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The LCWR has been “under investigation” for over twenty years….. July 29, 2013

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…….and yet they have never once had a canonical penalty applied against a member order of the type and scope seen today with the Franciscans of the Immaculate.  I just thought that should be noted.  After all the scoldings, after all the statements that “you had better change, young old lady!,” in terms of action, essentially nothing has happened to them or their member orders.  A very small handful of truly amazingly heretical women have been forced from teaching positions they were in the process of leaving anyways (almost always for greener pastures at a more openly secular college or institute), and a few orders have had their hands slapped here and there, but for the most part, after over 20

Fr. Manelli, founder, FFI

Fr. Manelli, founder, FFI

years of investigation, pondering, press releases, etc., the Leadership Conference of Women’s Religious, probably at least a third of whose members openly deny that God became Incarnate on this earth, and almost all of whom deny the special efficacy of the Church for salvation, still has never received a single, across the board disciplinary action.

But the Franciscans of the Immaculate, because they adhere to Tradition, are squashed (for that is what this is, if this action persists for any length of time, they will be gravely wounded) over the complaints of a mere handful of priests and religious. The Franciscans, which are one of the few growing religious orders in Europe (and about the only Franciscan one), to the extent that they have been re-occupying ancient monasteries left vacant by the corrupted and dying orders so filled with the “spirit of Vatican II,” are now left in a desperate situation with their founder and superior removed from office, and what had come to be one of their prime charisms ended, perhaps permanently.

The reason for this discrepancy, of course, is that the progressive faction in the Church is still in overwhelming control of the organs of Her administration, and will be for the foreseeable future.

Yet, even taking that into account, this abrogation is an unprecedented act.  This act says that a completely valid form of the Mass is somehow IMG_3175complicit in…….what?  Causing dissension?  Yes, the Mass has always caused dissension, it has always caused scandal since Christ first told the Jews what the Mass was to be all about – the Holy Sacrifice, the transubstantiation of the bread and wine into His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, the One Perfect Sacrifice by God to God, which, like all sacrifices, had to be consumed in order to be efficacious. That’s always been incredibly scandalous to billions of souls bereft of Grace, who do not understand the sublime Gift that It is.  I have read a great deal on the history of the Church, and have a pretty fair knowledge of the history of religious, and I have never, ever, read or heard that the MASS was the source of problems in a religious order.  It’s simply incredible to claim that something so holy and timeless, the very font of Grace, is made into the bugaboo over which these many hundreds of religious must be made to suffer immensely, in their obedience, now that it is taken from them.

One faction is apparently trying to claim that the Tradtional Mass is causing the FFI to drift from their founding charism.  Is their founder not still alive, and leading the order?  He is reputed to be an immensely holy man, a man many consider to be a sure candidate for beatification…….and San_Juan_de_la_Cruz_3631_jpg_1306973099he does not know how to direct his order?  In point of fact, since the Franciscans of the Immaculate have found this new aspect of their charism (focusing more heavily on Tradition, and especially offering the Traditional Mass), their growth has been more explosive than ever!  I personally know one young woman who is a postulant in Italy with the Franciscans of the Immaculate. I know she is greatly attached to the Traditional Mass. I cannot imagine the trial she is undergoing now. I pray for her, and for all those caught up in this maelstrom not of their own making.

In writing this, I have had the inspiration (from Grace or just my brain, I know not) to think about the Discalced Carmelites, and how their founders were made to suffer, frequently from jealousy of those less pious or from a misunderstanding of the glorious new spirituality they were trying to develop. St. John of the Cross was thrown into a prison to rot by his fellow Carmelites, when he refused to stop his ascent of Mt. Carmel.  As a result, he composed, almost entirely in prison, his great spiritual treatise.  And St. Teresa herself was also made to suffer a great deal, and her sufferings were truly the result of less than edifying motives. Sent before the Inquisition, judged to be mad by some, she St_ Teresa and St_ John of the Crosspersevered, as did St. John of the Cross.

