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Jesuits produce “All Are Welcome” pro-homosexual lifestyle video series September 5, 2013

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Uh…….Jesuit-in-Chief, Pope Francs?  Can you do something about your order, please?  Like suppressing it?  Because it’s so far gone, you can’t even see it from here in Catholic Land.

A new video series produced and promoted by the North American Jesuits is out misrepresenting Catholic belief, and encouraging active homosexuality:

A series of videos sponsored by the Jesuit Roman Catholic religious order, titled “Who are we to judge,” in reference to a comment made earlier this year by Pope Francis about homosexual priests, has come under fire for promoting the idea that there is no conflict between being a faithful Catholic and being an active homosexual [We are going to be haunted by the really inappropriate, unfortunate comment for years.]

The video series was produced by the Ignatian News Network, a YouTube channel that is a joint project of the US Jesuits and Loyola Productions in Los Angeles, to feature videos about the work and mission of the American Jesuits. [So, this isn’t just one little group of Jesuits, this is the provincial on board with this disaster.  Do they care nothing for the eternal destination of souls?]

Prominently featured in the series is Arthur Fitzmaurice, the head of the Catholic Association for Lesbian and Gay Ministry (CALGM), a group that is currently under censure by their local Catholic bishop for misrepresenting Catholic teaching. Fitzmaurice says in the videos that his “coming out” experience as a homosexual “strengthened my faith journey”. At first he said he had asked God, “how do I leave this cross behind me, how do I become a straight man?” which he said changed in time to “a realisation that God made me to be this gay person”. [I’m skeptical that was his reasoning process. Whoever said the Church demands homosexuals become heterosexual?  What the Church, what Christ, requires of everyone, is chastity.  And any homosexual act – any sexual act outside the confines of a marriage between one man and one woman, ordered towards the procreation of children – is unchaste.]

Fitzmaurice says that his group only wants “to create a Church where all are welcome at all parishes. And once they’re there, not just being welcomed, but a place where they’re going to thrive.”  [How can one “thrive” while mired, unrepentant, in the basest of sins?  And not just sin, but an entire lifestyle built around that sin? This is all entirely self-serving.  And note the trick language, homosexuals are not “welcome” in Catholic Churches, unless they are permitted to openly practice their perversion, and have that practice embraced and rejoiced in by the entire Church.]

However, in June of last year, Bishop Salvatore Cordileone of Oakland, where the gay ministry is based, issued a statement saying that the group cannot be regarded as “authentically Catholic” due to their opposition to Catholic teaching.

In letters to the gay ministry board, Cordileone requested that each member “strive to clearly present Catholic doctrine on homosexuality in its fullness” and “profess personally to hold and believe, and practice all that the holy Catholic Church teaches, believes and proclaims to be true, whether from the natural moral law or by way revelation from God through Scripture and tradition”. The group’s leadership twice told Cordileone they refused to sign such a declaration. [And why haven’t they been excommunicated, formally?  They have twice rejected Church Doctrine, they reject Dogma on chastity….and yet they are allowed to continue to call themselves Catholic, spread scandal, confuse souls, and would the Faith?  I’m disappointed in Archbishop Cordileone.]

…..The first video in the series starts with an interview with Fr. James Martin, S.J., a prominent US media personality and Jesuit priest [and raving modernist embracer of every left wing cultural fad]  in New York, who has made advocating for the normalisation of homosexuality in the Catholic Church a prominent feature of his career.  [Yet another reason for the Jesuits to be suppressed. This guy is a disaster, a heretic.]

Martin says that “many LGBT people” “have very deep spiritual lives and are Christians.”  [Certainly, nothing says “deep spiritual life” like the wanton promiscuity most homosexual males engage in. Ever been to a homosexual “pride” parade?]  He also denies a conflict between the Catholic Church and the homosexual movement, saying, “It’s not as if you have atheist gays on one side, and religious or spiritual straight people on the other.”

Martin also praises the movement in the Catholic Church in the US and elsewhere that is a feature of many parishes that encourages homosexuals to believe they can be actively “gay” and faithful as Catholics, without contradiction. “The idea that someone could come out and be honest and transparent and open about the way that God created them, I think is terrific. I think it’s something that the Catholic Church can support,” he says.  [“Support,” only by completely chucking what it means to be Catholic, rejecting the plain, repeated meaning of Scripture, as well as 2000 years of Tradition.  Only a modernist could make such a claim.  And modernism is a condemned heresy.]

Martin adds, “If a music minister is gay, it doesn’t matter [to other parishioners] if they’re homosexual…it matters that they did a great job at the [liturgy of the] Easter Vigil.

