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Spain, for many centuries, was the most Catholic country in the world July 25, 2013

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And the huge amounts of money devoted to the Faith there demonstrates that, in the stupifyingly beautiful churches of Spain.  Just a few photos I ran into last night.


Spain actually kept the Faith very nearly whole and entire far longer than just about any other European nation save, perhaps, Poland.  Under Franco, Spain remained very Catholic.


But once Franco died, Spanish society, under the direction of disaffected leftist elites, deliberately repudiated Franco and his legacy, including the foundational role the Church played in Spanish life.


The Church today in Spain is just as much a shrunken, nearly dead husk as it is everywhere else in Europe.  But the collapse occured very much faster – in fact, it took barely 20 or 30 years.  Spain was still amazingly Catholic in 1960, modernism had made few inroads there, but by 1990 Spain was about the same as Holland or Belgium.  That is, dead.

SantCompostela27 (1)

Spanish religious evangelized a quarter of the world.   They made tens of millions of converts.  They lived and suffered and died for the Faith, with a depth of devotion almost unheard of today.  But now, those Spanish religious orders are collapsing further, and more quickly, than orders almost anywhere else in the Church.

There seems to be an odd phenomenon: the more Catholic a country is before it embraces sexular leftist paganism, the worse the fall after it does.  Countries that were somewhat secular before the triumph of secularism in the 1960s seem more inoculated against just complete collapse than those which had resisted secularism until that point.  It’s happened in Italy, Spain, Greece, Mexico, much of Latin America. Wait and see what occurs in the Philippines over the next 30 odd years.

Will we faithful Catholics wind up feeling like the ancient Jews after the fall of Jerusalem and Babylonian captivity?  Will there eventually be new laments from the 21st century dark ages sung in choir in the 30th century?

The Church used to think with a thousand year or more mind.  Now, it spends time worrying about how it relates to the ethereal, ever-changing “modern world.” Navel gazing, Bishop Wenski called it.  We’ve had more than enough of that in the past 50 years.  It’s time to get back to thinking about eternity, and the destination of souls, and the like.

I know one of two things will eventually happen: either we are headed, generally if not immediately, towards the Parousia, and all this collapse is part of the great apostasy, or, the Church will re-emerge triumphant from all this wreckage.  Only God knows which will be.

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