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The Pope said……. July 23, 2013

Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, error, foolishness, General Catholic, Interior Life, Papa, sadness, scandals, shocking, Society, the return, Virtue.

I see that Pat Archbold – definitely the more traditional of the two brothers who constitute Creative Minority Report- has expressed some dismay at one of Pope Francis’ utterances. I’ll get to that in a moment, but I have been gathering from more and more orthodox Catholics a distinct unease with Pope Francis, which is tending towards foreboding. I would be lying if I said I did not feel at all this way.  I know I will be tut-tutted for having the slightest doubt, but if you’ve been paying attention, there are a lot of disturbing signs emanating from this papacy.

Arcbhold finds a recent papal statement incredible (I add emphasis and comments):

Sometimes I just don’t get it.  Not being snarky, truly.  I just don’t get it.  Even in the context of a larger and valid point, how can a Pope utter this sentence?

Prayer that doesn’t lead to concrete action toward our brothers is a fruitless and incomplete prayer,” the Pope said July 21.
In the interest of fairness, I will give the full context even though I don’t think it mitigates in any way the clumsiness of this sentence.

In his Sunday Angelus message, Pope Francis told crowds gathered in St. Peter’s Square to unite prayer and action in Christian life, reports Catholic News Agency.

Prayer that doesn’t lead to concrete action toward our brothers is a fruitless and incomplete prayer,” the Pope said July 21. “But at the same time, when ecclesial service only attends to work, not reserving time for dialogue with God in prayer, it risks serving itself rather than God who is present in the brother in need.

Even within the full context, I think that the sentence is simply wrong. [What do you think?]

Prayer is action.  Pure and simple.  There are other forms of action and they can certainly be inspired by prayer, but prayer itself is never fruitless or incomplete in any way for lack of additional action.  Hey, the Pope is human and the Sunday Angelus is certainly not ex Cathedra, but I find it strange that such a sentence could pass the lips of a Pope without immediate correction. [Speaking of, I reported last week that Pope Francis may have inadvertantly – or not – appointed a known member of the homosexual priest’s cabal to a high Vatican position. Rorate is reporting he submitted his resignation.]

I find it most interesting, maybe even providential, that I would find this post from CMR, on this subject, on the same day I posted this!  Does what the Pope said have any relation to that post?  Could it have something to do with emphasizing active, natural virtues to the detriment of passive, supernatural ones?  Is that significant.

This is not the first time this pontiff has stressed active virtues against more passive ones. I do not know why there has to be a dichotomy.  Both are essential for the lives of most souls, and are absolutely essential for the life of the Church. Another former pontiff used a phrase “breathing with both lungs.”  I think it’s apropos in this case – there should be no false dichotomy between those whose lives may emphasize more active virtues, and those who emphasize more passive ones.

Mind, Pope Francis is not saying that we should simply have passive charity towards are neighbor. He is saying prayer must end in concrete action taken for those who are less fortunate; thus, active virtue.  He is saying we still need to pray, but that prayer must end in actual physical acts of charity towards our neighbors.

On the upside, selling all the Carmels might net a pretty penny from the real estate proceeds.



1. LaGallina - July 23, 2013

I miss Papa Benedicto!!!!! Every day I hear something new from our Holy Father that adds to my confusion. I try to ignore news from the Vatican because it just breaks my heart. (Are all the Masses Pope F. celebrates ugly, or are those just the ones picked up by the bloggers? Does he really prefer charismatic Mass to Traditional Mass? Does he know Latin?)

Being Catholic is not supposed to be so confusing. I’m just a lady in a Novus Ordo pew aching for beauty, for holiness, and for a Church that never changes.If it weren’t for this blog, the sermons at audiosancto, and the teachings of the saints, I would be seriously lost. I want to love Pope Francis. I really do want to… But I want my pope to be a strong, powerful father who makes me feel safe in this storm in which we live. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us.

2. Terry Carroll - July 23, 2013

I think we’re falling over ourselves trying to make sense of things worthy of “Chance the Gardener” from the movie/novel “Being There.”

