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Some actions to consider, if you want more Latin Mass July 23, 2013

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My recent posts on Latin Mass in the Diocese of Dallas have attracted a good amount of comment. I’m glad for that, one of the purposes of this blog is to help generate interest in the Traditional practice of the Faith.  Early on, the purpose of this blog was to complain about bad things happening in the Diocese, and to point them out.  And, I think I still do a great deal of, if not complaining, at least pointing up deficiencies and areas for improvement. Big_Greater Boston But a friend recently suggested to me some actions that could be taken to help make more Latin Mass – especially Traditional Latin Mass – a reality in the Diocese.  Certainly, there are times to raise certain complaints over perceived or real opposition to every Catholic’s right, under Summorum Pontificum and the documents of Vatican II, to a reverent, orthodox, Holy Mass offered in Latin.  But while complaining may make us feel better, I don’t know that, in my experience, they have been very efficacious of change.  So following are some suggestions to help bring Latin Mass about.

A really good place to start would be to create and operate a chapter of Una Voce International in the Diocese. Una Voce is the official, Vatican-recognized and approved international group for the support, maintenance, and even evangelization of Latin in the Mass. I tried to get a group started some time back, before I attended Mater Dei, but it didn’t really take off.  There are chapters around the country, including one in Houston.  Una Voce has helped organize major TLMs in Rome, and has spurred the availability of the TLM around the world.  Getting a formal, organized group to lobby on behalf of all those interested in the Traditional Mass would be a huge step towards seeing the TLM more available throughout the Diocese.

Red_tyniec-abbot.jpgA suggestion my friend and reader MFG made was to start up a “Sacred Liturgy Society” or group at your local parish.  Such a group could certainly also lobby for more Latin Masses, while also forming a “stable,” recognized group, one of the requirements under Summorum Pontificum and Universae Ecclesiae for Traditional Masses to be made available. Even if Latin Mass is not available, such a group could learn some liturgical Latin, bring in liturgical experts for talks, learn Gregorian Chant from some of the always eager to share Chant officianados in the Diocese (see Kenton Kravig at St. Mark), or even go on “field trips” to various parishes offering Latin Mass.  This could even encompass efforts to help improve sacred art and architecture – all of which helps support a traditional practice of the Mass.

As an aside, the Latin Rosary effort at St. Michael’s in McKinney is an example of small steps that can be taken to help re-familiarize mainstream Catholics with Latin and increase the numbers of those interested in Latin Mass.  And it’s on Monday, too!Red_Domincan Rite_NLM

Other ideas are to assist at Mater Dei regularly, at least monthly.  Even if it’s far, there are many families who drive 50, 80 miles or more to assist at Mater Dei at least every Sunday, and often much more frequently than that. There is also Latin Mass every Sunday at St. William in Greenville, and Fr. Weinberger also has nightly Rosary processions for the glorification of Our Lady of Fatima every night.  And, of course, as I already mentioned, there is the Monday night Latin Mass at St. Mark. It may not be ideal, there may have been a scandal in the past, but it is the only Latin Mass between Irving and Greenville!  That Mass is being watched pretty carefully, as is Mater Dei.  I will simply say, the attendance at both does not go unnoticed. More attendance will lead to more of what we desire in the Mass.

I do not mean any of the above to sound chiding.  As I noted at the top, this blog was started as a small means to raise awareness of abuses ongoing in the Diocese, and it may have played a role in getting some things, like ceasing invitations to well known heterodox speakers for Lenten conferences, changed. We as Catholics have a right to let our superiors in the Faith know when things are wrong, or when we desire certain changes to meet our spiritual needs. But I think that raising such concerns only goes so far.  I think the next step is positive action taken to support the cause of liturgical reform. I only made a few suggestions above. I’m sure you can come up with many of your own.  I really think that such efforts can – will – play a crucial role in getting a truly traditional liturgical reform underway in this Diocese.  Actions do speak louder than words.

I also think that, one way or another, we will be seeing more Latin Mass in this Diocese in the coming years.  Large numbers can only be avoided for so long.

Pray for those young priests who have a great desire to learn the glories of the Roman Rite!

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1. Barbara Kralis - July 23, 2013

You must distinguish by saying the Masses at St. Williams at 11:30 a.m. on Sunday only and at St Mark’s on Mon. evening only is the Mass of Pope Paul VI, it is NOT the ancient Latin Mass. Or you could correctly identify these two masses as saying they are the Novus Ordo mass celebrated in Latin. When you say these two masses are Latin Masses, you mislead others.

tantamergo - July 23, 2013

I was addressing general demands for “Latin Mass.” I have made very clear in the past the distinctions, and distinguished between TLM and NO in this post.