So, perhaps this is simply one of those trials great new orders have to suffer in order to triumph in cooperation with Grace.  I certainly pray that is the case, and that this is not some politically motivated attack on the Traditional Mass itself. I also pray that the motives of those who brought this action down on the Franciscans of the Immaculate are purer than the driven snow. I would hate to be responsible for closing off such a massive torrent of Grace as the many TLMs now blocked represented.  An action of such unimaginable magnitude can only be justified by avoidance of the very gravest of scandals, and I have seen little that justifies such a step in the coverage presented to date.  We can only pray that all those involved in this act, from the lowest to the highest levels, have not acted out of any bias or animus in this heretofore unheard of disciplinary action against this religious order.


Another FFI priest I know. Please pray for Fr. Jacinto.

Another FFI priest I know. Please pray for Fr. Jacinto.

Welcome to the persecution – crazed pro-aborts assault Cathedral during Mass July 29, 2013

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And the Archbishop was offering the Mass!  Church-bashing abortionists in Santiago, Chile broke into the Cathedral during Mass, tore down a Confessional, threw pews around, and horribly defaced centuries old side altars and treasures of art in their demonic rampage.  No one was injured, Deo Gratias, but the cathedral of Santiago is still closed for repairs. This occurred on July 25, the Vigil of the Feast of St. James, the patron and name-Saint of Santiago, Chile.  The spray-painted blasphemies on the altars included such edifying statements as……….I warn you, this is incredibly blasphemous, you may not want to read it………….”Mary wanted to abort.”

Fortunately, the faithful were able to gather around the main altar and Blessed Sacrament, and prevented profanation of either.  God bless them.  This is what the AP and BBC call a “mostly peaceful” protest.

This is what persecution looks like, even in Catholic Chile, where abortion is still thankfully illegal.  But there are elections scheduled for this fall, so international pro-abort forces are converging on the country to try to bring it into the camp of moloch, the camp of living child-sacrifice:

Abortion activists interrupted Mass at the Cathedral of the Chilean capital Santiago the evening of July 25, destroying confessionals and defaming several side altars with blasphemous graffiti.

“We were celebrating the feast of St. James the Apostle, with the mayor in attendance, and offering thanks to so many Catholics who serve the public, in an atmosphere of peace and recollection when protestors suddenly came in,” said Bishop Pedro Ossandón Buljevic, an auxiliary bishop of the Santiago de Chile archdiocese………

[I will skip the part where the bishop rather pathetically speaks of “dialogue.”  How do you dialogue with a culture that’s increasingly ready to burn your cathedrals down, with you inside them?]

……..Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati Andrello was saying Mass on the eve of the feast of St. James, the city’s patron and namesake, when the activists unexpectedly stormed the cathedral at the conclusion of a pro-abortion march.

Abortion is illegal in Chile, even in cases of rape. Of the country’s population, around 85 percent is Christian.

The current government opposes liberalization of abortion access. Last year, Chile’s senate rejected three bills easing the absolute ban, the Associated Press reports.

The faithful present at the Mass, including Santiago’s mayor, Carolina Toha, prevented the activists from reaching the main altar.

With help from the faithful, police who in riot gear were able to remove the protestors from the cathedral, dispersing the crowd outside as well, and making several arrests. The protestors had barricaded themselves in with pews.

These are the same types of people who met sweetly sung hymns with chants of “Hail satan” down in Austin a few weeks ago.

I pray we are strong enough to resist.

Shocking development – Pope Francis severely restricts TLM at Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate July 29, 2013

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In what can only be termed a shocking development, Pope Francis has issued a decree dictating that the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate – one of the most successul religious orders of the past 30 years, and which had embraced Summorum Pontificum heartily, shifting to the TLM for the large majority of their Masses – stop offering the TLM for an indeterminte period of time, without specific “approval” for each priest and/or community to offer said form of the Mass. As part of this decree, the founder of the Franciscans of the Immaculate, Fr. Stefano Manelli, is removed as Superior, and a Capuchin put in charge of overseeing the order as “apostolic administrator.”  Capuchins, I know from sad experience, generally have an inveterate hostility towards Tradition and the TLM in particular. This administrator may not, but if he does not, he would be a very rare exception.

The relevant portion of the decree is below:

In addition to the above, the Holy Father Francis has directed that every religious of the congregation of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate is required to celebrate the liturgy according to the ordinary rite and that, if the occasion should arise, the use of the extraordinary form (Vetus Ordo) must be explicitly authorized by the competent authorities, for every religious and/or community that makes the request.

