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LCWR in open revolt, modernist heretic keynotes upcoming conference August 13, 2013

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The Leadership Conference of Women’s Relgious (LCWR), that sad grouping of rapidly dying religious orders, inheritors of centuries of effort and Grace on the part of women religious, only to squander it on materialist, modernist misrepresentations of the Faith, are now in totally open revolt. Which, is kind of a dumb thing to say, as they’ve been in open revolt for over 40 years.

But, as many already know, the LCWR is under an ongoing apostolic investigation and period of oversight, which was inititiated by Pope Benedict and very publicly confirmed by Pope Francis a few months ago.  They are, in a word, finally beginning – beginning! – to be called to account for the decades of open embrace of error, sexual deviancy, and horrid destruction of the religious life they have been engaged in.  Archbishop Peter Sartain of Seattle has been charged with overseeing the, I pray, reconstitution of this grouping of largely wayward women’s religious (it must be remembered, a few relatively orthodox orders remain under LCWRs aegis, for reasons I know not).

As the LCWR’s annual festival of Sapphorific bacchanalia approaches, the rejection of not only the Vatican’s unfortunately muted criticisms of these failing orders, but even the Vatican’s right to have authority over them, is being increasingly proclaimed.  I won’t give the Non-Catholic Reporter a link, but they have a story that addresses how hoppin’ mad these harpies of sexular pagan feminism are, and how they not only don’t plan to cooperate with the Vatican investigation, but they plan on going further, further down into the depths of modernist error and the materialist dialectic of communism. ilia-delio1

As a case in point, the LCWR sisters are trotting out one Ilia Delio as their keynote speaker.  When it comes to modernism, I don’t think one can go much beyond Sr. Delios.  She is a full-bore, 100% devotee of the disastrous Teilhard de Chardin, positing the pantheistic immanentist errrors of her mentor, which, at the core, assumes that there is no Truth upon which the Church is founded, but only  the “truth” as it appeals to ALL the faithful at any particular point in time.  In short, there is no “truth” but your “truth,” and all the Saints, Doctors, Fathers, Apostles, be damned if they say otherwise.  Sr. Delio is a reasearch fellow at the Georgetown School of Theology, which ought to condemn her out of hand, as well as being a member of the Center for Progressive Christianity.  She completely, totally accepts all the latest scientician fads concerning evolution, the “big bang,” and tries, like de Chardin, to force Christianity to fit into the evolutionary worldview.  As the past 100 years have shown, such attempts always end in one way:  the inevitable descent into atheism of all modernists.

Mary-Gilroy-renewal.jpgWhat I find so interesting, is that far from being “cutting edge,” as the poor lost soul writing the NCR article thinks her to be, Delios is doing nothing but rehashing the same formally condemned errors proclaimed 100 years ago by Tyrell, de Chardin, and others. All she has done is shove some more recent scientific “advances” into her screeds, and call it new.  But even more interestingly, Sr. Delios penned a column as “Sister X” some time back, when the Vatican investigations began, seeming to threaten that women’s religious would go schism if the investigation in any way threatened their interests (for true insight into nastiness, look up her wicked calumnies against the cloistered Carmelites she was briefly a part of). She plainly posited that women’s religious have really evolved (they love that term!) beyond the Church, and only remain so long as it is convenient for them to do so. padre stefano missa

Most laughably in all that sturm and drang, was for the “young” (for the aging modernist crowd) late 50s Delios to proclaim that women’s religious in the US are on the very cusp of creating some incredibly new, wonderful, vigorous form of religious life.  Where has she been the past 40 years?  Almost all the religious orders that have embraced modernism are in the final stages of terminal cancer, a cancer brought on by smoking modernist weed.  These orders aren’t “embarking on a great journey of exploration,” they have destroyed themselves and the legacy of the many faithful women who proceeded them.  The only “hope” these women cling to for the future of their orders, is that somehow lay people will be interested enough to pretend to be left wing religious, and keep their “community” going when the last of their septuagenerian members dies.  Please.  Something of the same name may remain, but the orders, the religious life, will be dead.  And you, ladies, YOU killed it.  Deliberately, and with malice aforethought.  All the prancing about in woods with wicca chants, beating of bongoes, and long, spittle flecked tirades directed at TeH Patriarchy!11!  won’t change any of that.

