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Did Pope Francis promote a member of the homosexual lobby to a high position? July 19, 2013

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Rorate Caeli has translated an article from what is, to my money, the best “Vaticanista” in the Italian press, Sandro Magister, which claims that Pope Francis may have been tricked into promoting one of the most notorious members of the homosexual lobby in the Church to the head of the Institute of Religious Works, IOR. IOR is also known as the Vatican Bank, and it has been badly scandal ridden for years, being accused as a source of money laundering for all kinds of nefarious activities, among other bad things.

The report is extremely specific, detailing very sinful activities of Monsignor Battista Ricca, which, if true, would be almost unbelievably scandalous.  The Vatican has already pushed back, claiming the report erroneous and further claiming the Pope intends to maintain Ricca in his position.  But L’Espresso, one of the top Italian dailies, claims they have the evidence to support their claims, including reports of how Msgr. Ricca’s boyfriend followed him from Switzerland to Uruguay, and how Ricca was noted by Uruguayan police as being a very frequent denizen of a notorious homosexual hangout in Montevideo.  Among other things.

We’ll see what develops.



1. Woody - July 19, 2013

Oh my gosh! A homosexual priest in the Vatican? I am sending the Pope a box of soap-on-a-rope. That should protect him.

2. james jordan - July 20, 2013

When the pope said “There is a homosexual lobby in the Vatican. We’ll see what we can do ABOUT it” I knew by “about” he did not mean “against” but rather “in favor of.”

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5. Dymphna - July 24, 2013

Oh Lord have mercy!

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