I had never heard of the “Vetus Ordo” before the Bishop of Little Rock used that term in one of his most recent actions (difficult not to see as a persecution) against the TLM communities in northern Arkansas.  Now, it shows up in a papal decree.  Interesting.

Now, some are already attempting to minimize this action as being largely the result of internal politics, and there does seem to be some truth to that.  Certainly, Fr. Angelo Geiger has been on a veritable jihad against those he caricatures as “traditionalists” and it appears most likely he – and his allies within the order (which probably don’t make up even 10%) – has the ear of someone in Rome.  Still, this action is so very sweeping its broader implications cannot escape notice.  Rorate notes several aspects of this action which are very disturbing from the standpoint of those who love the great Tradition of our Church and, especially, the glorious, Traditional Mass:

A clear attempt to minimize the importance of this decree is taking place here and there in the blogosphere, as expected. We are being told that this isn’t really something to worry about; that this is just a particular situation, limited to a particular religious institution, and has nothing to do with how Pope Francis views Summorum. 

Against these manifestations of the spirit of denial that we have come to know so well since February 28 of this year, we raise the following points. 

1) First, the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate are not just a small religious Order or congregation occupying a tiny niche of the Traditional Catholic world; with more than 130 priests, they are the second largest canonically-regular religious congregation or society among those that primarily or de facto exclusively offer the Traditional Latin Mass. (The FSSP is the largest.)  [This is not to say FIMs do not offer the Novus Ordo. They do, regularly, and there is no formal rule or stricture in the order that indicates otherwise. But, the direction of the order has changed in the past 10 years or so, to much much heavily emphasize the Traditional Latin Mass, and traditional views of the Faith, and Fr. Geiger has very inappropriately (to my mind), for well over a year, been fighting a proxy-war in public against the founder, superior, and most of the members of the Franciscans of the Immaculate. He has done this through his blog and even a book he published attacking traditional critiques of Vatican II and the familiar “spirit.”]  The family of female monasteries and convents under the spiritual care of the FFI have no other parallel in the Traditional Catholic world outside the SSPX. Anything that restricts the ability  of the FFI to offer the Traditional Latin Mass will of necessity be deeply felt by the Traditional Catholic world. [This is true. The only more dramatic action that could be taken would be to force one of the Ecclesia Dei orders to stop offering the TLM. It’s that dramatic.]

2) One justification now being raised is that the FFI’s application of Summorum Pontificum had caused discord in many communities and that the Traditional Latin Mass was “imposed” brutally on priests who did not want it. On the contrary, we inRorate, who have been closely observing the FFI since 2008, can affirm that the opposite is the case: Summorum was applied in a very gradual manner by the FFI, the Novus Ordo was never forbidden in their houses and sanctuaries, and in many parts of the world the FFI continued to offer the Novus Ordo predominantly. It ought to be noted as well that the FFI, in their promotion of the “Forma Extraordinaria”, have been remarkably free of polemics and public attacks on the Novus Ordo. [All of this is true.  From what I could tell, the Franciscans of the Immaculate were just about Pope Benedict’s dream order, with a very faithful/traditional interpretation of Vatican II (while asking important and necessary questions) and the use of the TLM to “enrich” the availability of the Novus Ordo]

3) Yet another justification now being used is that this action is acceptable because the FFI were not founded with the TLM as an essential part of their charism. This excuse is incomprehensible as it completely ignores the rights given by Summorum Pontificum to religious priestsFurthermore, if the dissatisfaction of a few is enough to get a whole religious congregation or Order restricted from making use of Summorum Pontificum, this opens an easy way by which the opponents of the old Mass can eventually expel the TLM from all non-“Ecclesia Dei” institutes [And from all dioceses.]

4) Lastly, and most importantly, the decree — by specifically restricting the Traditional Latin Mass — is a clear indication that it is seen as something problematic, something that must be excised from the life of the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate. If this whole crisis in the FFI is not really about the Traditional Latin Mass, then why is it the target of exclusion and of restrictions, and why does the decree devote so much space to it, and why does the decree take the trouble of noting that this restriction was personally commanded by the Holy Father himself? [Which command makes the normal channels of recourse through the Apostolic Signatura impossible. This is a final, irrevocable command.]