But thanks for your usual charitable, edifying comment.

2. L - July 24, 2013

Thanks be to God for Mater Dei, St. Mark and St. William as well. Even though St. mark and St. William are NO Masses in Latin, it is still Latin and it helps the laity become familiar with the language of the Church. Once more of the faithful become exposed to Latin they will become more comfortable with it. Learning basic prayers in Latin and Latin hymns is helpful. Here is a link on hymns every Catholic should know. http://www.stpeterslist.com/7497/glory-of-rome-5-latin-hymns-every-catholic-should-know/

3. Steve - July 24, 2013

How about if Bishop Farrell and our priests
simply obeyed the following Church teachings:

1. Steps should be taken so that the Faithful may also be able to say or to sing together in Latin those parts of the Ordinary of the Mass which pertain to them.

2. The Church acknowledges Gregorian chant as specially suited to the Roman Liturgy: therefore, other things being equal, it should be given pride of place in liturgical services.

I ask our holy bishop and priests in peace and sincerity the folliwing: Why do you refuse to implement the above Church teachings?

Thank you.

tantamergo - July 24, 2013

Look, I don’t disagree with anything you’re saying, but that’s not the reality we face. We face a reality of decades of intensive hostility towards anything Traditional, an antipathy that was formally taught to almost all these men leading our Diocese and many others for decades. They were told and came to rather fervently believe that the “old ways” were bad, destructive, inefficacious of Grace, and definitely not suited for our times. These men have a great deal to overcome.

I’ve said everything you’ve said 50 times on this blog over the past 4 years and 4000 posts. It has not changed much. There is evidence, a lot of it, that says that the laity taking the lead and doing work to re-evangelize the Tradition of the Church, especially regarding the Mass, reaps a great deal of fruit. Now, there are some dioceses where even great, coordinated efforts to evangelize for the TLM and its myriad benefits just meets a stone wall, but that’s increasingly rare. I don’t think it will be the case here.

What I am trying to share is my several years experience in these battles, and the experience gained. We can continue to demand that people change their beliefs suddenly, by fiat, or we can help show them how.

4. Ccirulli - July 24, 2013

Thank you. Well done.
Remember also the Ft Worth TLM:

Ccirulli - July 24, 2013

Something happened to our website.
Mass is at 530p, Sundays, st Mary’s, ft worth, on magnolia st.

tantamergo - July 24, 2013

I know FW is close, and I don’t mean to discount your Mass at St. Mary’s, but it’s still not Dallas, Diocese of. There is also a Mass in Sanger, too. I have not been mentioning either simply because they are not formally in our Diocese, but maybe I should have.

Does that Anglican use parish in Arlington have a Latin Mass? I think they just mix a bit of Latin into their Mass……

5. David - July 24, 2013

I’m thinking about putting a list together of parishes that offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass more reverently than others. This would help particularly for those traveling on vacations throughout the United States. Sure, there is the web site masstimes.org, which will help you find a parish to fulfill your Sunday obligation, but it would be nice to know a little more about a parish prior to attending.

For example, if you are in Houston, I recommend the parish across the street from Minute Maid Park where the TLM is celebrated. There is also Our Lady of Walsingham in Houston. In San Antonio, I recommend Our Lady of the Atonement. In the Arlington (Virginia) area, I recommend old St. Mary’s church near downtown Alexandria.

I was in the Philadelphia area a few years ago where an older priest, Fr. Connolly, from the Diocese of Allentown celebrated Mass by doing the consecration in Latin, much like the way Fr. Paul Weinberger does at St. Williams in Greenville. I was glad I was in attendance that day.

I do have to admit I was pleasantly surprised when a hotel clerk suggested my brother and I attend Mass at the Basilica in Asheville, North Carolina. I didn’t know anything about the parish, just that I needed to go to Mass since it was Sunday.

skeinster - July 24, 2013

Fr. Z’s blog has had several excellent posts on this subject. They’d be a good source for more ideas.
Much as I would like to support other initiatives in the area, like Plano, and McKinney, I can’t drive after dark. So, I’ll just keep on at MD.

skeinster - July 24, 2013

Don’t know why this is under David’s- should just be general.

tantamergo - July 24, 2013

David, that would be great, a really welcome tool. I could contribute a bit to that.

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