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And now for something completely different….. July 31, 2013

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…..I’ve been reading Christopher Ferrara’s very interesting Liberty: The God that Failed.  I’m frankly less than 10% through the book, so can’t give an honest overview, but there have been some excellent individual quotes I thought I might share.  This book really attacks the formation we essentially all received growing up in this country: that “democracy,” or republican democracy, is the best, practically the ony acceptable form of government ever devised, that, likewise, the “free market” is ideal, and that both trump any previous constructs, especially those hopelessly corrupt and authoritarian relics of the Middle Ages, the limited monarchy coupled with a dominant Church.  Ferrara argues no so fast, and makes a strong case, even in the beginning stages of the book, that classical liberal democratic states (liberty, for short) have been an unfettered disaster for mankind, and are leading us rapidly and inevitably towards civilizational collapse.  This, without even the seemingly unavoidable fall into the sexular socialist statism now encroaching on all “advanced” countries, if they are not already there.

A few selected quotes:

Liberty so defined has given birth to the State in its modern guise: organs of government separated from the Church; government by majority will and the “representatives” of the majority, including a quasi-monarchical “chief executive” who succeeds the Christian king with all the pomp and ceremony of the monarchy, but on a far grander scale than any king could have afforded and with far greater powers at his disposal [mostly because we now pay taxes far, far higher than any Medieval monarch would have dreamed obtaining!]. …..modern states exercise vastly more authority over the individual than any Christian monarch of old – not in spite of, but precisely because of its claim to represent “the will of the people” over and above the authority of any moral code, religion or Church to which a mere king ruling a state in the classical state was subject, if only out of his own fear of eternal punishment. [Think about our present situation. 53% of Americans elect a man president. That man is given immense, near total power. He decides to impose a new health payment scheme on the nation, and gets an obsequious Congress to willingly enact this scheme. This scheme contains provisions forcing all citizens to drastically alter their economic standing, and, even worse, fund horrifyingly immoral acts with their own money – all because a narrow majority voted for one man. That is obscene. But that is the system that has been created in this country.  And because Obama has the “backing of the people,” his actions have a patina of univeral approbation, approval, and even moral licity.  All of which are highly dubious, at best.]


The political tradition of Christendom, then, provides a complete doctrine, rooted in revelation, for both obedience to civil authority and the grounds for licit disobedience to its unjust or immoral commands. Having abandoned the Christian teaching on the divine source and the divinely imposed limits of civil authority, the modern nation-state boasts of its freedom even as it destroys true freedom by an exact inversion of the Gospel: We ought to obey men rather than God, keeping any contrary “private” religious beliefs to ourselves in the exercise of our “religious freedom.” [And we see heavy, heavy efforts to force the practice of religion – should it be tolerated at all – into the private realm of Church and home.  The Christian religion, anyways.]


….if nationalism – the worship of the nation-state – is classed as a religion, then it is far and away the most violent relgiion in human history…….[nationalism has caused……]……..”the cruel wars, desolations of countries, and oceans of blood” that none other than John Adams, second President of the United States, predicted “must occur before rational principles and rational systems of government can prevail and be established” – that is, before Christendom could be eradicated throughout teh West and replaced by “the American model.”……..Only when the living God who founded a Church and preached His Gospel in the flesh had been banished form political affairs – that is, only when Christendom had been overthrown – was it possible to speak of a secular nation-state; and only then did there emerge the epiphenomenon of nationalism with its demands for total war. [Ferrara had just spent quite a bit of time explaining how these new “democratic” nation-states had spilled more blood in more wars than anything that had come before, by orders of magnitude. The 20th century has been the century of total war, where men no longer die for God, but for the new god of the nation state.] But as Milbank has written: “Once there was no secular.Instead there was the single community of Christendom with its dual aspects of sacerdotium and regnum……The secular as a domain had to be created or imagined, both in theory and in practice.” The creation or imagination of the secular domain of politics, separated from the precepts of revealed religion, was a primary aim of the enlightenment and an essential preparation for the American Revolution.




1. brad - July 31, 2013

Let any priests be freely celebrates the daily Traditional Latin mass and stay where they are station at. Because its make its simple for all priests to do less work. Treat them fairly and equally, Otherwise more work for the 1969 mass of priests. Let not try ro kill off any priests or Catholic ones to break away

tantamergo - August 1, 2013

No offense, but this comment doesn’t belong on this post at all.

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