——————End Quote———————–

This decree was issued July 11, on the Feast of St. Benedict, and enters into force in two weeks, on August 11.  There is no question much of the explosive growth of the Franciscans of the Immaculate has been directly a result of their embrace of Tradition and, especially, the Traditional Mass. That would appear to be finished, now.  I wonder how many will leave, with their hearts rent asunder, as a result of this action?  How long will it remain in place?

Some are trying to say that this investigation has been going on for some time, that it started under Pope Benedict, and that therefore we need not – can not -read anything into this.  I think that is highly dubious. While I know Fr. Geiger has been waging open war on traditional-type Catholics for over 2  years (interestingly, since before this investigation began), the fact that it started under Pope Benedict means essentially nothing. Such investigations are not exactly rare, or unheard of.  What is dramatically different is the conclusion, and I find it impossible to believe that Pope Benedict would have imposed a virtual ban on the TLM on any community, let alone one so vibrant, faithful, influential, and growing as this one.  This act is, in a word, stunning.

Coupled with the Holy Father’s recent repetition of his strong critcisms of what he terms Catholic “restorationism,” and his statements to the catechists from Argentina who visited him in Rio to “shake things up,” even to the point of disobeying their bishops, and I fear we are seeing a picture of a pontificate come together.  Time will tell.

First Friday at the Carmelites this Friday PLUS Plenary Indulgence! July 29, 2013

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This Friday is First Friday for August.  The Carmelite Chapel in Dallas welcomes YOU to join them in their monthly all-night vigil with TLMs at 8p and 3a, in addition to Confession, Rosary, Liturgy of the Hours (Novus Ordo), and all night Adoration!  This First Friday is devoted to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and a Plenary Indulgence is available for souls properly disposed:

The conditions to obtain the Plenary Indulgence of the Forgiveness of Assisi (for oneself or for a departed soul) are as follows:

* Sacramental confession (during eight days before or after the dates below)

* Participation in the Mass and Eucharist.

* Recitation of the Apostles’ Creed, Our Father and a prayer for the pope’s intention. [Or, a Pater Noster, Ave Maria, and Gloria, as well as the prayer for the Pope’s intentions.  You must also have no attachment to sin to receive the indulgence. This last bit is the hard part!  If you do have attachment to sin, the indulgence is partial.]

The Portiuncula Indulgence is a grace not to be missed, not only for yourself but for the many souls suffering in purgatory.

The dates are from noon on August 1 until midnight on August 2, the feast of Our Lady of the Angels.

The All Night Adoration starts at 3pm and ends at 7am the following Saturday morning.

God Willing, I will see you there!

Note: I only have the flyer for last month’s First Friday Adoration at the Carmelite Chapel. So, all the dates are wrong, but the rest of the information is valid:–>> Allnightcarmelites_july2013

Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark July 29, 2013

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There will be Novus Ordo Latin Mass tonight at St. Mark in Plano at 7pm.  Last week we had some new faces, and some folks who had been away for a while came back.  Let’s see some more new folks tonight!  The schola keeps getting better and better, if nothing else, come enjoy the chant!  But even if Novus Ordo is not your preference, it is still Jesus Christ in the Eucharist!

Mary's sheep. Living waters. Mary's sheep shall only slake her thirst at the Saviour's living fountains. Boumard.jpg

Fr. Hugh Gillespie, Monfort Missionary, in Diocese this week for Total Consecration/Marian Retreats July 29, 2013

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Fr. Hugh Gillespie, perhaps the leading authority in this land today on St. Louis de Montfort and Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary will be in the Dallas Diocese this week holding many retreats, conferences, and even an overnight Marian retreat.  There are really too many activities to easily list in this post, so I’ll just point out that Fr. Gillespie is at St. Monica in Dallas today, Mater Dei tomorrow and Thursday (July 30/Aug 1), and the overnight Marian retreat is at the Chapel of Our Lady of Charity in Dallas on Friday-Sunday Aug. 2-4.

All info in attached flyer——->>>>>2660_001

If you’ve never gone through the Total Consecration, I cannot recommend it enough. So many souls have felt their spiritual lives (and their entire lives) completely transformed by this roughly month long process.  Families especially should go through Total Consecration.  Fr. Gillespie will certainly share many great success stories of the Total Consecration.

I need to renew my consecration, I pray I may make it at least to one of his talks!

Dominus vobiscum!

Our Lady Queen of Heaven