Your modernist, feminist methods have been tried, and found wanting.  The handwriting is on the wall.  You are done.  I personally believe the 554446_563499980326851_318827565_nonly rational course of action for the Vatican is to supress every one of your orders, and maintain that supression for a very, very long time, but, of course, that won’t happen.  But it would free up many resources for the faithful orders springing up more and more, and also end the massive scandal that is your very existence.  A scandal that began, when female religious were encouraged to abandon their traditional charisms, become esconced in academia, and pursue advanced degrees in such helpful subjects as queer studies, Native American spirituality, and feminist power dynamics.  It’s a crying shame, because there is a great need in schools, hospitals, and many other places for the kinds of services these women used to provide, but now largely outsource, if they are involved at all.

But God will sort all this out.  There is a great future for nuns, and that future is just beginning.  By the time I’m an old man, I expect there to be the re-flowering of orthodox relgious life to be in full bloom.  I look forward to that very, very much.

Benedictines of Mary, Queen of Apostles 4



The Orwellian nightmare of our present day culture August 13, 2013

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Before I begin this post, I should note that I was employed by Cisco Systems from 2001-2006. They were, by far, the best five years of my professional career. Cisco was, in my experience, an absolutely top-notch place to work at.  Their benefits were ludicrously good, especially medical, pay was fine, and they kept us equipped with constantly updated equipment and tools – everything about Cisco was oriented towards maximizing employee productivity and empowerment.  It was very upsetting when they shut down our division and outsourced their telecom work to India, a move that has ended in disaster for Cisco. They were an emerging player in telecom 10 years ago, but are now naught but an also ran now, slowly exiting the market.  In fact, I would say that, overall, Cisco as a company peaked about 10 years ago.

Having said that, Cisco could be draconian at times. They, like many companies, had a policy banning any personal firearms from the corporate campus in Richardson.  Some guy I did not know, at the start of deer season, brought his truck and trailer all loaded for his deer hunting trip to work on a Friday. I’m sure he planned to drive out to his hunting grounds directly from work.  Unfortunately, he had his hunting rifles, unloaded and in locked cases, visible in the trailer.  Some jerk reported him, and they fired him on the spot.  I was shocked.

I will also say, being from Sodom by the Bay, Cisco was also annoyingly politically correct. Thank God, that did not really come to the fore in my working experience-  being 1500 miles away from the headquarters, we were pretty insulated from all that nonsense.  But others have not been so lucky.  I’ve seen the experience of Frank Turek covered in other locations before, but I think it important to note what he went through, fired for his religious convictions:

Turek went about his job as a leadership consultant at Cisco Systems with commitment and passion. In fact, he got such high marks for a yearlong program he conducted in 2008 that he was asked back in 2010.

Another 10 sessions of leadership and team-building programming were scheduled, and Turek and his students were through the seventh session when a manager for Cisco who was enrolled in the class issued a complaint against Turek. And because of that complaint, the relationship between Cisco and Turek was terminated.

His teaching style was fine; that wasn’t it. The students rated the class content high and called the class “excellent,” so there was no problem there. Did budget constraints force the cancellation of the class? No. So why was Turek fired?

Turek, a noted Christian apologist, speaker and best-selling author, had written a book—Correct, Not Politically Correct: How Same-Sex Marriage Hurts Everyone—on why the current marriage laws in the U.S. are best for the country. The student phoning in the complaint had never read the book but Googled Turek after class. In his complaint, the manager said that although Turek never discussed his views in class, his beliefs were inconsistent with Cisco’s tolerance policies and couldn’t be … tolerated. [This is the very definition of Orwellian.  Someone fired on grounds of being “intolerant.”  How is it not intolerant, to fire someone, for not fitting your definition of “tolerance.”  What tolerance has come to mean, in point of fact, is think in the approved, sexular pagan manner, or you will suffer.  We had all better be prepared to suffer, and quite a bit, as time goes forward.]

The manager then contacted an experienced human resources professional at Cisco who had Turek fired that day without ever speaking to him. The HR professional also commended the manager for “outing” Turek. [Note, Turek did not evangelize. He did not even bring up the subject. But some obviously very troubled person at Cisco decided he was a heretic, and had him figuratively burned at the stake.  The gods of liberty brook far, far less dissent than the Church ever has, even in the most “draconian” days (hint: they really weren’t very) of the Inquisition.]

