it by the bishop. He, like many, many pastors, loathe theTLM. Under the guise of “don’t want competition between masses” will never allow the TLM outside of Mater Dei. And besides, don’t you realize that the official language of the Roman Catholic Church is a dead language? Better we have priests that speak Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Mandarin, Polish, etc.

5. Steve - July 21, 2013

I believe that in time, the tremendous growth of Mater Dei will force the diocese to either establish a second Traditional parish or offer Traditional Roman Masses (and allow for the fullness of Traditional Latin Church life) at existing parishes.

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