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Would you encourage/permit you child to serve in the US military today? July 25, 2013

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Longtime readers may know, but others may not, I had a great dream of being an Air Force pilot.  Unfortunately, when I was at that age, the Air Force had thousansds of already trained pilots sitting idle due to the post Cold War drawdown, so I settled for a navigator slot.  Then, they found my heart arrythmia.  So much for dreams.

But I saw a news item today, which is not very surprising in itself, but did cause me to think about the general prospect of young people serving in the US military.  Up until a few years ago, I would have endorsed such service unreservedly, but nowadays, with an increasingly socialistic, illegal, and out-of-control government – and more importantly – with my growth in the understanding of the fallacies upon which this nation was founded, I have to say, I would actively discourage any young man I held any sway over from serving. As for my daughter’s serving, I think I can say, I would oppose it totally.

Yes, I have changed, but so has the country, and especially the military. Nowhere is that more seen in the conundrums military chaplains now face, especially Catholic priests, where military policy is now in direct contravention of Doctrines of the Faith.  A man cannot serve two masters.  We have to choose: God, or Mammon.  The US military, at the behest of the civlian leadership, has definitively and finally chosen Mammon.  I can’t imagine how young, faithful priests could envision serving in the military at this point:

A chaplain at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska was ordered to remove a religious column he had written titled, “No Atheists in Foxholes: Chaplains Gave all in World War II,” because it allegedly offended atheists serving on the Air Force base.

Lt. Col. Kenneth Reyes confirmed to Fox News that he wrote the original essay that appeared in his “Chaplain’s Corner” column on the base website.

Reyes recounted the origin of the phrase “There is no such thing as an atheist in a foxhole.” Father William Cummings has largely been credited with uttering the phrase in Bataan during World War II……

Reyes ended his essay with a reflection on faith.

“Everyone expresses some form of faith every day, whether it is religious or secular,” he wrote. “Some express faith by believing when they get up in the morning they will arrive at work in one piece, thankful they have been given another opportunity to enjoy the majesty of the day, or express relief the doctor’s results were negative.” [This sounds like a very low key, completely innocuous little column. But watch……]

Reyes did not attack or insult atheists or non-believers in his column.

However, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation accused Reyes of going on an “anti-secular diatribe” and publicly denigrating “those without religion.”

They fired off a letter to the Air Force base allegedly on behalf of 42 anonymous airmen who allegedly complained. [I bet there wasn’t even ONE genuine complaint from Elmendorf. This God-hating group has bots that scan the military website, they have a handful of likely very troubled, disaffected servicemen (or former, they are often former) who sign their complaints, and away they go.]

“In the civilian world, such anti-secular diatribe is protected free speech,” wrote MRFF’s Blake Page in a letter to Col. Duffy. “Beyond his most obvious failure in upholding regulations through redundant use of the bigoted, religious supremacist phrase, ‘no atheists in foxholes,’ he defiles the dignity of service members by telling them that regardless of their personally held philosophical beliefs they must have faith.” [Wow, that’s pretty over the top. Can you see how Weinstein – a man desperately in need of a huge amount of prayer – is deliberately trying to equate “religious bigotry” with “homophobia?”  He’s using the exact same tactics and language as the radical pro-sodomite groups, all of which language is thoroughly totally Marxist in its origination.  Trotsky invented the term “racist,” and the ACLU was founded by avowed communists.]

The Air Force agreed and approximately five hours after the MRFF complained, they removed the chaplain’s essay. [The Air Force is pathetic. Weinstein said jump, and they asked “how high?!”]

“While certainly not intended to offend, the article has been removed from our website,” Col. Duffy wrote in an email to the MRFF. “We remain mindful of the governing instructions on this matter and will work to avoid recurrence.” [So, it is now apparently official USAF policy to completely drive Christianity from all but the most hidden, private practice.  Sorry, Catholicism, anyway, is a whole. It must exist in both public and private. It is incompatible with being limited strictly to
“private” practice. Notice that Winestain never complains over Muslim displays of religion, nor did he complain when the USAF Academy caved to pressure from a tiny group and built a pagan-wiccan religious shrine on their grounds. The psychological implications of this man’s behavior are obvious.]

But that’s not good enough for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. They want the chaplain punished for what he wrote.

“Faith based hate, is hate all the same,” Page wrote. “Lt. Col. Reyes must be appropriately reprimanded [Wow, from “no atheists in foxholes, to “faith based hate.”  This “atheism” is in reality a religion based on hating God.  How ironic.]

This persecution is only going to grow worse, as more and more Americans abandon whatever little faith they have.

So, based on all that, would you try to stop your child from serving in the US military?  I think the question can legitimately be asked, or will be completely legitimate within a few years, whether a faithful Catholic could even, in conscience, serve in this atheistic sexular pagan military? I mean, it would rise to the level of sin, to do so.  Because the debauchery and out and out God-hatred will be institutionalized, and just that bad.

As I’ve read so many others say, of late – I don’t even recognize this country anymore.


1. Marie Dean - July 25, 2013

It is sad, because the call to the military is a vocation, like a call to be a teacher or doctor. Not merely a job. However, if the government is truly evil and one has to take an oath to serve the government, rather than the people, there is a problem.

We do have some saints who were military men, even some from the Roman army, which was anything but saintly.

I would not encourage my children to do so–I have on friend taking early retirement from the army, and other Catholics may do so as well. Sad times.

2. Christopher Ekstrom - July 25, 2013

No. I would encourage young men NOT to volunteer for the military. That reflects the events of the last several years. The quality & caliber of enlisted & officers will decline drastically as Southern & Western men will avoid this hopelessly PC & increasingly Godless services. It is clear that domestic enemies of the Constitution have overthrown our core principles. Disabling the military is an obvious key to their satanic plans. It will take radical action, along the lines of the Cristeros Movement, to restore America. VIVA CRISTO REY!

3. Woody - July 25, 2013

I did convince my daughter not to enlist in the military last year. She was all set to join after graduation from college but decided she could not be part of a group that was pro-homosexual.

4. Wendy in VA - July 26, 2013

My husband was an Army reservist who served in Bosnia. My father was a Marine for 35 years; his father lied about his age to join the Navy during World War II. My great-grandfather fought as an Army officer in World War I. My great, great, great-grandfather was a Confederate soldier. My two oldest sons have grown up believing they, too, would enlist when old enough. Given the current situation in all of the branches, my husband and I cannot allow it. The approval of openly homosexual personnel, the persecution of anyone daring to exhibit any sign of belief in Jesus Christ, and the inevitable assignment of women to the front lines would make it impossible for them to serve and remain faithful Catholics.

tantamergo - July 26, 2013

Absolute bravo zulu on that comment. Best comment all day, if not the week.

God bless you and your family!! Thanks!

5. Phlogiston - July 26, 2013

My daughter joined the Air Force a little over a year ago. There was no stopping her, but I do wish I had tried now, post-Obama reelection. I find some consolation in the fact that the country is likely to need soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who understand that it is their duty not to follow illegal orders. Not that it will be easy for them.

6. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - July 26, 2013

I am a former USAF enlisted man who served proudly during the Clinton years. My grandfathers served during World War II, Both had landed on the beaches of Normandy alongside many courageous others, however, like Wendy in VA, I would be emphatically opposed to my Catholic children doing the same and for many of the same reasons. Additionally, I have come to the realization that maintaining this professional is an aberration which the founding fathers, for good or for ill, warned us against. Such a force, they argued, could be used both for and against the civilian populace. I would rather they joined the militia and helped defend their true country, Texas, against foreign invaders.

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