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Funny, sick, and sad: college students sign fake petition for post-birth “abortion” July 26, 2013

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Previously known as murder, which, of course, pre-birth abortion is, as well.  Via CMR, a video that is parts funny, sad, and definitely sick, getting college students to sign a petition that clearly states it seeks to enact “post-birth abortion.”  One even asks if it will hurt the child, and then eagerly signs anyway, after being told the child will be dead!  Then there is the chilling part, where a mom who just had a baby three months ago, and therefore in the “fourth trimester,” signing the petition.  Wow.

What is particularly telling is how it is frequently the leftist “code language” of woman’s control over their body (apparently, even after the baby has left it), and attacking those who want to tell women “what to do with their bodies,” that gets the most to sign.  That code language, so utterly filled with hateful, murderous lies, is also so very, very effective. We have to change that.

How thoughtless so many were!  Thus, the “educated.”



1. Bill Deville - July 26, 2013

This makes me wonder how accurate or “directed” that a phone or walk-up survey can be by just using the right “code language” to sway the person one way or another.

I get strange looks whenever I stop to read the whole text prior to clicking “I agree” or signing anything. I wonder how many people would just “check here if you agree” at the end of an online Bible?

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