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Building Catholic Culture – take a priest on your father-son outing! August 9, 2013

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I have found the blog “Traditional Catholic Priest” more and more edifying.  The priest in question is Fr. Alonso Saenz of Phoenix, who has taken to offering the TLM at his diocesan parish.  Fr. Saenz has an interesting post up about being invited to a father/son camping trip held by a men’s bible study group in the Diocese of Phoenix.  It sounds as if many of these men, and their sons, had not had a previous experience with the TLM.  From the report given by Fr. Saenz, he may have just interested many more souls in the venerable Roman Rite.

I think this is really a brilliant idea. I know our priests are generally just slammed with regard to their schedules, but I also believe they would probably try to take part in an event like this if they at all could.  I think having a priest take part in such an outing or retreat would be very beneficial for all manner of groups, whether they already assist at the TLM predominately or not.  In so many cases today, in so many of our parishes, young people don’t have much contact with priests. And with all the abuse scandals, in far too many cases, priests are treated as a strange “other,” possibly dangerous.  That is one of the most horrifying effects of the priest abuse scandal: that sacred relationship between priest and soul has, far too often, been severed.  It is also one of the fallouts from the changes that have occurred in the Church in the past 50 years, with lay people taking over more and more roles in the Church, so that most souls only interact with priests on rare occasions.  All of these factors have helped contribute to the lack of vocations.

If you’re part of a men’s group, or if you ever lead or take part in father-son outings in some capacity related to the Church (like Kepha), consider inviting a good, holy priest to go with you.  I know some FSSP priests do take part in retreats like this.  I especially recommend inviting a priest that can expose young men to the traditional Mass and other traditional aspects of the Faith.  A small act like an invitation to a camping trip could lead to immense spiritual rewards.




1. LaGallina - August 10, 2013

I would give anything for my sons and husband to go on a retreat/ camp-out with a holy traditional priest. Sigh. I can dream.

2. Dennis - August 13, 2013

An excellent outdoor retreat that I have attended is called “Into the Wild”. It is put on by a group called The King’s Men. I have been on two of them. It is a “men’s only” retreat and some of the men have brought their teenage sons. It’s about men working as leaders, protectors, and providers.

There is an “Into the Wild Weekend” scheduled for the weekend of November 11-14 at Chicot State Park, which near Ville Platte, Louisiana. That is about a seven hour drive from Dallas.

For more information, visit the website, http://www.intothewildweekend.com and make sure to visit the King’s Men website, which is http://www.thekingsmen.us. Thanks for your time.

Dennis - August 14, 2013

I got the links for this outdoor retreat correct, however, my original post made a mistake on the dates. The correct dates are November 14-17, 2013 at Chicot State Park. That is a Thursday through Sunday.

I apologize for the error. The correct dates are November 14-17, 2013 at Chicot State Park.

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