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A mind-blowing account of how seminarians are brutally (de)formed in California – UPDATED July 25, 2013

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Are these chaplaincy programs for seminarians in hospitals this bad, everywhere?  No wonder our priesthood is in such a state!  No wonder so many trivialize both Confession and Extreme Unction!  Traditional Catholic Priest shares some tales from his experience in California undergoing “training” in how to treat the sick in hospitals as a seminarian, and it is beyond horrifying.  Long post, I add emphasis and comments:

Clinical Pastoral Education is an obligatory training for most seminarians before they are ordained.  It is to help future priest to be able to minister to patients in hospitals.  It teaches how to show compassion, how to listen and empower the patients.  All the aspects are good.  When I was here we had protestant seminarians, Jewish Rabbi students and catholics. [I would say not having a segregated program for Catholics is not good at the top?]

Any of you priest who went through this know exactly what you are put through in this training by the feminist and liberal christians.  Any of you seminarians who are in the program right now know exactly what I am going to write about.

It was a horrible spiritual abuse for me.  I had finished seminary at Mt. Angel Seminary and had begun to be more liberal than when I went in.  That was because I was obliged to read the magisterium teachings along with a counter opinion by some theologian like Curran [Why on earth would they do this to young, unformed or barely formed seminarians?  Why would you deliberately expose them to error, unless you were deliberately trying to undermine the Faith. I could maybe see a little exposure in the vain of “see how wrong this is, see what to avoid” kind of thing, but that’s not what happened. They were exposed to this error to try to create a relativist view of the Faith]   So when I was exposed to the two different views I became somewhat of a relativist.  Well being subjected to what was taught, what I saw and how I was treated in the training, thanks be to God, I became orthodox again.  The program had an opposite effect on me.

We were told to wear clothing that we would wear in ministry.  So I wore clerical clothing, black pants, shirt and white roman collar.  Right off the ridicule began by the directors of the training.  ”Were you at a black and white party last night?”  ”You look like a penguin”. [I have read elsewhere, I think on Fr. Z, how much the leftist sexular pagan sisters loved to lord it over the seminarians. They loved to torment them with their pathetically small power, but in that situation, the sisters were in control.]

Then we were instructed, I a seminarian, the Jewish Rabbi student, the protestant minister seminarians, to give the sacrament of the anointing of the sick.  To get along, I was sent to do it, when the patient wanted to go to confession.  I told her I was not a priest and could not hear her confession or give her the anointing of the sick.  Thank God she wanted confession or I would have sinned by faking the sacrament of the anointing of the sick. [So, these hospital chaplaincy programs are forcing these men to simulate a Sacrament they cannnot, as seminarians and not priests, perform?  It is a great sin to simulate a Sacrament. I cannot believe this!]

The Blessed Sacrament was kept in a drawer and all of the students were directed to take Holy Communion to the CatholicsOne time a woman would not receive Holy Communion from a lady student because she wanted a priest.  The student was so angry that the catholic refuse communion from her. [Boy, we have run into that, too. Once we came to understand what the Blessed Sacrament is, we would refuse to receive from those lay people who run around the hospitals doling out Communion to whoever self-describes as Catholic. Let alone the risk of profanation and abuse, some of these folks exhibited a truly excessive pride in their roles as “ministers of Communion,” and expressed outrage when we refused. Oh well, get over it, already]

We were told have compassion and that is very important.  But we also were never allowed to talk about sin, hell or the devil.  We became the Generic chaplain, we never ever said one religion was better than an other and we just were to be chaplains to everyone and not be the religion you were.  It was the lowest common denominator chaplain.  This is still how many chaplains are all over the United States today.

I got in big trouble when I was asked to visit a Stanford student who was in the psyche ward.  She had tried to commit suicide.  When I went in she asked me what the catholic belief was on suicide (she was catholic).  I explained that the church never says for sure that someone who commits suicide is damned because we do not know if they were in their right state of mind when the did it.  But I added that it was serious to take ones life.  The other visitor who was in the room reported me to the chaplain at Stanford University, who reported me to my supervisor and they raked me over the coals for gently stating catholic teaching. [While we never know the destination of any particular soul, objectively speaking, suicide is murder, a murder committed often with absolutely no time for repentance and perfect contrition. Many Saints and Doctors saw very little hope for these sad souls]

………So getting back to the C.P. E. here 2013 at Stanford University Hospital.   The catholic priest chaplain told this religious that he was to give the sacrament of the sick.  When the two of them were walking the rounds he told him to hear a confession.  The brother got out of it with out getting in great trouble, by saying he did not know how to do confession.  So the priest left him alone. [Now, this is just too much. This is not some bitter, infinitely jealous, progressive sister forcing a seminarian to commit a sacrilege. This is a priest!  A priest is directing someone without the capacity to perform a Sacrament! It is not valid! It is a great sin to simulate a Sacrament! TWO Sacraments! This is incredible!]

Because the chaplaincy is “inclusive”, they now have an atheist secularist in training as a chaplain baptizing and anointing catholics in emergencies. [I don’t see how an atheist can have the proper intent to baptize. All those baptisms are completely invalid, aren’t they?]