We’re faced with an “Emperor’s New Clothes” scenario where just because it was said by the Pope, it MUST be PROFOUND. I think we even do that with the writings of JP2 and B16. Don’t you just fall asleep reading those encyclicals?

We dig for depth of meaning where there is only the appearance of such. When we don’t understand something, and the author has a reputation, we presume the problem is with us and not with what we’re trying to understand and reconcile with orthodoxy.

That we have to strain so hard to rescue so much of what Pope Francis has said to date … well, it’s all very troubling.

3. Michael P. Mc Crory. - July 24, 2013

Pope Francis is merely saying what the great English apologist Frank Sheed said many years ago, in his book, CHRIST IN ECLIPSE:

” The pews of todays churches are filled with people whose day to day lives are not significantly influenced by Christ.”

AND he is right.

You know that to be true.
I thank him for not missing and hitting the wall.

4. Michael P. Mc Crory. - July 24, 2013

Prayer gives inspiration; when that inspiration is not acted upon — does not lead to action then is self-serving prayer. Plain enough for me.

5. TG - July 24, 2013

I can’t say I see what Pope Francis said is completely wrong. Since we cannot see God, loving our neighbor is one of the ways to show it. I know for my own experience in my spiritual journey, I am more generous in giving to my church and charity organizations because I see that just spending money on myself and my own is just selfish. I do have extra funds since my children are gone so I don’t have the excuse many families do. Part of the statement from Pope Francis is confusing. Because prayer is also giving glory and praise to God. I’m not completely sure on this one.

tantamergo - July 24, 2013

I probably should have added, I don’t know that it’s completely wrong, as Archibold said, but I think it is problematic. It’s one comment, but there have been others like it, all seeming to really stress the active virtues will playing down the passive ones.

6. ProLIFEmommy - July 24, 2013

@LaGallina I could NOT agree with you more!! Our FATHER is NOT supposed to be confusing his children! Admittedly, I’m not the LEAST bit surprised. When the announcement was made that he was a Jesuit, my stomach turned. (My uncle is a Jesuit… BELIEVE ME: I have first hand knowledge of the path of moral destruction Jesuits take joy & pride in leading young folks down…. deceitfully disguised as: tolerance & diversity). I was mortified to watch him pull his hand away as Bishops/Cardinals approached him to kiss the Fisherman’s ring that he was wearing during the Inaugural mass….
My husband and I held our breaths… anticipating what his decision would be when the word broke that BIG NAME, Pro-Abortion politicians: Joe Biden & Nancy Pelosi would be representing America… would he or would he not permit them to receive communion??? We realized: whatever decision he makes, will reveal just what kind of Pope he is going to be….. we were disgusted that BOTH Joe Biden AND Nancy Pelosi received communion at that mass….. and just because HE HIMSELF didn’t give it to them, the mere fact that they received inflated the egos of those “Nancy Pelosi” catholics…. you just felt it.

But…. I digress. I could—go on and on….and on….. but, why bother?

Depsite the obvious dark cloud looming over the church, GOD has called US to be the LIGHT during these dark times…. affording US the opportunity to be GREAT SAINTS…. great saints aren’t made during times of great ease and comfort!!

THANK YOU, @tantemergo , for being the LIGHT—- shining the LIGHT of TRUTH amidst the darkness of the lies!!!! Be assured of
our family’s prayers for you!!!

7. ProLIFEmommy - July 24, 2013

P.S. If any of us are confused, we must NEVER forget—- CONFUSION IS NOT OF GOD!!!!!! Indeed, the smoke of satan has entered the Vatican & it can’t be any more obvious….

I echo your sentiments, @LaGallina :
Our Lady of Fatima: Pray for US!!!

8. Molly Alley - July 24, 2013

We shouldn’t blame the Pope for the damage that has been done to the language. If the Pope can’t talk about active prayer without everyone hearing “social activism” then that’s our fault.

“Pray as if everything depended on God and work as if everything depended on you.”

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