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The Empire Strikes Back: USCCB presents quotes of leading Madagascar prelate praising CRS August 5, 2013

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When I wrote the post on a number of bishops and priests of Madagascar castigating Catholic Relief Services (CRS) involvement in immoral activities in that country, I came so very close to putting in a paragraph that stated, to the effect, that I would not be surprised to see the USCCB or CRS produce a quick rebuttal from some figure of the Church in Madagascar that would appear to reject the criticism and embrace all the wonderful “goods” that CRS does.  That paragraph would also have indicated that any such statement would be given under some form of duress. In the end, I decided that doing so would be to give into cynicism.  But lo and behold, today the USCCB issued a press release in which are the contents of a reported conversation between Cardinal Timothy Dolan – head of the USCCB, and thus ultimate overseer of CRS – and Archbishop Tsarahazana, one of the prelates previously quoted as being critical of CRS. The statement contains the following:

Archbishop Désiré Tsarahazana, of the Archdiocese of Toamasina and the president of the episcopal conference of Madagascar, expresses strong support for Catholic Relief Services and confirms that Catholic Relief Services does not provide or facilitate access to contraceptive or abortifacient drugs or devices in his archdiocese.  [This particular archbishop never made that accusation – that CRS was distributing contraceptives or abortifacient drugs – but he did list other problems.]

Archbishop Tsarahazana spoke by phone on August 2 with Cardinal Timothy Dolan, president of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Bishop Gerald Kicanas, chairman of the board of directors of CRS. [And one of the most liberal prelates in the USCCB – which is really saying something] During the open and constructive conversation, Archbishop Tsarahazana stated that in the past there had been some confusion in his archdiocese that was quickly resolved, and that CRS is acting in accord with Catholic teaching and does not provide or facilitate access to contraception or abortion.

Archbishop Tsarahazana said that he will confer with the other members of his episcopal conference to confirm that no such immoral activity is taking place in their dioceses.

Very well.  In his diocese.  But there were much more condemnatory statements from other dioceses.

If I may be forgiven, the cynical, realpolitik side of me has to wonder if there weren’t any veiled threats dropped in this conversation, which could easily be dismissed as not being threats at all, but even acts of charity!  For instance, the USCCB side could state “If you have such problems with CRS in your Diocese/country, perhaps it would be best if CRS pulled out?  We certainly don’t want the good faculties of CRS to be involved in even the hint of scandal.”  In which case, Archbishop Tsarahazana would be faced with being responsible – in a twisted sense – for the blocking of millions of aid dollars to his nation.  He either has to embrace CRS as a good worthy of continuation, or all that aid money would likely go elsewhere.

We may see further such press releases – I imagine it will depend on what PRI/LifeSiteNews respond with, if anything.

As I said, that’s what might have occurred if the Church hierarchy – especially in this country – ever lowered itself to the level of conducting hard-nosed realpolitik of a Kissengerian type. It was Henry Kissenger, through the Club of Rome, who first tied US aid money to developing nations to a requirement that those nations get on the population controal bandwagon, and all that implied – contraception, abortifacients, abortion, etc. For the past 40 years this nation has used the carrot and stick approach to get developing nations to accept the sexular pagan paradigm of small families and socialistic government – those nations that embrace the sexular pagan shibolleths of abortion, contraception, etc., get loaded up with aid money (borrowed from China), while those that refuse get heavy political pressure, no aid money, and economic and cultural isolation.

It has proven to be an eminently successful means of separating any number of countries/cultures from their traditional beliefs. A cynic might wonder if the USCCB/CRS could ever stoop to the same level.  It is interesting to note that the same agency that has been involved all over the world in forcing -more or less – countries to legalize contraception, abortion, and the rest, is the US Agency for International Development (USAID).  And USAID provides over 70% of CRS’ budget.

Thank goodness, I am not a cynic. Yet.


1. John - August 5, 2013

The USCCB is just way too big an organization. So big, it makes me wonder if our Lord ever intended to have so many committees and subcommittees of lay Catholics (and Non-Catholic eugenicists) administering “Spirit of Vatican II” Social Justice around the world?

Just trying to navigate the USCCB website is a chore in itself, and therein lies the problem. I would wager a bet that the smoke of the devil can more easily hide in a bureaucracy than a “lean” organization of Bishops. There is undoubtedly a liberal slant there too, and whenever the front page of something has defensive disclaimers (both CRS and CCHD) maybe its time to fix it or start over with it? Both the CRS and CCHD disclaimers attack the messenger (i.e the good folks at American Life League) so we must pray for our Bishops. I can only imagine what its like working with the liberals at the USCCB when your trying to be one of Christ’s apostles.

Incidentally, Bishop Robert Morlino (Madison WI) called this “Spirit of Vatican II” liberalism out on EWTN’s World Over Live this past week (01AUG2013). Usually only heard about on ChurchMilitant.tv by me, it was refreshing to hear from His Eminence speak of it and how it applied to the homosexualists in the media and their distortion of the Holy Father’s off-the-cuff comment…..

Thanks again for posting this – This Blog keeps my day interesting and breaks my day up at the office!
Great work, and I’m happy to stumble across it as an “scary traditionalist blog” – Always a good sign in my book! 😉 http://www.catholic.com/blog/michelle-arnold/pope-francis-and-the-franciscan-friars

tantamergo - August 5, 2013

Yeah, I saw that on catholic.com and considered fisking it but decided it wasn’t worth the effort. I also strive to avoid “blogfoolery,” internecine blog wars frequently staged to up the stat counter. It was just kind of funny, how pearl-clutching her “analysis” was.

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