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Are you praying and fasting for your bishops? July 24, 2013

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Lord knows, I probably castigate the episcopate in this country and sometimes around the world more than just about anyone short of Michael Voris. Heh. And I certainly don’t feel any shame in doing so, although at times I am uncomfortable to have to bring, in conscience, certain problems or issues to the fore.  But at the same time, I pray for our bishops with great fervor every day. I pray for their sanctification. I pray they will conduct their exalted office as heirs to the Apostles in the same manner as the great Bishop-Saints of the past, like St. Charles Borremeo, St. Anthony Marie Claret, and especially St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori.  It is utterly vital to the life of the Church that our bishops be as holy, as charitable, and as dedicated to the orthodox practice of the Faith and salvation of souls as possible.

There has been an effort underway for some time, that I have blogged on before, from American Life League, to pray and fast for our bishops.  I think this is a splendid, critical effort. We should all, as a matter of course, pray for both our own ordinary and all bishops, but adding fasting or other mortification will add great Grace and strength to our prayers.  The ALL website for this effort contains information on a different saintly bishop – this week’s is St. Oliver Plunkett – news regarding the American episcopate, suggestions for fasting as well as prayers to offer for the strengthening and sanctification of our bishops. The prayers for this week include:

Almighty and eternal God, by whose judgment all things are established, mercifully regard our prayers, and in your goodness provide for our bishops chosen to guide us the strength and courage to defend the Faith, through Christ our Lord. Amen.


Eternal Father, I lift up to You all the bishops of the world. Sanctify them. Heal and guide them. Mold them into the likeness and holiness of Your Son, Jesus, the Good Shepherd. May their lives be pleasing to You. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

I highly, highly encourage all readers to go to the ALL webpage and sign up to participate in this effort.  If we want holy, orthodox bishops with great love for all the Tradition of the Church (not that of only the last several decades), then we must pray for them!  It is a duty for us as Catholics to pray for all our shepherds.  In essence, we get what we pray for.  I think a huge factor in the less than stellar orthodoxy, leadership, and charity for souls we’ve seen in bishops is directly linked to lack of souls praying for them.  I know there are other reasons, but Grace overcomes.

If you do offer prayers and/or fasting for bishops, go back to the ALL website and click the button to offer your prayer, so they can keep count of all the prayers and fasts offered.  I just clicked it 700 times!

And, yes, I’m going to change my name to Jerkhead McPreachyblogger. So, I beat you to the punch.


1. TG - July 24, 2013

I say a prayer for priests and the Holy Father every day. I started this about a year ago.

tantamergo - July 24, 2013


2. Woody - July 24, 2013

You get what you pray for? Interesting in the sense that someone indeed is getting what they pray for while someone else is not. And I am looking at this with respect to praying for bishops.

tantamergo - July 24, 2013

I like it, it’s pithy.

St. Alphonsus Liguori says that all prayers that are for the good of our soul are answered. Any prayer that does not involve some worldly benefit or the detriment of our soul is answered by God – just not in the way we desire.

So, if a lib is praying for a wacked out bishop that destroys the Faith, that prayer will not be answered. But those desirng the good of the bishop’s soul and those he oversees, that one will.

That answer may not be in the manner we expect or even desire.

Woody - July 25, 2013

And then there is always the answer “no”!

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