If a spiritual director is gay, it doesn’t matter that they’re homosexual. It matters that they’ve brought people to God through prayer.” [Oh really?!? It doesn’t matter that a spiritual director who cannot satisfy the requirements of basic chastity is counseling souls?!  Oh what wisdom will they surely dispense!  What wonders of spiritual growth will they provide?!!  You don’t think this spiritual direction might be a bit worldly, might gloss over such trivialities as dying to self, mortification, self-transformation, living for Christ by observing ALL the Church knows to be true?  I knew Martin was a disaster, but did not know quite how bad he is.  How, on earth, is this man still “a priest in good standing?”  Please……….]

Episode 2 of the series features John Paul Godges, a “gay Catholic” author, who says at the opening of Episode 2, “My Christian faith, of course, has been a source of strength in my spiritual journey throughout my life as a gay man. My experience as a gay man has been a source of strength in my Christian journey.”  [Oh…….I’m soooo sure it has.]

“A gay identity can inspire and deepen a Christian faith.”  [Provided that “Catholic Faith” is made to bow low to my sexual proclivities and the wisdom of our fallen, sexular pagan culture?]

Godges says, “I often tell people that being Catholic is like being American. [No, it’s not. Not at all. It’s so far above nationality it’s not even comparable. You have no idea what you’re talking about, save to an almost entirely secular audience already lost of the Faith]   And just because some politician prosecutes a misbegotten war, [like Obama?]  I’m not going to renounce my citizenship and flee to Canada. [Just because some Bible, Savior, Saint, 2000 years of Tradition, etc says that my actions are an immense affront to God, I’m not going to let that harsh my concupiscence buzz……I’m going to keep right on lusting, and force God to change!]  I’m going to stay and fight and communicate and converse and speak at retreats and do whatever I can to promote the best that’s in the Catholic Church…I’m not going to let anyone take that away from me.” 

—————-End Quote—————-

And that last bit is what it all comes down to.  50+ years of modernist indoctrination and creeping protestant “private revelation” have left the vast majority of self-described Catholics so badly formed they haven’t even the foggiest of notions what it is to be Catholic.  What that term has meant, and means, is to submit to all the Church has revealed to be true by divine faith.  To trust with all our heart, mind, and soul, that Holy Mother Church has revealed the Will of God and His Truth, and to submit to that. Every heretic rejects that requirement, to one degree or another, but never in the history of the Church has the heresy been so deep and broad.  So that today, the vast majority of Catholics think exactly like this man: the Faith isn’t a set of beliefs and practices ordered towards producing radical changes in behavior towards a moral, God-pleasing existence, but a mere cultural label one wears, one of many associations and lifestyle accoutrements that, while “very important,” would certainly never induce one to die to self and possibly change some aspect of their lives that is incompatible with the Faith.  That would be un-American!

No, for this vast sea of people, they don’t have to submit to the Faith, but the “faith” to them and all their million little proclivities. To some degree, it’s always been such, but never before have so many utterly lost souls been invincibly convinced of their stalwart, heck, saintly, Katholicysm.

And that, my friends, is the inevitable result of many decades of meaningless, erroneous modernist reformulations of Dogma and indifferentist approaches to the Faith.  Harvesting the fruit of the revolution in the Church, indeed…….

Tomorrow, God willing, we shall hear from a good, old Jesuit, who utterly crushes all the self-serving sophistry above.

If Texas really wants to be a pro-life state…… September 5, 2013

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…..why hasn’t the state government made abortion coverage via private insurance illegal, as several other states have?  I know we were all pounding our pro-life chests when the state legislature passed an abortion ban after 20 weeks, and required abortion mills to meet minimal health and safety requirements, but the chart below from Jill Stanek shows Texas still lags behind many states in limiting abortion access, by preventing insurance companies from paying for abortion. It also means that if you belong to a private health plan, you are probably contributing to other people’s abortions, at least tangentially:


Pro-aborts lament state bans on private insurance paying for abortion, as yet another means of blocking access to their sacred rite.  Oh, did I say sacred rite?  Yes, I did…….as pro-baby-death Iowa democrats demonstrate below, with their prayers for unlimited abortion access.  :

“We thank you Lord, for creating life, so we can turn around and horrifically butcher it, all while claiming that YOU, Lord, could not possibly think of a better, more holy thing to do with Your creation! We also steadfastly ignore how You, Lord, destroyed Israel for committing the very same sins, of offering the most satanic of child sacrifices to the dark pagan gods of Moloch, Baal, Baalim, and others.  We know your Sacred Scripture prophesies one day You will visit the most horrific chastisements on this nation, but we don’t care, because for us democrats, God is just one of many props we use to advance our satanic cause.  We thank you, Lord, for not striking us dead as we stand here, as we so richly deserve.  We aging baby boomers, who think we invented sex, along with everything else, will never allow our worldly, self-serving faith in You to trump our far stronger convictions of radical sexular leftist paganism.  AMEN.”

