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Thanks to all the folks who came out last night July 30, 2013

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I wanted to thank everyone who came out last night to the Novus Ordo Latin Mass at St. Mark.  Attendance was up a bit, and that’s great. I’m sorry I sold the schola, only to have them be off last night.  Apparently, they’ll be gone next week, too.  I did not mean to spread disinformation, I just really did not remember their absence.

I also wanted to see what folks thought of the Leonine Prayers after Mass?  That was the first time I’ve ever done that. I felt very weird leading prayers, but thought I’d give it a try, especially since the schola was gone, which made it more of a “low” Mass.  The Leonine Prayers (3 Aves, 1 Salve Regina, 1 Saint Michael, etc) are said after Low Masses in the TLM. Since the schola is usually singing during the Procession, and Kenton then plays the organ, I think this will only be something I do when the schola is absent.  Unless you think it’s dumb, and then I won’t do it at all.  Except maybe for spite.


Anyway, I know some of the new faces are also readers of this blog. I’m glad I inspired commenter Paul to come, and I’m sorry I did not get a chance to talk with you after Mass.  I usually stay and pray for a while.  But let me know what you think about the Mass.  We usually don’t have two priests at Mass, but I think there may be two at least off an on for a while.  I pray the assisting priest, Fr. Yamauchi, might have an interest in learning the Novus Ordo Latin Mass. I can say that his Latin has gotten a lot better in the past 2 years!  He didn’t know hardly any a few short years ago!

I would be very glad if this Diocese had a third fourth diocesan priest with an interest in Latin Mass. Who is #3 – that’s a mystery!



1. brad - July 30, 2013

Its seem hard for increase of more priests for the new 1969 mass because they are getting fewer and many are retiring. Rome wants the FSSP to do both mass, new mass of 1969 and the Tradtional latin Mass of Blessed Pope John XXIII

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