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The LCWR has been “under investigation” for over twenty years….. July 29, 2013

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…….and yet they have never once had a canonical penalty applied against a member order of the type and scope seen today with the Franciscans of the Immaculate.  I just thought that should be noted.  After all the scoldings, after all the statements that “you had better change, young old lady!,” in terms of action, essentially nothing has happened to them or their member orders.  A very small handful of truly amazingly heretical women have been forced from teaching positions they were in the process of leaving anyways (almost always for greener pastures at a more openly secular college or institute), and a few orders have had their hands slapped here and there, but for the most part, after over 20

Fr. Manelli, founder, FFI

Fr. Manelli, founder, FFI

years of investigation, pondering, press releases, etc., the Leadership Conference of Women’s Religious, probably at least a third of whose members openly deny that God became Incarnate on this earth, and almost all of whom deny the special efficacy of the Church for salvation, still has never received a single, across the board disciplinary action.

But the Franciscans of the Immaculate, because they adhere to Tradition, are squashed (for that is what this is, if this action persists for any length of time, they will be gravely wounded) over the complaints of a mere handful of priests and religious. The Franciscans, which are one of the few growing religious orders in Europe (and about the only Franciscan one), to the extent that they have been re-occupying ancient monasteries left vacant by the corrupted and dying orders so filled with the “spirit of Vatican II,” are now left in a desperate situation with their founder and superior removed from office, and what had come to be one of their prime charisms ended, perhaps permanently.

The reason for this discrepancy, of course, is that the progressive faction in the Church is still in overwhelming control of the organs of Her administration, and will be for the foreseeable future.

Yet, even taking that into account, this abrogation is an unprecedented act.  This act says that a completely valid form of the Mass is somehow IMG_3175complicit in…….what?  Causing dissension?  Yes, the Mass has always caused dissension, it has always caused scandal since Christ first told the Jews what the Mass was to be all about – the Holy Sacrifice, the transubstantiation of the bread and wine into His Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity, the One Perfect Sacrifice by God to God, which, like all sacrifices, had to be consumed in order to be efficacious. That’s always been incredibly scandalous to billions of souls bereft of Grace, who do not understand the sublime Gift that It is.  I have read a great deal on the history of the Church, and have a pretty fair knowledge of the history of religious, and I have never, ever, read or heard that the MASS was the source of problems in a religious order.  It’s simply incredible to claim that something so holy and timeless, the very font of Grace, is made into the bugaboo over which these many hundreds of religious must be made to suffer immensely, in their obedience, now that it is taken from them.

One faction is apparently trying to claim that the Tradtional Mass is causing the FFI to drift from their founding charism.  Is their founder not still alive, and leading the order?  He is reputed to be an immensely holy man, a man many consider to be a sure candidate for beatification…….and San_Juan_de_la_Cruz_3631_jpg_1306973099he does not know how to direct his order?  In point of fact, since the Franciscans of the Immaculate have found this new aspect of their charism (focusing more heavily on Tradition, and especially offering the Traditional Mass), their growth has been more explosive than ever!  I personally know one young woman who is a postulant in Italy with the Franciscans of the Immaculate. I know she is greatly attached to the Traditional Mass. I cannot imagine the trial she is undergoing now. I pray for her, and for all those caught up in this maelstrom not of their own making.

In writing this, I have had the inspiration (from Grace or just my brain, I know not) to think about the Discalced Carmelites, and how their founders were made to suffer, frequently from jealousy of those less pious or from a misunderstanding of the glorious new spirituality they were trying to develop. St. John of the Cross was thrown into a prison to rot by his fellow Carmelites, when he refused to stop his ascent of Mt. Carmel.  As a result, he composed, almost entirely in prison, his great spiritual treatise.  And St. Teresa herself was also made to suffer a great deal, and her sufferings were truly the result of less than edifying motives. Sent before the Inquisition, judged to be mad by some, she St_ Teresa and St_ John of the Crosspersevered, as did St. John of the Cross.

So, perhaps this is simply one of those trials great new orders have to suffer in order to triumph in cooperation with Grace.  I certainly pray that is the case, and that this is not some politically motivated attack on the Traditional Mass itself. I also pray that the motives of those who brought this action down on the Franciscans of the Immaculate are purer than the driven snow. I would hate to be responsible for closing off such a massive torrent of Grace as the many TLMs now blocked represented.  An action of such unimaginable magnitude can only be justified by avoidance of the very gravest of scandals, and I have seen little that justifies such a step in the coverage presented to date.  We can only pray that all those involved in this act, from the lowest to the highest levels, have not acted out of any bias or animus in this heretofore unheard of disciplinary action against this religious order.


Another FFI priest I know. Please pray for Fr. Jacinto.

Another FFI priest I know. Please pray for Fr. Jacinto.


1. TG - July 31, 2013

It’s always my first thought on how the Church always punishes those that are faithful and orthodox and lets the liberals get away with everything. Like you said God does test all the great holy men and women, those you mentioned and don’t forget Padre Pio.

Cephas - August 1, 2013

This is not a punishment. To see it as such is understandable, but mistaken.
I myself am a member of the order, and am truly becoming nauseated but the blatant expression of opinions by so many bloggers who are outside of the institute, and have no real way of knowing of what is going on or what led to this action by the Holy See.

I beg that you all might have a little faith in the Church and Her hierarchy. The Church does not take such serious action if there were only ” a small group” of friars stirring up trouble.

There is no conspiracy here, just effects of original sin, which are being countered by the instrument set up by Christ to combat such things: the Holy Catholic Church led by the successor of St Peter!

Please pray for us. . .and love the Pope!!

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