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Marriage is over – Federal judge declares Ohio law on marriage unconstitutional against homosexuals July 23, 2013

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With the Supreme Court ruling by – fully Catholic and totally episcopally approved! – Justice Anthony Kennedy, which found the federal defense of marriage act unconstitutional, a federal judge has thrown out the Ohio law defining marriage as between a man and a woman.  Folks, it will not be 3 years before every such law or constitutional amendment enacted by states is declared federally unconstitutional and thrown out.  State recognition of sodomite pretend marriage will be the law of this lawless land in all the 50 states by that point in time.  We’re finished.

A federal judge Monday granted a same-sex couple’s request to be listed as married on a death certificate opening the door for other couples to challenge Ohio’s ban on gay marriage…….

……In a 15-page ruling, Judge Timothy Black wrote “this is not a complicated case.” Black cited the U.S. Supreme Court decision and wrote “By treating lawfull same sex marriages differently than it treats lawful opposite sex marriages, Ohio law, as applied to these plaintiffs, likely violates the United States Constitution which guarantees that “No State shall make or enforce any lawy which shall… deny to any person within its jurisdiction equal protection of the laws.”

We don’t live in anything approaching a democracy. We live in a corporatist oligarchy where certain elites – sometimes collectively, sometimes individually – determine whatever goes, even things so fundamental as what constitutes marriage. One man – “catholic” Anthony Kennedy – got to single-handedly decide the fate of marriage in this country. He decided wrongly.  If ever a soul merited excommunication, is it not him?

I’m so biting my tongue about why the Church even bothers to maintain excommunications on the books.

Good grief.


1. Christopher Ekstrom - July 24, 2013

The official Church is a decadent shell; do not bite your tongue on the Truth. A homosexual clique &/or satanic influence is at work. That is evident. I am told that Kennedy excommunicated himself & on Judgement Day (not too far off for him!!) his black robes won’t be adequate to hide behind. He & Judas Roberts are NOT Roman Catholics or loyal United States citizens. They are domestic enemies of the US Constitutions & traitors.

2. Frank - July 24, 2013

Someone wrote that no one, at any time, has the power to change the laws of nature since they are made by God, They can only violate them. Thus, this new “law” actually is not a law at all. It is a violation of the law given to us by God.

3. Margretto - July 24, 2013

We are NOT a democracy we are or should I say we were a republic. Fulton Sheen spoke of “democracy”, that it was the communists who spoke of democracy!

tantamergo - July 24, 2013

Granted, but most Americans think we are a democracy, and make a fetish of “democracy” and democratic action.

That’s what I was referring to.

4. Don Schenk - July 24, 2013

So now we’ve finally come to the point when liberal judges strike down Constitutions as “unconstitutional”. We’ve replaced the rule of law with the rule of liberals.

tantamergo - July 24, 2013

It’s an oligarchy!

5. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - July 25, 2013

What more reason do we need to separate ourselves from this damned Union?

tantamergo - July 25, 2013

Have you read “Liberty: The God that failed” by Christopher Ferrara? I’m just finally starting it, it’s been in my queue for months.

Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - July 25, 2013

I am not familiar with that title. I’d recommend to you, “Line in the Sand” by Daniel Miller. It’s a Texians’ call to action. It can be found here: http://texnat.org/intro-to-tnm/read-the-book

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