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Welcome to the persecution – crazed pro-aborts assault Cathedral during Mass July 29, 2013

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And the Archbishop was offering the Mass!  Church-bashing abortionists in Santiago, Chile broke into the Cathedral during Mass, tore down a Confessional, threw pews around, and horribly defaced centuries old side altars and treasures of art in their demonic rampage.  No one was injured, Deo Gratias, but the cathedral of Santiago is still closed for repairs. This occurred on July 25, the Vigil of the Feast of St. James, the patron and name-Saint of Santiago, Chile.  The spray-painted blasphemies on the altars included such edifying statements as……….I warn you, this is incredibly blasphemous, you may not want to read it………….”Mary wanted to abort.”

Fortunately, the faithful were able to gather around the main altar and Blessed Sacrament, and prevented profanation of either.  God bless them.  This is what the AP and BBC call a “mostly peaceful” protest.

This is what persecution looks like, even in Catholic Chile, where abortion is still thankfully illegal.  But there are elections scheduled for this fall, so international pro-abort forces are converging on the country to try to bring it into the camp of moloch, the camp of living child-sacrifice:

Abortion activists interrupted Mass at the Cathedral of the Chilean capital Santiago the evening of July 25, destroying confessionals and defaming several side altars with blasphemous graffiti.

“We were celebrating the feast of St. James the Apostle, with the mayor in attendance, and offering thanks to so many Catholics who serve the public, in an atmosphere of peace and recollection when protestors suddenly came in,” said Bishop Pedro Ossandón Buljevic, an auxiliary bishop of the Santiago de Chile archdiocese………

[I will skip the part where the bishop rather pathetically speaks of “dialogue.”  How do you dialogue with a culture that’s increasingly ready to burn your cathedrals down, with you inside them?]

……..Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati Andrello was saying Mass on the eve of the feast of St. James, the city’s patron and namesake, when the activists unexpectedly stormed the cathedral at the conclusion of a pro-abortion march.

Abortion is illegal in Chile, even in cases of rape. Of the country’s population, around 85 percent is Christian.

The current government opposes liberalization of abortion access. Last year, Chile’s senate rejected three bills easing the absolute ban, the Associated Press reports.

The faithful present at the Mass, including Santiago’s mayor, Carolina Toha, prevented the activists from reaching the main altar.

With help from the faithful, police who in riot gear were able to remove the protestors from the cathedral, dispersing the crowd outside as well, and making several arrests. The protestors had barricaded themselves in with pews.

These are the same types of people who met sweetly sung hymns with chants of “Hail satan” down in Austin a few weeks ago.

I pray we are strong enough to resist.


1. Marie Dean (@supertradmum) - July 29, 2013

Solzhenitsyn said one cannot have détente with evil…

tantamergo - July 29, 2013

Hey, I’ve been quoting Sozhenitsyn lots, too! I was reading Gulag Archipelago, but sort of stopped. It was so depressing! There is no limit to the human capacity for evil!

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