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Enormous charity for man, or cynical attempt to buttress a dying Church? Bishops plan massive amnesty push August 23, 2013

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I’ve said about all I want to in the headline.  I’ll just reveal my own opinion a bit, I think there are powerful incentives for very mixed motives in this particular bit of playing at politics.  I’ll also say, the bishops are once again muddying the waters between what is really Doctrine or Dogma, like the life issues, and what is entirely a prudential decision within the purview of the laity, how best to set immigration policy.  This latest push – which seems at least as strong if not stronger than anything done in opposition to the truly immoral, persecutorial HHS Mandate – will also provide convenient cover to pro-abort Katholyc politicians who can now claim “fealty” to one issue (a prudential one misrepresented as dogmatic), even as they stand as heresiarchs on many others.

Anyways, the USCCB is planning a full court press on Amnesty for federal lawbreakers this Sept. 8 (I add comments):

The Catholic Church has put the word  out to the faithful: Come  September, the papacy [full stop. I don’t believe this is coming from the papacy. This is entirely the doing of the USCCB]  will be pushing for a  widespread and comprehensive  immigration reform package on Capitol Hill that  will open the doors to  citizenship to roughly 11 million illegals.

The church announced the plans  last week. Starting Sept. 8, services  at participating churches around the  nation will include a  pulpit-generated push for amnesty, including a call for  pew members to  get involved, the New York  Timesreported.

“We want to try to pull out all the stops,” Kevin Appleby, the  director of immigration  policy at the United States Conference of  Catholic Bishops, told the Times. “They have to hear the message that we want this done, and if you’re not successful during the summer,  you’re  not going to win by the end of the year….” [Who wants this done? The USCCB?  Under pain of what? Sin?  What defines “success?”  Is this a threat? A stupidly worded request? What is it?]

……At the community level, bishops and priests across the nation are  planning  to coordinate their Sunday services to include immigration  reform throughout  September, the Times reported.

At least a dozen already have agreed to hold special Sunday masses in   September dedicated to pushing immigration reform as  Congress returns to session. [Is Bishop Farrell counted among that dozen?]

But one Catholic said the church  may be wasting its time.

“There are some issues that the church speaks authoritatively on,   such as abortion, in protecting life,” said Rep. Dan Lipinski, Illinois Democrat. “And then there are prudential  judgments that are made, informed  by Catholic theology, but it’s not something  that Catholics are required  to follow.” [It’s sad that a lay person would have to point out to the bishops what constitutes doctrine, what constitutes prudential matters, and what constitutes self-interest.]

—————-End Quote—————–

Lipinski, a pro-life democrat (whatever that means), is exactly right.  There is no question immigration policy falls under the purview of the laity as prudential matters to be decided in accordance with the Moral Doctrine of the Faith – Doctrine which has always held that every state has the right both to protect its borders, and to determine who qualifies for citizenship, and under what circumstances. We’re yet to see what kind of rhetoric will emerge from this push, but if the past is any indicator, there will be strong attempts to conflate the prudential, and the dogmatic.

The ultimate losers in this effort will once again be the bishops and faithful Catholics.  As I said at the top, what these highly politicized forays into prudential matters tend to accomplish is an undermining of the bishop’s authority in truly doctrinal areas.  If you watch the USCCB website, there are calls to action virtually every day on some prudential issue, demanding more federal spending on the farm bill, or opining on copyright law (literally, the USCCB is very interested in copyright law, as its principle source of income is the licensing of publishers to produce vernacular missals/missalettes for all the parishes), defense spending, foreign policy, foreign aid, etc., etc.  The net result of all this is, the USCCB chicken little cries “the sky is falling” so much, no one pays much attention to what they have to say on any matter.  And marginal Catholics get confused as to what really constitutes a matter of faith and morals, and what is simply another politically motivated (and frequently self-serving) foray by the USCCB into prudential matters.

Well, enjoy your lecture on September 8.

I must say……..I sense something in the air. The progressives are feeling their oats. They feel much more confident.  They are much more open and aggressive in their rhetoric.  I don’t think it any question, the progressives feel much more “empowered” with the current Holy Father, than they have felt in 35 years.

We’ll see……..

NM Supreme Court: Christians must accept subjugation to homosexual agenda as “price of citizenship” August 23, 2013

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Rights? Rrriiights? You Christians will be lucky if we let you keep doing your God-bothering Bible humping in your homes and churches.  Welcome to end stage America, where the totalitarianism is open and Christianity is most assuredly not preferred.

