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Madagascar bishops slam CRS over contraception support August 2, 2013

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I wrote last week about reports from Madagascar that Catholic Relief Services (CRS) – the US bishop’s official overseas charity –  was directly involved in the commission of grave moral evil, including the distribution of artificial contraception and abortifacient drugs.  This week, the Population Research Institute has more information out, including statements from Madagascar bishops condemning CRS’s amoral activity in their country.  These bishops also make plain that CRS is committing these amoral acts at the behest of the disastrously pro-contracept and pro-abort US Agency for International Development, which provides over 2/3 of CRS’ funding.

It certainly appears that CRS is yet another USCCB charity, like CCHD, that needs to be disbanded:

Even in my own diocese!  Without my knowledge … they [CRS] were working on an artificial contraception project here … And, then, the Catholic people around here heard about it and said:  “What’s that all about?  That’s supposed to be ‘Catholic’??” So, there you have it:  They [CRS] were following the instructions of USAID …

I’m not sure why, and I don’t want to exaggerate, but maybe 70% of its staff, or even more – is not Catholic; they’re not Catholic … I do understand that about CRS’s commitments to the U.S. Government … but, the question that remains is:  Why are there so few Catholics on CRS’s staff … that I don’t understand so well … Archbishop Désiré Tsarahazana of Toamasina (Tamatave)

Well, one thing for sure, you can go into the most remote, middle-of-nowhere place now and you’ll find it well stocked with abortifacient products.  And, you know, they [the community health workers under CRS] are giving the shots (depo provera) now!” Fr. Jean Jagu, Vicar at SMM Church in Brickaville

The problem here in Madagascar is that CRS is staffed by Protestants.”  Fr. Jean Aimé, Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Toamasina [IF they are even that.]

“You know, CRS works outside of the Church.  It has the name ‘Catholic’ Relief Services but [laughing] doesn’t work, really, with Catholics.  Even the personnel of CRS are nearly all Protestant.”  Father Jean Noël , Head of Bureau de Coordination des Actions Sociales, archdiocese of Antananarivo

The archbishop recently told one parish not to bother applying to CRS for aid, because it wouldn’t work, and if it did, the reporting/accounting procedures would be impossible for the parish to fulfill.  He directed the parish to BUCAS [Bureau de Coordination des Actions Sociales] instead.”   Fr. Jean Noël Rakotondrazafy

The article goes on to say that the Madagascar bishops tried to voice their concerns to CRS, but that their concerns were ignored.  CRS continues to claim that they are acting completely in accord with Catholic belief and practice, although it appears the bishops and clergy of Madagascar vehemently disagree.

Another note: this scandal with CRS is playing out almost identically to one several years ago involving the Canadian bishop’s “Development and Peace” agency, which was sort of like a cross between CRS and an overseas CCHD. Life Site News presented huge reams of data for years showing that D&P was complicit in funding and committing gravely immoral acts, and also included numerous statements from Central American bishops decrying these immoral activities. The Canadian bishops, finally, after  years of fervent denials, did reform D&P, at least to some degree.  The agency is no longer so blatantly pro-contracept and pro-abort.  Nevertheless, through it all and even today, the Canadian bishop’s conference treated Life Site News as pariahs, and have engaged in some harsh tactics against them.

Those who upset established interests, especially liberal interests, tend to have a rough ride.  Shooting the messenger is a popular sport.





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