Please pray for these programs to be stopped and write to your bishops and ask them to investigate what is going on.  Also ask them to not permit the seminarians to be subjected to such terrible treatment and cause for grave sacramental abuses.  If you question what you are asked to do, you are written up and have a hard time finishing the program    Most seminarians go along with the supervisors and the sacrilegious actions so that they are not thrown out of the seminary………  [More and more evidence demonstrates that the “priest shortage” has been mostly, if not entirely, manufactured, by driving good, holy men out of the priesthood either through antics like this, or sexual persecution too hideous to mention.  Domine, miserere nobis]

—————-End Quote—————–

I think this merits a great deal of investigation. This is incredible, unbelievable!  Desperate souls in need are being lied to, scammed, abused in the most sinister manner possible!  What has happened to our Church?  How can this be the kind of “training” seminarians get?!

With training like this, is it in the least surprising at the enormous problems we are seeing in the priesthood?  Good Heavens!

Thanks to Traditional Catholic Priest for his witness, and for his willingness to share this mind-blowing account.  What a scandal!

UPDATE: A local priest weighed in, off-line, with information that these training programs in this Diocese are much better than what was described above, with none of the abuses so described. For which, I am very thankful.  I should have said above, but didn’t, because you have no idea of the problems I had getting that post loaded at all! (it’s really time for me to move the blog to a different provider, but it’s so much hassle), that I doubted the experience of Traditional Catholic Priest were universal. But I know they do occur, I’ve seen other priests, notably Fr. Z, describe their training similarly.  Even though the training may be much better here, and hopefully in most dioceses, that situations like that described above exist anywhere is simply disastrous.  There is no reason to disbelieve TCP, and as I said, I have read similar horror stories before.

Catholic Relief Services directly complicit in grave evil July 25, 2013

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Mind-blowing, in an utterly unsurprising way. CRS is distributing contraception and abortifacients by the bucketful.


An on-the-ground investigation in Madagascar has found that the U.S. Bishops’ relief agency is distributing contraceptives and abortifacients in the African country as part of a cross-country program funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.The news comes as CRS scrambles to affirm its commitment to upholding Catholic teaching after LifeSiteNews revealed they had given over $13 million to the pro-abortion CARE in 2012, and are in the midst of giving a $2.7 million grant to the leading abortion-marketing firm Population Services International.The Population Research Institute issued the first of a series of reports this afternoon after they sent an investigator to Madagascar for a month to interview officials and witness the Catholic agency’s work first-hand.

——End Quote——

Incredible. If these alllegations are true, CRS will have definitively crossed the line into material participation in grave sin. Anyone funding them knowlingly would also cooperatwe with sin, in my opinion.

CRS gets $800 million a year of our money via the diabolical USAID. All it cost them was their soul.


Would you encourage/permit you child to serve in the US military today? July 25, 2013

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Longtime readers may know, but others may not, I had a great dream of being an Air Force pilot.  Unfortunately, when I was at that age, the Air Force had thousansds of already trained pilots sitting idle due to the post Cold War drawdown, so I settled for a navigator slot.  Then, they found my heart arrythmia.  So much for dreams.

But I saw a news item today, which is not very surprising in itself, but did cause me to think about the general prospect of young people serving in the US military.  Up until a few years ago, I would have endorsed such service unreservedly, but nowadays, with an increasingly socialistic, illegal, and out-of-control government – and more importantly – with my growth in the understanding of the fallacies upon which this nation was founded, I have to say, I would actively discourage any young man I held any sway over from serving. As for my daughter’s serving, I think I can say, I would oppose it totally.

Yes, I have changed, but so has the country, and especially the military. Nowhere is that more seen in the conundrums military chaplains now face, especially Catholic priests, where military policy is now in direct contravention of Doctrines of the Faith.  A man cannot serve two masters.  We have to choose: God, or Mammon.  The US military, at the behest of the civlian leadership, has definitively and finally chosen Mammon.  I can’t imagine how young, faithful priests could envision serving in the military at this point:

A chaplain at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska was ordered to remove a religious column he had written titled, “No Atheists in Foxholes: Chaplains Gave all in World War II,” because it allegedly offended atheists serving on the Air Force base.

Lt. Col. Kenneth Reyes confirmed to Fox News that he wrote the original essay that appeared in his “Chaplain’s Corner” column on the base website.

Reyes recounted the origin of the phrase “There is no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole.” Father William Cummings has largely been credited with uttering the phrase in Bataan during World War II……

Reyes ended his essay with a reflection on faith.

“Everyone expresses some form of faith every day, whether it is religious or secular,” he wrote. “Some express faith by believing when they get up in the morning they will arrive at work in one piece, thankful they have been given another opportunity to enjoy the majesty of the day, or express relief the doctor’s results were negative.” [This sounds like a very low key, completely innocuous little column. But watch……]

Reyes did not attack or insult atheists or non-believers in his column.

However, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation accused Reyes of going on an “anti-secular diatribe” and publicly denigrating “those without religion.”