On Thursday, the New Mexico Supreme Court ruled that religious wedding photographers could be forced to photograph same-sex weddings. “When Elane Photography refused to photograph a same-sex commitment ceremony, it violated the [New Mexico Human Rights Act, or NMHRA] in the same way as if it had refused to photograph a wedding between people of different races,” the court ruled unanimously…..

….Justice Richard Bosson wrote, in concurrence, that the Huguenins are “compelled by law to compromise the very religious beliefs that inspire their lives.” He concluded, “The Huguenins are free to think, to say, to believe, as they wish; they may pray to the God of their choice and follow those commandments in their personal lives wherever they lead. The Constitution protects the Huguenins in that respect and much more. But there is a price, one that we all have to pay somewhere in our civic life.” That “compromise,” he wrote, “is part of the glue that holds us together as a nation, the tolerance that lubricates the varied moving parts of us as a people. That sense of respect we owe others, whether or not we believe as they do, illuminates this country, setting it apart from the discord that afflicts much of the rest of the world. In short, I would say to the Huguenins, with the utmost respect: it is the price of citizenship.”

Well, thank goodness he says it with the highest respect. I’d hate to see what he does when being disrespectful!

When the government can force citizens to say or do things that are in diametric opposition to their consciences, what else is this nation but a police state?

Blogging will be light to nonexistent until after Labor Day August 22, 2013

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You have you a good week.  I won’t be able to blog much.

If you have time, would you, in your charity, say a prayer for my health? I’ve been suffering from my arrythmia of late.

Dominus vobiscum!

One final thing for your consideration: packs of wild dogs now roam the streets of Detroit.  Here is a photo essay.

Brought to you by the same liberal philosophy destroying the Faith.


Sick: PuffHost writer says parents should let kids fornicate with their little buddies in their house…. August 22, 2013

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……and even implies, rather strongly, that maybe the parents should partake of the fornication to teach the kids how to do it right.  They’re not even trying to hide what used to be considered criminal behavior anymore (safe link):

Traditional sleepovers consisting of girl talk, manicures and rom-coms are being left behind for a much more controversial fad: sexual sleepovers. Or so says a writer for The Huffington Post blog.

In her latest article, titled “How Do You Feel About Sex and Teenage Sleepovers?” Soraya Chemaly suggests that “parents of teenagers would encourage them to bring over their partners, have a nice dinner, then toddle off to bed together.” [Ummm……I haven’t read this shameful article directly, nor will I link to it.  But the implication here is very strong, the parents should “toddle off” with their kids and partner and go have a nice round of group sex.  To say this demonstrates a degree of criminal behavior is, I think, clear.  So, what about the parents of the other kid – do they want their 14 year old son being seduced and raped by an entire family, including two adults?  This is like some nightmare from alt.sex.stories from the 90s come to freakin’ life.]

After reading Alain de Botton’s How to Think More About Sex, Chemaly sparked up a conversation with her teenage children and their friends about how they are taught to think about sex. “Why not teach children,” she suggested, “how to have sex well, the way you teach them how to do other things?” [Ummm…..because I’m not a pervert totally dominated by my libido, unable to imagine anything more important that the vilest ways of gratifying my lust?[

The Huffington Post writer went on to explain that although children are taught about sex in school [and TV, and movies, and magazines, and the internet, and……..If it’s one thing this culture does not lack, it is venues to sexualize our children. Sheesh] , “parents have more influence on what their kids think and do about sex than teachers do. Parental attitudes, it turns out, are far more influential and meaningful.” [And, by golly, parents should lead the charge in turning their kids into mindless hormone driven zombies!]

Chemaly adds, “Are you a ‘responsible-sex-is-good’ parent, or more in the ‘scare-them-silly’ camp? [how about neither? How about, this is something precious, given by God, intended for procreation, and only virtuous in the confines of marriage with a constant openness to God using this act to create new life]It seems logical to me that the same way I try to teach my kids to exercise, sleep well and be good people, I would teach them to have healthy sex and sleep with other good people.” [I just find this really unnerving.  In saner times…..say, a couple of decades ago, a public admission of this sort would be enough to start a criminal investigation.  But now, in our “sex positive” culture (soon to be HIV+ culture), anything goes!  If you want to rape your child’s innocence demonstrate for them poses from the kama sutra, go ahead!]

