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Revolutionary American Communists paid to get high, smell bad, ride buses, protest in favor of abortion….. August 12, 2013

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…..but mostly get high, and hate the liberal political-economic system they have so manifestly failed to excel in. Thank goodness, another generation of MSNBC viewers!

I miss out on a number of cultural currents, since I don’t have TV (and thank God for that!), but it appears the media has been abuzz with “abortion freedom rides” (oh! oh! So exciting! Freedom rides! LIke the 60s! Everything like the 60s is automatically sanctified!) of late.  Like all things leftist, any “spontaneous outburst of support” for abortion, radical feminism, importing millions of democrat voters from Mexico, etc., never is.  In fact, it’s the exact opposite: just like “nuns on a bus” was paid for and stage managed by George Soros’ Faith in Public Life, this “abortion freedom ride” is being put on by the “Revolutionary Communist Party USA,” a pathetic group of Maoists (Maoism is fun!  Tens of millions willfully starved to death, because of Mao’s economic infantilism!) who openly call for bloody revolution.

Numerous mainstream and left-leaning media outlets have highlighted the “Abortion Rights Freedom Rides,” a caravan of activists now traveling to 14 states to support “Abortion on demand and without apology.” However, no media outlet has reported that the event is being conducted by the Revolutionary Communist Party USA, a cult-like Maoist sect that calls for “millions of people to rise up in mass armed revolution” against the United States “when the time is right.”

The abortion freedom rides are being led by Stop Patriarchy, a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party USA (RCP). SP’s original “Call to Action” gives the RCP’s web address as its own and prominently quotes RCP founder and chairman Bob Avakian………

…….The freedom rides have been hailed by Rachel Maddow on MSNBC and formally endorsed by Janeane Garofalo, playwright Eve Ensler, leaders of the National Organization for Women (NOW), and abortionists like Willie ParkerDiane Derzis, and Merle Hoffman.

Taylor, fellow organizer Alex Petersburg, and a tiny core of activists are RCP members.

The RCP is anything but guarded in its belief that the U.S. government must be overthrown by force. At a feminist lecture Taylor led at New York University in 2010, a student asked fellow RCP member Annie Day if the group endorsed warfare and bloodshed. “Revolution is a serious business,” Day replied. “We are not pacifists. So to answer your question, yes.”

You can read more, much, much more, at Life Site News regarding the antics of this ship of fools.

But, then again, communism is the logical end result of the same beliefs that undergird this American Republic.  They are all based on a fundamental rejection of God (and especially His Church), a completely materialist conception of the world, and promote absolute power arrogated to the state under the aegis of “popular will.”

This group of about a dozen college dropouts is worthy of major media attention, whereas 10,000 on a Dallas street Marching for Life elicits a yawn.

h/t reader JB.  JB, heavily involved in the local pro-life efforts, noted that most of the radical pro-abort demonstrators in Austin prior to the passage of the 20 week abortion limitation were wearing “Stop Patriarchy” T-shirts, meaning they were affiliated with this communist group.  Most of the “spontaneous demonstrators” in Austin were almost certainly paid to be there, in one form or other.  The left, so very institutionalized in this country now, rarely does anything for free anymore.  Why protest for free, when you can get paid?

I would love each and every one of these brain-washed ignoramuses to read Solzhenitsyn.  He so utterly obliterates communism it isn’t even funny.  I cannot tell you how beautifully Gulag Archipelago concludes.  Solzenitsyn was not beaten by Stalin, even after 8+ years in GULAG – in fact, he emerged with an amazing interior life, truly deep, and very similar to Carmelite spirituality.  Gulag Archipelago should, must, be read by all!


1. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - August 12, 2013

What’s the answer? Political and moral distributivism. Secede from the Union and begin a new Republic of Texas motivated by the ushering in of the social kingship of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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