Here are some of the real excerpts:

“We pray for women who have been made afraid of their own power by their paternalistic religion.” [This is exactly the kind of fem-power goddess worship crap that is rampant in feminist circles. It also echoes the murderous, barbarian goddess cults of pre-Christianity. We are returning to very dark times.  Paternalistic……you poor dears, dad just wouldn’t give up the car keys, would he?]

“Today we pray that all women will know that they are created in the image of God, good and holy, moral and wise.” [Oh, so now we’re all born inherently moral? I guess Original Sin never happened. That’s nice to know.  I guess we don’t need that Christ guy, errr…….God.]

“Today we pray for the families we’ve chosen. May they know the blessing of choice.” [I think that says it all. “Yes, darling daughter, I chose you, but your three siblings I had torn limb from limb, screaming in agony.  So don’t ever piss me off, or otherwise become inconvenient. We’re pushing very hard for post-birth abortion, and we aim to get it.  But I love you sooo much!  You’re very wanted.  For now….”]

Jill Stanek has her own twist on this perverse prayer, which is probably more appropriate. It starts with:

“Thank you, oh Lord, for doctors who are willing to use their medical skills to help kill over a million unborn children each year, most of the time simply for the convenience of the mother.”

I maintain that any vote for a demonrat is a vote for child murder, because when push comes to shove, any “pro-life” democrat will always fold to party pressure to vote “the right way.”  Not that Repubniks are a particularly moral alternative.

I’m glad to see Fr. Peter Bauknecht seems to be doing well September 5, 2013

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Fr. Peter Bauknecht, FSSP, was all too briefly assigned as one of the vicars at Mater Dei.  Unfortunately, the needs of the Fraternity required that he move after far too short a stay.  He is now Pastor of All Saints parish in Minneapolis, a new FSSP apostolate.  There are some photos of a recent High Mass offered by the Superior General of the FSSP, Fr. John Berg.  I’m glad Fr. Bauknecht is doing well, and I hope he knows he is missed, a great deal.  Not that we don’t like Fr. Gordon!



May God bless you and your apostolate, Fr. Bauknecht!

Words of the Fathers, Vol. 2 – Yves Congar September 5, 2013

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I said yesterday I hoped to get back to my series on the Words of the “fathers” of Vatican II, so here I am.  Yves Congar was a French theologian who has maintained a reputation as something of a “moderate” during the storms and tussles of Vatican II, and its subsequent implementation.  His private words and public actions, however, reveal a man who was anything but moderate.  Or, perhaps he could only be considered moderate in comparison to out and out apostates like Fr. Hans Kung, a close collaborator of Fr. Congar’s at the Council.  But there is no question Fr. Congar embraced modernism, and considered himself a disciple of Teilhard de Chardin. Here below, culled primarily from Roberto de Mattei’s epic The Second Vatican Council: an unwritten history, Fr. Yves Congar, in his own words (I add emphasis and comments):

(Various statements regarding bishops and others who opposed Fr. Congar’s self-described “revolution” in the Church):

  • Of Archbishop Piero Parente, assessor of the Holy Office: “the man who condemned Fr. Chenu, the fascist, the monophysite”
  • Of Fr. Sebastian Tromp, secretary of the Theological Commission at VII: “has a fascist temperment.”
  • Of future Cardinal Luigi Ciappi “a poor and petty soul who was ultra-prudent, ultra-curial, super-papalist.” [As if those are bad things!]
  • Cardinal Pizzardo: “this wretched freak, this sub-mediocrity with no culture, no horizon (vision), no humanity.”
  • “The Congregation for Studies, with the imbecile Pizzardo, Staffa, and Romeo, is the archetypal concentration of cretins.”
  • On Fr. Carlo Balic, president of the Pontifical International Marian Academy: “A Dalmatian street vendor…….a clown…….a fairground tumbler.”