Years ago, I worked with a very, very strange man.  Very strange – as in, disturbing.  He shared waaaay too much about his, and his wife’s……activities.  Mind you, this is before I converted, and folks, believe me, I was anything but a prude (I once got accused by some commenter of having been sheltered, of holding quite strictly to traditional morality because I’ve never experienced the “pleasures” of the more sordid side of life.  My dear commenter, I adhere to that traditional morality precisely because I have so very much experience with such sordidness).  But this guy shared way, way too much – to the point all of us who knew him were like……..ick.  And got a very bad vibe. Then, one day, this guy started talking about how, if he and his wife ever had any kids, SHE thought it would be a great idea to invite them to the marital bed to show them how its done “right.”  At that point, I, and some other co-workers, had to advise him that we felt such was very, very illegal, and disgusting, even from our naturalist perspective.  But, then again, that was back in the dark, medieval, repressive times of the late 1990s.  We’ve “advanced” so far since then.

Thank God, I don’t believe this very sad, strange man ever did have any children.

I fear articles like the above are just the beginnnig. Since our culture has rejected its Christian morality, it’s all about will to power now. The strong get to dictate to the weak, what they think is moral. Parent’s scarring their kids for life are really just “inculcating sex positive values in them.”  There is no end to the horror.  We can sink to infinite depths absent God.


Fr. Ray Blake dissects the differences between the Traditional Missal, and new August 22, 2013

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I have an occasional commenter who has come by several times to chide me that I apparently have no conception of the differences between the TLM and Novus Ordo. I find that a bit strange, and have to assume that commenter missed the numerous posts I did from mid-2012 until early this year, which dissected those differences from many angles in great detail. Such as the post that lamented how 1 Corinthians 11:27-29 has been completely excised from the Novus Ordo.  I also have to say, having assisted predominately at the TLM over the past 3 years, I’ve come to recognize those differences in increasingly detail.  But, whateves, as I said, I hang around the local TLM parish quite a bit, and I’ve yet to see her there.  But it is true, I don’t feel the need to very carefully identify ALL the changes between TLM and Novus Ordo, or to stress all the perceived failings of the Novus Ordo, in every single post.  Such would give me a terrible case of tired head. So, I guess Barb will just have to continue being disappointed.Gold_Spain

But, to make her feel a bit better, perhaps, below are some excerpts by Fr. Ray Blake which notes many of those differences in the prayers of the two forms of the Mass. Fr. Blake doesn’t use the term “negative ecclesiology,” but that is exactly what he is getting at.  The revolutionaries in the Church sought to radically change belief and practice, and there was no better way to do that than by altering the Mass.  As such, concepts the revolutionaries found offensive, so called negative theology (sin, death, judgment, atonement, suffering, mysticism, rejection of the world, etc., etc), were simply removed from the Mass. Fr. Anthony Cekada’s study on this subject found that 85% of the Orations from the TLM were either totally excised (70%), or so changed as to be radically altered in meaning (15%).  The rest of the vast new prayers – the Propers, or Orations – for the 3 year liturgical cycle were manufactured (to use Pope Emeritus’ Benedict XVI’s term) by a small committee of self-anointed liturgical experts over a period of a few years.  I add emphasis and comments below:

In last Sundays readings Jesus says to his disciples: “Do you think I came to bring peace on earth? No, I tell you, but division”. It is the type of reading that the compilers of the Lectionary normally move to the Wednesday of the 22nd Week of Ordinary Time, or there abouts. [If they leave it in, at all.  But I will say the 3 year liturgical cycle has absolutely butchered the flow of the liturgical year.  Readings at Mass most often no longer correspond at all to the given Saint’s feast, or even from the portion of the liturgical year then ongoing.  We frequenty have readings that have nothing to do with either the Saint, or the season.  It’s all discombobulated]

