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Homosexual bullies now intentionally driving Christians out of business September 4, 2013

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Welcome to “tolerant” America, where we all must embrace your sexual deviancy but the practice of the Faith vital to our immortal soul is just “discrimination.” Like a photographer in New Mexico who got wrung through the court system, and still lost her case (being told that embracing immorality is now the “price of citizenship”), and others in California and other states, an Oregon bakery has decided it must shut down in order to avoid the bad publicity, distraction, and extreme expense of fighting a “discrimination” suit brought by a sodomy-loving couply who wanted a cake for their wedding:

The business owners in this case said no when a lesbian couple came into the shop looking for a wedding cake. The latter filed a complaint with the state under the relevant antidiscrimination law and an investigation, which could have taken up to a year, was launched. The bakers, having already been targeted for a boycott by opponents and likely fearing the expense and aggravation of a long court battle themselves, decided to close the shop and move operations into their home, which presumably renders the business “distinctly private” and therefore beyond the reach of the state’s public accommodations law. (Does it?)

Good question.  I bet our new ruling aristocracy will decide there is essentially no such thing as “private” anymore. Ace notes:

A bakery has decided it has no choice but to sell cakes from home — hopefully turning a business into a “private endeavor” beyond the power of the state to coerce.

And thus Americans are forced into unemployment by a movement drunk on self-righteousness and acting with every bit of the bullying cruelty they complain of in others. [Yes, it’s a bit ironic, is it not?  But the woeful cries of “bullying” were always more about political power, anyway.]

I have little doubt that these operations are not being chosen haphazardly– I believe they’re being targeted for just this purpose. [You don’t need to wonder. There is no question. It’s been part of the plan all along, to punish apostates from the new godless sexular pagan sodomy-loving state.]

But what we see here in Oregon — as we saw earlier in New Mexico, and as we will see everywhere, unless we do not pass a law sharply delimiting people’s right to sue people for unamerican, subversive crime of nonconformity with the current temporary government’s ephemeral cultural allegiances — is the attempt of a group of people who have long contended that they merely wish to be left alone to live their lives in peace suddenly feeling a little power and deciding that now that they have a short-term burst of political muscle, they may now indulge in the bullying and coercion they once thought was kind of a bad thing…….

As I’ve said all along, this “everyone must love sodomy” movement will be the vehicle of the persecution.  Until the Musselmen gain enough power and influence, then, things will change, and rather nastily for those presently enjoying government favor……


1. Catholic4Life - September 5, 2013

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2. Teresa Rice - September 5, 2013

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3. M. Mann - September 5, 2013

I was just discussing this with my photographer husband the other day. Thank God he doesn’t do weddings. However, I told him that there is a great possibility these bullies will start patrolling the local Catholic parish bulletins for victims advertising on the back pages.

4. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - September 6, 2013

First, they came for the photographers, and I did not speak out because I was not a photographer…

5. Matthew Chiglinsky - September 8, 2013

The United States government is just plain evil: sexual perversion in the form of legally-endorsed homosexuality (“same-sex marriage”), greedy corporations exploiting both its own people and the rest of the world, violence towards people (including civilians) in numerous foreign countries. It only becomes more evil as time passes.

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