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Catholic Relief Services receives 2/3 of funding from radical pro-abort government agency July 22, 2013

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There are a number of interesting reactions to last week’s news (which I am unable to link, due to ongoing blog problems) that Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is funding a pro-abort group to the tune of $2.8 million a year.  But buried in these reactions below (see here: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/heads-should-roll-pro-life-leaders-react-to-u.s.-bishops-agencys-funding-of) is a factoid that is stunning. Two-thirds of CRS’ funding comes from one federal agency (just as Catholic Charities receives well over 90% from the Feds, and the Feds do not give our money away cheaply) – the US Agency for International Development. Begun with good intentions, USAID fell victim to the sexular pagan agenda over 40 years ago, and began using the carrot of US aid in trying to force numerous countries to adopt the sexular pagan agenda of sexual libertinism, contraception, abortion, and over-arching “population control.” As Steve Mosher of the Population Research Institute (a great group!) notes, it is impossible for CRS to have been funded by USAID for decades, and not to share that agency’s misanthropic, amoral agenda:

Pro-life leaders are expressing outrage after LifeSiteNews.com revealed Thursday that the U.S. Bishops’ foreign relief agency is funding a leading abortion-marketing firm.

Catholic Relief Services is distributing a two-year $2.7 million grant to Population Services International (PSI), which networks and trains local providers throughout the developing world to offer “safe abortion.”

“Somebody has to get fired over this,” said Austin Ruse, president of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute (C-FAM). “We fight groups like PSI all over the world and now we find our own church funds them. It’s disgusting and for one I am bone-weary of these types of revelations. Heads should roll.”

Fr. Shenan Boquet, president of Human Life International, said he finds it “incomprehensible” that an organization like PSI was deemed worthy of Catholic funds.

PSI’s “primary mission has always been to promote contraception, abortifacient drugs, condoms, and even surgical abortion,” he said. “Like many other population control groups in the mid-1990s, they started to rebrand their mission as being about ‘health’, using more positive language and adding malaria-prevention programs to their portfolio. But this should not confuse anyone as to their purpose.”

Judie Brown, president of American Life League, said the news was “not surprising.” “Catholic Relief Services has historically been advocates, although not publicly – behind the scenes – advocates of population control in the Third World,” she charged.

Brown’s point was echoed by Steven Mosher, president of the Population Research Institute, who said CRS implicates itself in population control by the very fact that it receives over two thirds of its funding from USAID.

“CRS knows very well what the principal purpose of USAID is. And it tries to, in various ways, to massage that purpose, and avoid being implicated in the purpose of population control,” he said. “As far as I’m concerned, they know who’s paying their salaries, and that’s why the money goes to CARE, that’s why the money goes to PSI, that’s why the money goes back and forth to other population control agencies, because that’s what their masters in the federal government demand of them.”

“This is not an agency of the institutional Catholic Church. This is a separate aid agency, which, because it receives two thirds of its funding from the U.S. government, is Catholic in name only,” he added. “No man can serve two masters.”

There is always a price to pay for federal funding. With both CRS and Catholic Charities, that price is at least tacit – and I think it goes much further than that – acceptance of the socialist, sexularist pagan agenda. CCHD is just a more obvious example. But drilling down into how monies are doled out at all these charities reveal massive problems! 

What a tangled web!  The Feds fund CRS, which funds CARE and other groups, which back-feed money to CRS, and the wheel goes round and round with revolving staff positions filled by all the same kinds of people. Yesterday’s radical ACORN activist like Ralph McCloud is today’s head of CCHD and tomorrow’s head of International Planned Barrenhood. As long as the “little people” bible-humping in the pew don’t pay much attention, the sexular agenda continues to advance and these NGO activists get very, very well paid. And the Church becomes a little smaller, and increasingly just another NGO, something both the current and former Popes have warned against.

The question is, what are you going to do about it?  As Judie Brown notes later in the piece linked above, CRS, like CCHD, needs to be abolished and a new international relief agency – not dependent on government funding with all its attendant requirements to be utterly obiescent to the sexular pagan agenda – stood up in its place.

Will you give money to CRS, ever again?  Would you, very charitably and with great respect, send a note to your local ordinary stressing the numerous problems with CRS and your inability, in conscience, to support them ever again?

Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark July 22, 2013

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There will be Novus Ordo Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark in Plano at 7pm.  I plan to do a post about the desire some have expressed for Latin Mass in the north deanery of the Diocese (which would include Plano, Allen McKinney, etc). Suffice it to say, attendance at the Novus Ordo Latin Mass at St. Mark has not been very high.  It has been sufficiently low that its future is in doubt.  Even though a Novus Ordo Mass may not be what you prefer, still, should this Mass indicate a high level of interest, it will make it more likely that similar Masses would be made available in the future.  Conversely, continued low attendance, and possible cancellation, would probably indicate to Bishop Farrell, Msgr. Bradley, and other responsible parties that there is insufficient interest to make the effort to offer Latin Mass.

