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I can’t help liking these guys July 30, 2013

Posted by Tantumblogo in Abortion, awesomeness, Basics, General Catholic, Glory, Grace, manhood, persecution, sanctity, Tradition, true leadership, Virtue.

I know I’ve had some commenters in the past express concern or even dismay regarding my posting items from Tradition, Family, and Property, but I can’t help liking what they do.  I like how they dress, I like how they act, I like their banners, and the bagpipes, and their willingness to get out in public, mix it up, get insulted, and continue to proclaim the Gospel.  I wish we had more Catholics like that. I wish I took more time doing things like that.  At some point, I’m going to have to read their founder’s opus Revolution and Counter-Revolution.

At any rate, TFP Student Action was in Texas recently demonstrating on behalf of the protection of the unborn in several Texas cities, including Austin.  It was in Austin, naturally, that they received their most negative reception.  In fact, from their report here, it sounds like Austin, and especially the UT campus, were about the only places where the response to their pro-life message was not overwhelmingly positive.  Even opposite Texas Tech in Lubbock, they apparently received tremendous support. I am glad for that, as much as I am ashamed that my alma mater is increasingly a den of sexular pagan misanthropes.

The political sociology of their experience in Texas is not surprising.  Austin is liberal, even demonic in places, Round Rock is pretty well split, San Antonio is socially conservative if economically frequently liberal, and Lubbock is across the board Christian conservative. By area, Texas is probably 95% staunchly conservative.  Must be all that immensely wealthy landed property out there in Terrell County.


1. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - July 30, 2013

I admit that I can’t help but to admire them as well. By their fruits we shall know them and from I know of them thus far, they are worthy of our support.

2. John - July 30, 2013

I dont understand why anybody would have any problem with these guys? Especially someone checking out a Catholic Blog for Dallas Catholics?

3. Sal - July 31, 2013

Look, I hate to be the constant rain on your parade, b/c I know you’ve had a bad couple of days, but you really need to thoroughly check this organization out before promoting them.
Or ask Fr. what he thinks.
Not everything that looks wholesome and clean-cut is.

tantamergo - July 31, 2013

I think there is a bit of a prism effect here. I’ve read bits and pieces of Revolution and Counter-revolution and from what I can tell, there is quite a bit of value, there. I know Correa advocated a return to nobility, and certainly probably saw himself and his followers as forming elements of a “new aristocracy.” But given the disaster that liberal democracy has been for the Church and world, I don’t know that such support automatically disqualifies him. I’m reading Christopher Ferrara’s book

    Liberty: The God that Failed

, and there is much to ponder there. I haven’t seen anything from the TFP crowd that causes me to disqualify them from any support I give (which, in a few blogposts, has been pretty mild). I like much of what they advocate, and if they have some ideals that I don’t agree with, that doesn’t mean that I have to totally discount them. Jill Stanek is an evangelical protestant, but I still admire her pro-life work. I think there is a bit of a tendency to ostracize those who hold different views, especially those that cut against mainstream opinion, but we might be advised to check and see if some of that culturally approved opinion is counter-productive for both our souls, and the world.

If I can even get Father to stop down and talk with me, I’ll be sure to bring this up, but I think I have mentioned in the past, and I don’t recall their being Panic in the Year Zero or anything like that. Maybe a bit of trepidation, but nothing more.

4. LaGallina - July 31, 2013

Does anyone know anything about the TFP Call to Chivalry Camp? It looks really great for boys.

Sal, fill us in then, what is the problem with these guys? I can’t find too many pious, masculine role models for my sons these days.

Did y’all see the Vortex with Michael Voris for today July 30? It’s about how the problems in the Church today stem from the lack of true masculinity, especially among our bishops. It’s true. I know very, very, very few men who are devout Catholics, yet strong and masculine. That needs to change.

5. Sal - July 31, 2013

Try this link: http://www.traditioninaction.org/
run by Atilla Sinke Guimares, a disciple of Prof. Correo, of the “We Resist You to the Face” group of authors.

and check out the articles in the American TFP site written by the founder.

Now, perhaps they are not as much of a personality cult as they were when (pre-crazy) E. Michael Jones did a report on them about twenty years ago. (There is an article on the web that uses much of the same material as Jones, but it is anonymous, so I won’t link it.)

I am completely sympathetic to people trying to find support for the counter-cultural task ahead- just be cautious. In the last twenty years, I have seen so much nonsense under the heading of “tradition” that now, to me, any group that uses “Tradition”, “Traditional” or “Traditio” in its name is highly suspect, until proven otherwise.

TE, I think that is a lot of the appeal- that the TFP’ers will be the new aristocracy, come the counter-revolution.

LaGallina - July 31, 2013

Thanks for the info, Sal.

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