Unfortunately, Turek is not alone. Christians themselves are being “outed” for their faith beliefs, and there is a high price to pay. Inclusion and antidiscrimination policies apparently do not apply to all who walk through corporate America’s doors. [If sexular pagans were really so confident in their beliefs, why would they be so terrified of Christian rebuttal and counter-argument?  This reaction is infantile.]

I figure that I’ll be lucky to finish my career as an open, avowed Christian.  Not just Christian, but Catholic, which is the worst you can be, in the eyes of the culture.  I am certain the days are coming when openly accepting and practicing the perennial beliefs of the Church will make finding and holding a job very difficult – among other things.  It is very difficult to have legal recourse against a private company in matters like this.  This is one of the prime manners in which the sexular pagan agenda advances, by subverting corporations to enforce that agenda on their employees.  How many people will be willing to suffer, to refuse to submt, or, at the least, keep their Catholic beliefs very, very private?

I think many people sense very dark days ahead.  I know I do.

Get a medical power of attorney and clarify your end of life care wishes now! August 13, 2013

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A local priest gave a great sermon, unfortunately not on AudioSancto as of yet, on the subject of end of life care.  He stressed that it is absolutely vital to stay far, far away from “living wills” or advanced directives, which in so many cases take away the family’s right to order care for an invalided loved one, and to get a good medical power of attorney to a trusted, faithful Catholic family member. This family member should, ideally, be one who understands and accepts the Church’s constant belief regarding the sanctity of human life, as well as understanding what the Church views as being essential and humane minimal care to be provided to any soul in medical distress.

The priest also went on to note that there the Church and the medical profession use the same terms very differently to assess care for those in comas or other severe medical situations.  When the Church (and, I think, most people) use a term like “extraordinary measures,” She means things like high risk, unproven surgeries, expensive and untried drug treatments, etc, etc.  But the medical profession has so dumbed down “extraordinary” to mean basically any intervention, anything the patient cannot do themselves.  This means that even simple things like keeping an oxygen tube connected, or administering food or water – intravenously or not – can be defined as “extraordinary.” Since so many “living wills” specify “no extraordinary means,” what happens in practice is that growing numbers of people, elderly or not, are being starved and dehydrated to death by doctors and nurses who have very strange views of “first, do no harm.”

A case in point, at present a family in British Columbia is trying to have their 82 year old grandmother starved to death, claiming she earlier indicated she wanted no “extraordinary” procedures done.  But this case has a twist – the patient is conscious but largely paralyzed. She is being spoon fed.  She shows preference for certain types of food.  Unfortunately, she signed a living will that indicated “no extraordinary means,” and the family is now on a perverted crusade to see that carried out, even though even the medical profession does not, yet, define spoon feeding as an extraordinary, invasive act:

An article in the Vancouver Sun reported on the family of Margaret Bentley (82) that have launched a lawsuit against Fraser Health and the BC government concerning the fact that Bentley is being spoon fed at the Maplewood Care Facility in Abbotsford BC against the wishes of the family and allegedly against the previously stated wishes of Bentley.

This court case will determine: whether or not feeding someone with a spoon is providing a “basic necessary of life” or whether it constitutes medical treatment that must be withheld upon request or it becomes an assault and battery?

Alex Schadenberg, the executive director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition recognizes that all Canadians have the right to have treatment withdrawn or withheld, but food and fluids provided by normal means, such as a spoon, constitutes basic care and not medical treatment.

This case will also determine whether or not someone, who signed a document years earlier, will have the right to change their mind. Schadenberg stated:

If Bentley, who willingly opens her mouth and swallows is denied food and fluids, that this is a denial of basic care. The article states that Bentley prefers desert, meaning that she enjoys food and she can distinguish between food types.

Schadenberg also stated that:

Withholding food and fluid from Bentley will cause her to intentionally die of dehydration, a death which is not compassionate or comfortable.

The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition recognizes that:

Elder abuse is a growing problem in Canada, and giving health care providers and families the right to deny people basic care will only lead to new paths for abuse.

The article in the Vancouver Sun stated:

Spokespeople for the government and Fraser Health said late Tuesday they wouldn’t comment on the case since it’s now before the court. But previously, Fraser Health official Keith McBain said health care workers are “obligated to provide the necessities of life for patients … that includes food and fluids.”