The lectionary for Extraordinary Form seems to present Christ in a more vivid way than the Ordinary Form Lectionary. It was organic,hammered out Crucifix_Krakowover the centuries, although the Sundays are basically those in use at the time of Gregory the Great……. [And the Roman Canon is, according to numerous sources, much older than that.  Even among many of the most radical of 20th century liturgical revolutionaries, it was always thought the Roman Canon would be, must be, inviolable. When John XXIII made the first small change to the Canon in 1962, they knew they would be given free reign to change everything.] The Church’s theology until the 20th Century was built on her Liturgy and the scriptures presented there and most especially in the Lectionary of the Missal. [Lex Orandi, Lex Credendi.  The law of prayer is the law of belief – we believe as we pray.  Radical changes in the prayers of the Mass led to radical changes in belief.  I’ll go ahead and stress, for Barb’s sake, the fact that the prayers of the Novus Ordo Latin Mass are the basis for all this, and very different from the Latin prayers of the TLM]

I can’t help thinking of Abp Annibale Bugnini writing the Missal of Paul VI and composing the present Lectionary through a haze of whatever was smoked in 60s. Maybe I am being unfair and he didn’t smoke anything but the Pauline Lectionary has a decided 60s feel to it.  [Actually, Bugnini himself wrote in his book (which I most assuredly do NOT recommend) that he and his chief collaborator, Carlo Braga, stayed up late many nights drinking wine and smoking……whatever they smoked, composing the new Orations for the Novus Ordo]  The image of God, of Jesus is not organic, it has the feel of one particular period in history, to me it is decidedly Beatnik to early Hippie. If it hadn’t been compiled after two World Wars and the Holocaust it would probably have been quite different, if Bugnini or Paul VI had been different types of men the image of God presented to us would be quite different. Because fundamentally it is their image of God, it is not the image that St Thomas Becket, St Francis, St John of the Cross, St John Vianney, or Padre Pio met every day at the altar. [No question Bugnini asserted much of his personal theology into the Novus Ordo.  That philosophy was dominated by modernism and ecumenism, with one of the highest concerns of the changes to the Mass being that it must not offend protestant sensibilities. There were wild hopes running rampant, that desired the Mass to continue to change, to continue to become more protestant, until there would be one great big kumbayah super-ecumenical “mass” for protestants and Catholics. The Orthodox, were, of course, not much consulted in all this, as they found it abhorrrent]

The OF Lectionary presents us with a new theology; the ancient Lectionary formed the theology of the Church, it was an unchanging ‘given’. What Bugnini produced was very much the product of the Council and 20th century theology[So, Father Blake is staking out his claim that the Novus Ordo, contrary to what many conservative Catholics try to claim, was not produced contrary to what the Council proclaimed, but fully in union with those proclamations. This is certainly a hot topic of debate, but I’ll say this: the conciliar documents were deliberately left very imprecise and open to interpretation, so that almost any liturgical change could be justified. That was the whole point.  The revolutionaries did not think they could get away with a Council, even a pastoral one, that proclaimed error.  So, they filled it with ambiguities that could be easily taken advantage of to justify about anything, liturgically. And thus, a wretched table replaces the Altar of God.]   It comes from the same school that applied the scalpel to excise the cursing psalm, that separated that bit about eating and drinking one’s own condemnation from the Epistle for Corpus Christi and so many other bits and pieces that they were uncomfortable with, that simply did not reflect the theological fashion of the time. [“negative” ecclesiology]

Yes, we now have a lot more scripture but it is carefully selected, carefully edited and from a very particular time in Church history and produced by very strange men indeed, some of whom were quite unsaintly, who had their own image of God they wanted to impose on the Church. [Very strange indeed. I think it fair to say that putting a mason in charge of the liturgical reform qualifies as strange.  Fr. Blake is dead on when he said there is more Scripture used in the Novus Ordo, but it has been very carefully screened, to insure those dread topics of “negative ecclesiology” aren’t around to frighten very delicate, very feminine modern man.]

In a sense the new Lectionary gives a new image of God, in that it has change the Church fundamentally because it has changed the face of God. [Yup]

——————-End Quote————————

I should make clear, Fr. Blake offers both the TLM and the Novus Ordo on just about a daily basis.  But he, like Traditional Catholic Priest, like Fr. Rodriguez, and like so many others who have delved into the treasures of the Traditional Mass from a Novus Ordo background, has concluded unequivocally that the TLM possesses so many efficacious aspects that the Novus Ordo simply lacks. It simply speaks to their souls much more.  As it does to the vast majority of lay people who give the TLM a fair chance.  The Traditional Mass is, quite simply, the greatest creation of Western Civilization, by far, but then again it’d have to be: its the product of centuries of cooperation with Grace.


