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Homeschool conference at St. Francis of Assisi in Frisco this Wednesday August 5, 2013

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Sorry I’m late on this, I just found out myself, but Andrew Pudewa will be hosting a conference on homeschooling at St. Francis of Assisi parish in Frisco this Wednesday, August 7 at 6:30pm.  Based on the flyer, it seems the point of the talk is to encourage parents to homeschool, and also provide some resources on how to do it, as many considering homeschooling often have no idea of where to start.  I can say, there are myriad different homeschool programs out there, including a number of Catholic ones like the Seton program. Some are very formal (and more expensive), requiring mailing in of work to be graded and/or online tests which are also graded.  Programs like Seton require you to buy new materials for each student for each grade – so, you can’t recycle the 3rd grade materials you used for an older child.  I know a lot of people tend to get into one homeschool program and stick to it, but in our familiy we draw materials from a variety of resources and basically make our own curriculum.  I say “we,” my wife does essentially all of that, angel that she is.

The main point is, there are many ways to skin the homeschooling cat, and you don’t have to lock yourself into one particular program.  I should also mention that there are several traditional Catholic sites that offer many resources for homeschooling, and we’ve been leaning more and more in that direction.  To that end, I strongly recommend taking a look at what Our Lady of Victory School has to offer.  They seem to have a comprehensive set of materials on numerous subjects (not just the catachesis) that are very traditional/orhtodox in orientation. These materials are grouped by grade, so you can put together your curriculum through all the various materials they have.  We’ve been very pleased with the books we’ve used from them thus far.  Another source is St. Bonaventure Press.  The problem with some, even outwardly Catholic homeschooling curriculums, is that they either import a fair amount of their materials from protestant sources, or they use materials that are modernist in outlook to varying degrees.  At least, in our estimation.  I know this can be a very touchy subject, we’re all trying to do our best within all the demands of our vocations – I’m simply making some suggestions of some helpful resources that many, in our experience, are not aware of.

The details on the homeschool conference are here—–>>>>>Freedomship Education Flyer. I really don’t know much about this speaker, other than I know I’ve seen his name at other local homeschooling conferences.



1. Theresa Transom - August 5, 2013

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2. LaGallina - August 5, 2013

We will be enrolling our 10th grader at online school, Fisher More Academy which is affiliated with Fisher More College where Dr. Taylor Marshall of Canterbury Tales is/ was?. I read an article written in Latin Mass Magazine by one of the school’s teacher and it sounds really good. I’m looking forward to my son getting some solid Catholic teaching from someone other than me.

tantamergo - August 5, 2013

You might want to go by Taylor’s blog and see if you can e-mail him directly. He has left. There are some issues there. I don’t know the details. But the founder of Fisher More seems to be…..difficult.

That’s all I know. See if you can speak with Taylor via e-mail.

LaGallina - August 6, 2013


LaGallina - August 6, 2013

tantamergo, I went to Taylor’s blog for contact info but he only takes questions via Facebook, and I don’t have Facebook. If you are friends with him, would you do me the huge favor of asking him about Fisher More Academy? I just need to know if my son is going to get the true teachings of the Catholic faith. Then if you would just leave me a comment here, or you (or Taylor) could contact me at is latex@mac.com.

Muchas gracias.

tantamergo - August 6, 2013

I think he’ll get the true teachings of the Church. I don’t think that’s a concern. But he may be a bit scandalized by some less than edifying behavior – not immoral behavior, not secular pagan type behavior, but just fallen humanity. I’m not real close to Taylor but I’ll see if I can get his e-mail.


LaGallina - August 6, 2013

Thanks again.

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