Fraser Health contends that patients can refuse feeding tubes but spoon feeding is different and does not fall into the category of heroic or extraordinary life-saving measures. …[as of yet. Give the euthanasia movement another 10 or 15 years, and see if this standard changes]


The article stated that an advanced directive that was signed by Bentley in 1991 stated that:

“she didn’t want to be fed “nourishment or liquids” if she ever developed an incurable medical condition involving mental or physical disability. She said she wanted to be allowed to die.”  [signed when she was 60 years old and far from being ill or invalided, when it is easy to be cavalier about such things as being starved to death.  I will also say that I doubt everyone, or even most people, read in detail all the numerous statements of legalese these living wills or advance directives contain.  It is very possible she signed this without adequate reflection on the potential consequences.]

The article stated that:

In the suit filed on behalf of Bentley, the plaintiffs are asking the court for a declaration that the feeding is akin to battery and that the facility is violating her Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The suit relies upon 18 other rules, regulations and statutes in a bid to prove that Bentley’s rights are being violated.

————————End Quote——————–

Good Lord, pray for that family. It is very difficult for my mind to comprehend why one would want to deny such basic care to anyone, let alone the woman who brought you into the world.  No matter what she signed, she’s voluntarily eating, now.  If she wanted to starve to death, she could refuse to open her mouth.  I think she’s conveying her will to be fed quite clearly.  But the culture – which is just the collective beliefs and actions of all of us – has such an utterly perverse, decadent, even diabolical understanding of the sanctity of each individual life, and is so focused on what is good for ME (ME when I’m healthy, young, vigorous, etc), that more and more it seems evil is becoming the default setting for so many people.  Even if Mrs. Bentley has an incurable disease, even if she is doomed to die (hey – guess what?  We all are!), it is never appropriate, loving, or caring to deliberately, coldly starve someone to death.  I cannot believe we even have to debate this.

But this is what comes from a culture that has utterly cut itself off from God, His Church, and Grace.  As I’ve said many times, the atheists are so wrong, it’s not even funny. They love to pretend that driving the Christian God from the culture will somehow usher in an age of enlightened, benign reason.  Far from it.  It will usher in an age of technologically enabled barbarism that will be far worse than anything the world has ever witnessed. I really think we’re seeing Huxley’s Brave New World come into fruition, and it frankly terrifies me.

May God have mercy on us all.

Mystery priest in MO car wreck identified August 13, 2013

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Well, that’s what the Diocese of Jefferson City is saying.  Let the conspiracy theories commence:

The mystery priest who recently showed up at a crash site, anointed a victim and then vanished has been identified — and he came forward by posting his identity in the comments section of a Catholic news site. The story began on Aug. 4, after Aaron Smith, 26, struck Katie Lentz, 19, in a head-on car crash. In the days that followed, the tale of a faith leader who showed up at the scene, anointed the young woman and then subsequently vanished went viral.

But now the individual, who brought calm upon the situation and who rescue workers have been hoping to find and thank, has been found. A press release provided to TheBlaze from the Diocese of Jefferson County confirmed that the Rev. Patrick Dowling, one of the priests who works with the diocese, is the individual whom they have been seeking.

While some assumed the mystery priest was an angel or a deceased Catholic saint coming back to shower goodwill upon mankind, [OK, that was a bit condescending] it seems these individuals’ theories were incorrect; it was, in fact, a caring bystander and faith leader who took the time to help a young woman in crisis. [I don’t think I read too many people who were just utterly convinced it was a supernatural phenomenon.  I think it was the expression of a pious hope.]

…….Fr. Dowling, a native of Kilkenny, Ireland, was ordained a priest of the Diocese of Jefferson City, Mo., in 1982. He has served at parishes in Moberly, Monroe City, Indian Creek, Milan, Unionville and Eldon, Mo., and in the diocese’s mission parishes in Marcona and Nasca, Peru.

He is currently serving in prison ministry and in parish ministry to Spanish-speaking Catholics.

Some witnesses said he looked like Walter Mathau, which I can kind of see:


Did you see the composite sketch that was drawn up?  A very slender, balding man in his late 30s/early 40s.  It just goes to show how often sketch artists are way, waaaaaay far from the truth.