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I phthinkp aye mbmit mah tongnhue noff – NUBPDATEDNH! July 30, 2013

Posted by Tantumblogo in Admin, Eucharist, foolishness, General Catholic, Papa, sadness, silliness.

Uff da:

Volunteer receives Communion during the World Youth Day closing Mass on Copacabana beach

Well, there were 3 million on the beach, supposedly, but apparently all of Pope Francis’ Masses in Rio featured lay people handing out the Blessed Sacrament galore.  There were also bikini babes and shirtless dudes galore.

Fortunately, my tongue will be surgically reattached, and I won’t say anything else.

UPDATE: Oh dear Lord:


My tongue, my tongue, my poor, poor tongue!


1. Woody - July 30, 2013

I truly feel that if I was there, I would walk up, genuflect, and remove the towel and beach ball, right in front of the Holy Father. Not out of disrespect for our Holy Father but out of respect for our Blessed Lord in the tabernacle.

2. Marie Dean (@supertradmum) - July 30, 2013

This is so weird

tantamergo - July 30, 2013

My silly reaction, or the actual events? Or both?

I’m trying to deflect my pain through humor. I frequently do that.

3. Catholic4Life - July 31, 2013

Reblogged this on Catholic4Life.

4. Martina - July 31, 2013

Since I know your blog I always found your reaction very sound.
Keep up your good work for or holy mother church!

To remain silent cann sometimes be a sin.

5. ProLIFEmommy - July 31, 2013

AMEN, Martina!!!
Be weird. It’s the “normal” people I worry about!! LOL…
I feel your pain @tantamergo to the 10th power. I sometimes BEG the Lord to remove my vocal cords (let alone my tongue)!! …..
My friend called me the other day saying, “Isn’t WYD wonderful??” I couldn’t help but reply, “Don’t you mean, ‘Catholic Woodstock?'” I TRIED receiving those indulgences for tuning in, but, every time I did, it turned out to be an
occasion of sin for me… after a few minutes, I just HAD to turn it off.
What on EARTH is going on? Mother Angelica must’ve been bursting at the seams with embarrassment by the coverage of the network she started. It was absolutely DISGRACEFUL.

6. John - July 31, 2013

It seems really weird to passing out our Blessed Lord to so many people that are properly disposed to receive Him. I hate to be so tongue in cheek, but I suppose there weren’t mass-confessions offered prior to the mass-communion “celebration”? I know this was totally valid, I don’t doubt that, but it “looked” more like a “come – on – down” Protestant communion celebration than a Mass. When its that impossible to ensure that there wont be desecration of the Eucharist, it shouldn’t be done. I wont even get into the liturgical dancing!

7. TG - July 31, 2013

I’m glad I didn’t watch any of it. I figured it might be an occasion of sin for me. Poor Mother Angelica. Maybe she didn’t watch it either.

8. MJD - August 1, 2013

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