The indifferentiation of the Faith continues apace August 22, 2013

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I think I just made up a word – indifferentiation, the process of turning millions of former believers into indifferentist pantheists!  As usual, your catholyc universities are in the vanguard of this latest development in that blustery new springtime we all enjoy so much!

Loyola Marymount, moving on from a previous certification program (it is so important to be certified!) is now offering a master’s degree program in………yoga studies!  Oh, what a lucrative career field that will be, certain to pay off that $100,000 in student loans in no time!

Loyola Marymount University recently announced it will begin offering a Master of Arts in Yoga. Although often viewed today as a form of exercise independent of its religious origins in Hinduism, yoga spirituality seems to be a heavy emphasis of the LMU graduate degree program.

According to LMU’s Yoga Studies Facebook site, the purpose of studying yoga is “to provide educational opportunities for adult learners, which strengthen their religious and spiritual formation as ministers, educators, and leaders committed to service and the pursuit of justice in their own communities.” [Yes, but just what formation is being strengthened?  It’s not Catholic formation……..]

…….The same webpage invites students to “immerse yourself in the study of traditional Yoga and discover the spiritual self within.  [This is straight up new age language.]  Whether you are a student of yoga, an instructor in need of professional development, or simply looking to quench your own spiritual curiosity, the Center for Religion and Spirituality has something for you.”  [Except the truths of the Catholic Faith, because those are so icky, judgmental, intolerant, and incompatible with our modernist indifferentist curriculum.]

The late Catholic theologian Father John Hardon, S.J., wrote plainly that “Yoga is incompatible with Catholicism, because the best known practice of Hindu spirituality is Yoga.”

In 1989, the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith warned about the “dangers” involved in Catholics implementing eastern methods of meditation such as yoga.

We should really rejoice in the miracles that occasionally take place at Katholyc universities like Loyola Marymount.  Those miracles being, the rare occasions when students escape from the university with their faith at least somewhat intact.

I cannot comprehend why anyone who claims to take the Faith seriously would consider allowing their children to attend such a university, nor why the children themselves would want to.

But, at least, the modern ecumenical movement continues apace.

And, of course, I would be remiss if I did not mention the regular yoga sessions taught at local parishes like Prince of Peace and St. Elizabeth Ann Seton, among a number of others.


The many problems with Orthodoxy August 21, 2013

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I only have about 5 minutes to throw this out, but a commenter asked what I thought of the Orthodox Churches.  Many Catholics are tempted at times to see the Orthodox as some haven of liturgical beauty, doctrinal orthodoxy, and sane administration.  Aside from the first one (and even that is very hit or miss), they are mostly wrong.

Doctrinally, the Orthodox are not as sound as they appear on the surface.  For instance, the Russian Orthodox Church approved barrier methods of contraception a couple of years ago.  This is a huge shift, and a sign that Orthodoxy could go the way the mainline protestants have. I doubt it, but it’s a bad sign nonetheless.  In addition, all the various Orthodox Churches believe or stress slightly different things, and are at war with each other more than they are with the Catholic Church.  The lack of a singular Authority in the form of the Pope really shows.

In terms of administration, there are many problems with the Orthodox as well, but they simply don’t get as much press in the West because there are so few Orthodox. But they have their liberal and conservative factions, they have careerists and Saints, just like the Church does.  They do not appear to have been penetrated by satanic/leftist influences to the extent the Church has, but that’s simply because the Orthodox aren’t viewed as the threat the Church is – or used to be, before the penetrations.  They are not a threat because they are so divided, as I said, as much or more at each other’s throats than they are united in their opposition to the Cathoilc Church.  Each Orthodox Church is dominated to varying degrees by nationalism, so that you have Greek Orthodox, Russian Orthodox, etc., all claiming to be the “true” Orthodox Church.

Even liturgically, especially here in the US, you can find nuttiness/liberalism. You can find abuses of the Mass. You can find less than reverent liturgies.  You probably won’t see much like you see on the videos of Patriarch Kirill in Moscow offering the most solemn of liturgies.  You might find something better than your local parish church, but the answer to that is not to go Orthodox, but to find a good Traditional Latin Mass near  you.

There are other problems, but I haven’t time to get into them.

The answer, in sum, is not to leave. It’s to remain Catholic, and search for those parishes that are holy, reverent, devout, and traditional.  It could be you may have to go some ways to find such.  It’s even possible there isn’t anything within an hour’s drive.  If that’s the case, I’m sorry, but we have to offer it up.  We may all get to enjoy doing so soon if the persecution gets really going, anyways.

