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NYT has gleeful article about Catholic Georgetown U being “gay-friendly” July 31, 2013

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Oh they love this so much they cannot stand it!  As if we needed further condemnation that formerly Catholic, Jesuit (ok, it’s still very, very Jesuit, which is one of dozens of reasons why that order needs supressing) Georgetown has completely gone off the trolley, the NYT has a 3 page (!!) article that just revels in the fact that their side won, that yet another formerly Catholic institution is no undeniably sexular pagan.  I won’t make you suffer through the article, nor earn the Times some money through clicks, so here is a safe review from Catholic Culture.  Note the student who lays it all on the line: he remains Catholic, in order to destroy the Faith:

The New York Times has published an article on the acceptance of homosexuality at Georgetown University. “Indeed, there’s a Gender Liberation Week, Gay Pride Month, a popular drag ball called Genderfunk, and a Lavender graduation ceremony attended by the university president,” the Times reported.

“Every month is a good month to be gay at Georgetown,” said the president of the student gay pride group, who has considered converting to the Episcopal Church. “You stay Catholic because you have a love of the institution and you want to change it.”   [You may say, Tantumergo, how can you say he wants to destroy the Faith? He only seeks to “change” it?  Into what?  Something that completely ignores one of the four sins that cry out to Heaven for vengeance?  A lifestyle that even the modern catechism declares is fundamentally disordered?  What remains of the Church, when those who seek to change it to accept their particular sin, have their way?  If homosexual acts are not sinful, why did Jesus Christ become man, and die?  All these “little issues” destroy the Faith.]

Knowing they’re going to get creamed by actual Catholics, Georgetown attempts to equivocate:

Todd A. Olson, Georgetown’s dean of students, says he is confident that providing gay students support, freedom of expression and a place to celebrate who they are does not conflict with the university’s Jesuit heritage … The university, he said, is careful not to take positions or advocate behavior that contradicts church teachings. The resource center, for example, does not distribute condoms or provide safe-sex counseling.

See!  Aren’t you reassured now?!  The university is “careful not to take positions!”  Would that be like doggie, 69, kama sutra, what?  Because they’re sure as heck taking a position in favor of encouraging the homosexual lifestyle, and probably, in many various ways, the act, too.  Remember at the beginning “Gender Liberation Week, Gay Pride Month, a popular drag ball called Genderfunk, and a Lavender graduation ceremony attended by the university president.”  Do you think they have “Handgun Liberation Week” at Georgetown?  How about sense mortification week?  Do they practice Ignatian exercises? I know, I know…..it is to laugh!  Please!  There is more outright paganism practiced at Georgetown than there is a sad remnant of Catholicism.

Please stop pretending we’re idiots!  We can see through your double-talk and sad excuse making.  Notice how they say, they are not in conflict with the university’s “Jesuit heritage” – that could mean anything!  But are they Catholic?  Even remotely so?  No!!!!!  The only extent to which they are Catholic, is when it comes time to hit up aging alumni with fat wallets with a bit of 1950s romanticism about how Georgetown used to be.  But it hasn’t, in fact, been remotely Catholic in 50 years or more.  In actuality, many of the worst, early modernists in the US Church, who helped undermine the belief that contraception use is sinful, for example, came from Georgetown.

They can call themselves whatever they like.  But they ceased being Catholic, long, long ago.

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