They fired off a letter to the Air Force base allegedly on behalf of 42 anonymous airmen who allegedly complained. [I bet there wasn’t even ONE genuine complaint from Elmendorf. This God-hating group has bots that scan the military website, they have a handful of likely very troubled, disaffected servicemen (or former, they are often former) who sign their complaints, and away they go.]

“In the civilian world, such anti-secular diatribe is protected free speech,” wrote MRFF’s Blake Page in a letter to Col. Duffy. “Beyond his most obvious failure in upholding regulations through redundant use of the bigoted, religious supremacist phrase, ‘no atheists in foxholes,’ he defiles the dignity of service members by telling them that regardless of their personally held philosophical beliefs they must have faith.” [Wow, that’s pretty over the top. Can you see how Weinstein – a man desperately in need of a huge amount of prayer – is deliberately trying to equate “religious bigotry” with “homophobia?”  He’s using the exact same tactics and language as the radical pro-sodomite groups, all of which language is thoroughly totally Marxist in its origination.  Trotsky invented the term “racist,” and the ACLU was founded by avowed communists.]

The Air Force agreed and approximately five hours after the MRFF complained, they removed the chaplain’s essay. [The Air Force is pathetic. Weinstein said jump, and they asked “how high?!”]

“While certainly not intended to offend, the article has been removed from our website,” Col. Duffy wrote in an email to the MRFF. “We remain mindful of the governing instructions on this matter and will work to avoid recurrence.” [So, it is now apparently official USAF policy to completely drive Christianity from all but the most hidden, private practice.  Sorry, Catholicism, anyway, is a whole. It must exist in both public and private. It is incompatible with being limited strictly to
“private” practice. Notice that Winestain never complains over Muslim displays of religion, nor did he complain when the USAF Academy caved to pressure from a tiny group and built a pagan-wiccan religious shrine on their grounds. The psychological implications of this man’s behavior are obvious.]

But that’s not good enough for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. They want the chaplain punished for what he wrote.

“Faith based hate, is hate all the same,” Page wrote. “Lt. Col. Reyes must be appropriately reprimanded [Wow, from “no atheists in foxholes, to “faith based hate.”  This “atheism” is in reality a religion based on hating God.  How ironic.]

This persecution is only going to grow worse, as more and more Americans abandon whatever little faith they have.

So, based on all that, would you try to stop your child from serving in the US military?  I think the question can legitimately be asked, or will be completely legitimate within a few years, whether a faithful Catholic could even, in conscience, serve in this atheistic sexular pagan military? I mean, it would rise to the level of sin, to do so.  Because the debauchery and out and out God-hatred will be institutionalized, and just that bad.

As I’ve read so many others say, of late – I don’t even recognize this country anymore.

Funny! July 25, 2013

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Now that’s a Brahma bull. That boy has his work cut out from him, but I could see Benedict saying…….”eh, he’s not that big. I can hack it.”


The caption from reader “D” said: What “having no fear” means in Texas!

That’s right!

Spain, for many centuries, was the most Catholic country in the world July 25, 2013

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And the huge amounts of money devoted to the Faith there demonstrates that, in the stupifyingly beautiful churches of Spain.  Just a few photos I ran into last night.


Spain actually kept the Faith very nearly whole and entire far longer than just about any other European nation save, perhaps, Poland.  Under Franco, Spain remained very Catholic.


But once Franco died, Spanish society, under the direction of disaffected leftist elites, deliberately repudiated Franco and his legacy, including the foundational role the Church played in Spanish life.


The Church today in Spain is just as much a shrunken, nearly dead husk as it is everywhere else in Europe.  But the collapse occured very much faster – in fact, it took barely 20 or 30 years.  Spain was still amazingly Catholic in 1960, modernism had made few inroads there, but by 1990 Spain was about the same as Holland or Belgium.  That is, dead.

SantCompostela27 (1)

Spanish religious evangelized a quarter of the world.   They made tens of millions of converts.  They lived and suffered and died for the Faith, with a depth of devotion almost unheard of today.  But now, those Spanish religious orders are collapsing further, and more quickly, than orders almost anywhere else in the Church.

There seems to be an odd phenomenon: the more Catholic a country is before it embraces sexular leftist paganism, the worse the fall after it does.  Countries that were somewhat secular before the triumph of secularism in the 1960s seem more inoculated against just complete collapse than those which had resisted secularism until that point.  It’s happened in Italy, Spain, Greece, Mexico, much of Latin America. Wait and see what occurs in the Philippines over the next 30 odd years.

Will we faithful Catholics wind up feeling like the ancient Jews after the fall of Jerusalem and Babylonian captivity?  Will there eventually be new laments from the 21st century dark ages sung in choir in the 30th century?

The Church used to think with a thousand year or more mind.  Now, it spends time worrying about how it relates to the ethereal, ever-changing “modern world.” Navel gazing, Bishop Wenski called it.  We’ve had more than enough of that in the past 50 years.  It’s time to get back to thinking about eternity, and the destination of souls, and the like.

I know one of two things will eventually happen: either we are headed, generally if not immediately, towards the Parousia, and all this collapse is part of the great apostasy, or, the Church will re-emerge triumphant from all this wreckage.  Only God knows which will be.