Regarding his “struggle” against the orthodox theologians of the so-called “Roman school,” Congar described his work as a “mission:”thCA3SSOTV

“My work displeases them because they realize very well that its whole aim is to bring back into circulation certain ideas, certain things that they have been endeavoring to shut out for four hundred years, [a clear reference to the errors of the protestant revolt] and above all for the past hundred. [a clear reference to the errors of modernism, which Fr. Congar felt had been unfairly, unreasonably condemend – by a Saint!] But that is my vocation and my service in the name of the gospel and tradition.”

Regarding Congar’s rejection of, or desire to radically redefine, the Primacy of Peter:

“For a thousand years everything among us has been seen and construed from the papal angle, not from that of the episcoplate and its collegiality. Now THIS history, THIS theology, THIS canon law needs to be done.” [As I said yesterday, “collegiality” means transferring authority in the Church from the still mostly orthodox Vatican, to the progressive dominated national episcopal conferences. The references to “THIS” theology, etc., refers to progressive/modernist attempts to undo Vatican I and redefine the nature of authority in the 627063Church on much more protestant lines.  Such redefinition would give the modernist academics freedom to engage in all manner of heresy without concern of reproof or rebuttal from Rome.  Collegiality was “sold” to the bishops at Vatican II as transferring power from Rome to THEM, but what really happened, was that the bureaucracies of the national episcopal conferences grew tremendously in authority while local ordinaries actually lost much of the authority they already had.  Today’s bishops are generally so hamstrung – voluntarily – by the national conferences that they have effectively must less power over their local churches than a predecessor from 100 years ago did.]

On the great push by many orthodox conciliar fathers to have the Pope consecrate the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, in response to the demand of Our Lady of Fatima:

I am campaigning, AS MUCH AS I CAN, against a consecration of the world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, because I can see the danger that a move in this direction would constitute.” [what on earth could the “danger” be to answering Our Lady’s specific request?  The danger was to sacred “ecumenism,” and the desire for the great indifferent one world church Congar and other disciples of de Chardin constantly pointed at, and adopted as their highest priority. That is also why Congar developed great antipathy towards the Traditional Mass.]

More on Congar’s Marian views:

Congar, a member of the sub-committee on Marian meditation, belonged to the group of “anti-Marian” theologians, who were determined to dothCARVE3IC everything possible to avoid having the council increase devotion to the Blessed Virgin. “How are a few, already overburdened,” he writes, “to struggle against the enormous mass of fanatical Mariologues?” [Gee……does Fr. Congar seem more protestant, than Catholic, to you? Sadly, in the end, the anti-Marian faction was mostly successful, blocking the release of a separate conciliar document on the Blessed Mother and watering down all mention of the Blessed Mother as Mediatrix of All Grace to near nil.  And this was “a great victory.”]

When Paul VI’s direct intervention watered down some of the extreme ecumenical language in Guadium Et Spes, Congar noted: “It is undeniable, that this morning was CATASTROPHIC from the point of view of the ecumenical climate.” [Awww…..poor ecumenists.  How long will they be condemned to meet for weeks on end at 5 star resorts in Davos?!  The horror!]

On how the Church began to change radically, even during the council, which Congar notes approvingly: “Little by little we are escaping from the era of Pius IX and Pius XII (I mention them here only from the point of view of their refusal of the world as it is). [Think about that.  One of the most compelling criticisms of VII was its myopic optimism, its unrelenting acceptance of the world, and man, as fundamentally good.  Is this what Christ said?  Did Christ counsel us about the world? What about virtually all the great Saints and theologians? Did they say “the world is great, be like the world?!”]  Everything is cohering……..The page is being turned over on Augustinianism and on the Middle Ages.” [Yes, we should really move past that stuffy St. Augustine, one of the two greatest minds to ever grace the Church, with all his “negative ecclesiology” with its un-groovy hangups on sin, judgment, conversion, repentence, etc.  Totally, like, not cool, man.  You can almost smell the bong smoke.]

267_RatzPast04Regarding Pope Paul VI’s speech closing the Council in Dec 1965, “The pope’s speech……a veritable declaration of the complete acceptance of the modern human being and of the primacy of anthropology.” [by which he means, evolution and Teilhardian modernism] “Looking at things objectively, I did a great deal to prepare for the council, elaborating and diffusing the ideas that the council consecrated. At the council itself, I did a great deal of work. I could almost say: ‘I worked harder than any of them.’ [1 Cor 15:10], but that would, no doubt, not be true: think of Phillips, for example.” [Thank goodness, he almost went into maniacal hubris there]

Another event, that I think sums it all up and is all we need to know: “Congar knelt at the tomb of St. Paul and invoked Luther, “who had wanted to reaffirm ‘the gospel’ for which Paul had struggled.”  [This statement is so beyond wrong its amazing. I would say, it’s diabolical.  Think on what Luther wrought…..you either have to be a raving indifferentist/universal salvationist, or simply not care…….]