What an indictment of our Church, that pious souls are tempted to look elsewhere for sustenance!  Americanists, this is what you have wrought!  May God have mercy on your worldly souls!

Sorry so quick, I am out of time!  7 minutes!

One more critical, critical bit. You salvation is, to me, much less likely in an Orthodox Church, because of Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus – Outside the Church there is No Salvation.  Some might argue the Orthodox still constitute a part of the Church, but schismatic.  That’s possible.  But anywhere outside visible union with the Bride of Christ and Her Vicar, the Pope, is much more problematic than being Catholic.

St. Alphonsus Marie de Liguori’s Rule of Life, Part 3 August 21, 2013

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The third and final installment of the Great Moral Doctor’s Rule of Life from The Way of Salvation and Perfection.  Part 1 here, and 2 here.  I would say, if you follow all this Rule observantly, you should just about be assured of salvation.

In temptations trust not yourself, nor to all the good resolutions and promises which you have made, but rely solely on the divine assistance; and for this reason have immediate recourse to God and the Blessed Virgin. Especially in temptations against purity, the greatest care must be taken not to remain to dispute with the temptation. In such moments some are accustomed to set their will to make 0 Racts of the contrary virtue; but they run considerable risk. [Risk of failing! We are not nearly so strong as we think!] The best plan to adopt on these occasions is to renew the firm purpose rather to die than to offend God, and forthwith to make the sign of the cross without remonstrance, and to call on God and the divine Mother, making frequent invocations of the most holy names of Jesus and Mary, which have a wonderful efficacy against filthy suggestions, and should therefore be invoked continually till the temptations are over. Of ourselves we have not the strength to overcome the attacks of the flesh, our most cruel enemy; but God readily supplies the strength to all who ask him; but he that fails to do so, almost invariably falls prey to the enemy. [St. Alphonsus speaks great wisdom. It is a very difficult thing to let go.  The first recourse, to many, is to try to fight these temptations ourselves.  But leads to frequent failure in all but the very strongest. And in our culture today, where we are so soft and pampered and told we should always get what we want, whenever we want it, who is strong?  Strive to do as St. Alphonsus says, don’t fight the temptation, simply trust in Jesus and Mary and their protection. Do as he says above!]

If you commit a venial fault, make an act of the love of God and of contrition, purpose of amendment, and forthwith resume your wonted tranquility. To remain troubled after a fault is the greatest fault that a person can commit, for a troubled soul is incapable of doing the least good. If, by mischance, the fault has been grievous, then immediately make an act of contrition, resolve never to be guilty of the same again, and take the first opportunity to go to Confession.

470px-SantalfonsoEndeavour to hear all the sermons in your power. And it would be most advisable to make a spiritual retreat once a year in some religious house;  [Yes, YES! We did that for a few years in a row but have not done it the past two. This year, we MUST, because I can really feel the difference!]  or if that be impracticable, at least in your own house, by applying yourself for eight days to prayer and spritual reading. During this time all company and conversations on secular matters should be avoided. In like manner make a retreat of one day every month, with Confession and Communion. If your state of life allow it, become a member of some confraternity in which the Sacraments are frequented, and there make your eternal salvation the grand and sole aim.  Enter such a confraternity solely with a view to your spiritual interests, not to rule or run it.

In all the vicissitudes of life, such as illnesses, losses, and persecutions, be ever mindful to bow with resignation to the Will of God, and repose on these words; “God will it so, and so I will it likewise.” Or thus: “God will have it so; so be it done.” He that behaves in this manner stores up immense rewards in Heaven, and always lives in peace. On the contrary, he that refuses to bow to the will of God only redoubles his afflictions; for he must endure them whether he will or not; and moreover, by his impatience he lays up for himself an additional punishment.

Be especially careful to preserve a tender and marked devotion to most holy Mary, by performing daily in her honor some exercises of piety. Never omit – the first thing in the morning and the last at night – to say three times the Ave Maria in honor of her purity, imploring her to keep you from all sin. Read every day something, be it only a few lines, on the Blessed Virgin. Say her Litanies, and the Rosary, meditating on the mysteries. When you leave or enter the house, ask her blessings with an Ave Maria; and on passing by any of her images, salute her in the same way. When the clock strikes, say the Ave Maria; and then, “Jesus and Mary, I love you! Do not permit me to offend you!” [What a wonderful way to consecrate the day!]  With thte advice of your confessor, fast on Saturdays, on the vigils of the seven festivals of our Blessed Virgin, and make the novenas for the said feasts, as also for Christmas, Pentecost, and for the feast of your patron saint.