I’m not trying to pressure anyone, I’m simply laying out the facts.  If you desire more Latin Mass in the area, there is a great opportunity to demonstrate that interest tonight, or on any coming Monday night.


I think I saw a murder today…. July 22, 2013

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…..I was at the store earlier today, and I saw a murder.  Or a very possible one.  No, there was no gun play, nor a blood-drenched machete, or anything that dramatic. It was, in fact, perfectly, horribly banal.  It was a man at a counter at a pharmacy, asking for something, which I could not heat.  But I did hear the response from the pharmacy tech: “All we have is Plan B.”  And, the man bought it and was on his way. 

This guy looked like a grandfather. I’m sure he was at least in his late 60s, if not older.  He did not look like the type who would avail himself of “emergency contraception.”  He had an enormous pot-belly, and was not nicely dressed, so, my mind was having a hard time comprehending how this grandfatherly looking man in shorts and a frumpled T-shirt would have a personal need for such a product. Perhaps I did not hear correctly.  So I asked the lady at the counter – “Was that Plan B?”  And she said it was, and that it was for……..you know. 

I sat there kind of stunned for a moment, as the purchaser and the product seemed so completely out of place. I said several prayers for his conversion, and then I thought I must go find him and speak to him.  I could see he was just leaving the store.  For better or worse, I had another moment’s indecision, and by the time I went outside to find him (I did not relish the prospects of this confrontation), he was gone. 

I have not been able to get this purchase out of my mind.  Why would a  70 year old man buy an abortifacient drug?  Could he be the responsible party?  I doubt it.  For a daughter?  Maybe. For a granddaughter?  Parish the thought, but that is probably the most likely alternative.  Why would a grown daughter not just get it herself?  There are of course explanations for that, but I surmise the probabilities fall on this man buying the drug for an underage grand-daughter.

What a tragedy!  Does this man know that this “emergency contraception” will kill any fertilized egg, implanted or not?  Does he know he could be party to the murder of his own grand- or great-grand-child? Would he care?  Is it more important for this person not to have their life “ruined,” career plans upset, college plans deferred, or whatever, than to face the possibility of an “untimely” child-birth?

Is this man wracked by a moral dilemna, or is the matter completely clear to him? He didn’t look happy to be there, but I don’t know how indicative that little time I saw him was of his inner state.

How banal murder can be today!  Murder can come in a little colorful box, with edgy, youth-oriented text.  It comes surrounded by a vast bodyguard of lies, lies that destroy nascent lives and, even moreso, immortal souls.  It comes for $20, over the counter, no prescription required. It comes so conveniently, so easily, so dispassionately, that millions have, and will, avail themselves of this form of murder they think is secret. Do they forget that there are no secrets from God? Do they forget they will have to answer their Supreme Judge some day for this act of convenience, panic, or blase indifference?  Or is “their god” a “god” that would never judge someone so “good” as they are?  How do these people define good?  Does thoughts of life or God even enter into their calculations, especially at this very early state, just the morning after a thoughtless, slatternly fling?

How do we reach people, when an abortion can be procured mere hours after the act which may have precipitated it?  This abortion pill is so morally corrosive – those taking it have no idea whether they are pregnant, or not, and thus have the easy moral suasion of assuming they are not, and that they are simply taking a preventitive act.  But, even assuming they are not pregnant, what of the effect on the female body from taking enormous doses of very powerful, carcinogenic hormones, often at a very young age? Will there be yet another explosion in the rates of breast and other forms of cancer as a result of these “safe, legal, and rare” pharmaceuticals?  How many young, careless, morally weak women may wind up taking dozens such doses over the years?

It seems so many of the “advances” made in our modern, fallen culture are oriented towards making sin so much easier and painless. Even capital sins, like taking another’s life. So many people are so far from God – and yet at the same time, invincibly convinced they are so very, very “good” – how do we reach them?  If I had approached that man, and told the pills in that box could very well murder his grandchild, he probably would have thought I was a loony.  So, even as we make ground with some limitations on surgical abortion, other more invidious and even more difficult to intercept or counteract means emerge.  If we did not have supernatural hope, it would be depressing.

Posting may be light/non-existent today July 22, 2013

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I am having huge technical issues today. I was only able to sneak this post in through the backdoor. And even that has been a huge pain.

Sorry, posting may be very light for a while.