———————–End Quote——————–

That’s it, you now have St. Alphonsus’ Rule of Life. Go, and be another Saint and Doctor of the Church!


The Roman Pantheon and the American Pantheon August 21, 2013

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Both built to honor false gods.  Both nations, large pluralistic socieites concerned far more with wealth, power, and order, than Truth, were consecrated to false gods which were nothing more than benign fronts for demons.  Thus says the priest below, who very ably encapsulates much of what I’ve been saying of late about the pagan, “enlightenment,” anti-Catholic foundation upon which this nation was built:


When our first president and “father of our country” George Washington laid the corner stone of the US Capitol in Washington, DC, he turned the event into a Masonic simulacrum of baptism.  Washington, like most of the founders of this nation and all the leading men of the endarkenment, was a mason. The Capitol was literally “consecrated” (to what?) in a perverse ceremony that both mocked Christian baptism and made plain that building, at least, was being given over to the care of spiritual forces other than God’s. From a small acorn doth the mighty oak grow.

A few select quotes:

“The popular will would trump the Divine Will……”  It took it a while to happen, but this country has long since rejected the Divine Will, even as misrepresented in erroneous protestant sects.

“While that pagan filth was removed from the Pantheon……”  But we, in this country, have been removing statues of Saints and Angels and letting the filth back in, at least in our hearts.

“A new Pantheon has built in this nation, where people can offer incense to whatever false “god” they wish, so long as peace is preserved……”  The endarkenment was founded on an exchange: order, for Truth.  Order, it was promised, would beget material prosperity, the likes of which the world had never seen, and it may have worked, for a while.  That material wealth was founded on the enlightenment claim that God did not care if we didn’t provide for our fellow man, or conducted our lives towards goals of avarice that would make the most opulent Eastern satrap of old blush.  God, the enlightenment claimed, did not care how we conducted our lives, especially with regard to sexual morality and almsgiving, and that was a very powerful allure to draw men away from God.  And many were ripe for the picking, because they either had a malformed, erroneous faith in one of the many sects, or were weakly catechized Catholics.

Pope Leo XIII: “Justice forbids the state to be godless, or to treat various religions with “equal rights………”  Why is this Pope not a Servant of God, let alone Saint?!?

Americanism: “best way for Church to thrive in this new order……a “free” Church, in a “free” state, competing in a “free market” of religions”……that’s Americanism, for sure.  Interesting contrast between a government which goes to great lengths to protect consumers from fraud and bad/dangerous products, but leaves the “religious marketplace” totally unpoliced, where all manner of dangerous, destructive sects are permitted, even encouraged, to flourish.  The scientologists have IRS “church” tax exempt status!  A “religion” whose own founder admitted to just making it up to get rich, and who was a long time associate of an avowed satanist!

“The Americanist bishops would encourage “dialogue,” not conversion.” Boy, that nails it.

Father then goes through the long, sad history of Americanism in the US Church hierarchy, going all the way back to the first primate of the US, John Carroll.  “Another Americanist bishop of the 19th century stated that he would never allow the Pope the smallest interference in the American voting process.” That has to have been Cardinal Gibbons.  Americanism is now the dominant trend in the Church today, meaning most of the Church is currently lost to the modernist/Americanist heresy.

The pagan superstate demands that we be at least somewhat indifferent towards the Truth.  That is its one unalterable demand.  Acquiesce, and riches, comfort, and friendship are yours.  Resist, and you will be reviled, despised, and crushed.

Given the timing of this sermon, I almost wonder if Father reads this blog.

Awesome sermon!  Spend 16 minutes and get some great catachesis!  I think we really need to be careful with the Baltimore Catechism. It has some strong Americanist overtones in sections.  The Penny Catechism or Roman Catechism is much better.

Since we’ve been on the topic of the military of late….. August 21, 2013

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……I thought maybe this would be apropos.  The Air Force is standing up a new combat wing, the “(cat)Fighting Sixty Ninth,” the first all-homosexual unit in the US military:





Sent by reader D. I have a feeling I’m going to get in trouble over this, but I could not resist.