Finally, incorporating a good deal of de Mattei’s prose, a bit about Fr. Congar’s pre-conciliar book True and False Reform, wherein, I think, one can find the entire progressive game plan for the council: “In a book entitled True and False Reform, Fr. Yves Congar presented as “true” a “reform” of the Church that would prove to be, more than a true reform, a genuine revolution. To the Dominican theologian Congar we owe oneA014_Congar_ActRel_1-2003 of the first articulations of the formula of the “primacy of the pastoral,” which introduced the distinction between dogmas and their formulation, as though the expression of doctrine could change without affecting the content. The modernist reform of “faith without dogmas” was now replaced by a non-dogmatic formulation of the faith, which counted on changing the faith itself, without appearing to touch doctrine.  [That is entirely what occurred at Vatican II – remember, Vatican II defined no new dogmas. But through its “pastoral approach” and its central orientation to “represent Catholic Dogma to modern man” through “new formulations,” so much of what the Church has always believed has, in the minds of most faithful, been radically changed. In fact, this plan by Congar is diabolically brilliant, as it accomplishes the modernist goal of no set dogma by simply constantly changing the “non-dogmatic” formulations presented to the people.]  With this attitude he proposed to change the Church from within, through “a reform without schism.” “We don’t need to create another church,” he explained; “what we need to some degree is a church that is other.” [That is to say, a “church” that becomes something radically different from what it has always been, and must be.  It is the old modernist program of heresy subsuming the Church from within, but simply with a slightly different spin.  Thus, the “conservative” Yves Congar.]

It must be noted, finally, the Yves Congar’s books, including True and False Reform, were banned by the Holy Office in 1952. He was forbidden to teach or publish in 1954. He was yet another of a long line of modernists whose careers were saved by the ascension of John XXIII to the papal throne in 1958. Others include Fr. Anibale Bugnini, Jacques Maritain, Henri de Lubac……

Non Sequitur – the mighty F-111 “Aardvark” September 5, 2013

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When we were in Colorado, we met some folks we only knew through the lovely daughter of the family, PG, whom I have mentioned several times on this blog with relation to her pursuit of a religious vocation.  But we had never met the rest of the family.  What a pleasant surprise when we did!  What a great family……..we had a really good time, and the two sets of kids took to each other like they’d been best buds for years.

But the father of the G family and I found we shared an interest in military aviation.  In fact, he was a technician on the F-111 back when they were deployed in England in the 1980s.  The General Dynamics F-111 was an aircraft that incorporated a huge number of very advanced f_111cocfeatures that really pushed the state of the art for the 1960s.  Begun as a long range strike and interdiction aircraft for the USAF, the worst SECDEF in US history, Robert Strange McNamara, demanded that the aircraft be used by the Navy as an fleet air defense interceptor, as well.  Now, turning a very long range, low-level, supersonic strike aircraft into a maneuverable, fleet air defense interceptor was well beyond the state of the art in the 1960s. That project – the F-111B – failed, and miserably.  And even the USAF had huge problems getting the F-111 into service. The F-111 was the first production aircraft to incorporate:

  • variable geometry, or “swing” wings
  • a true terrain-following/terrain avoidance radar system
  • true night and all weather navigation and attack capabilities (OK, the A-6, I know……shut up)
  • low bypass ratio turbofan engines
  • a virtually unparalled range-payload characteristics
  • supersonic or very high transonic penetration speeds at low altitude
  • digital bombing/navigation systems
  • numerous other advanced avionics

Because of all the largely computer controlled avionics, and due to some rather embarrassing goofs GD made with regard to the structure and aerodynamic design, the F-111 was delayed entering service from 1966 to 1972. The Air Force rushed some early production model F-111s to Thailand in the Combat Lancer program in 1968, but the effort was a disaster. 3 of the 6 F-111s were lost due to avionics problems or structural failures.

The F-111 was produced in several models. The base F-111A was the first model to enter production. It had somewhat clumsy analog/digital f_111_nicomputers and wasn’t terribly reliable. The B model was cancelled, as I said above. The ‘C’ model was produced for the F-111’s only foreign customer, the Royal Australian Air Force, which only retired them last year.  The D model incorporated vastly improved “Mark II” avionics which were all digital, but also radically advanced and very, very expensive. The E model featured more simplified (and less expensive) avionics from the D model. The definitive F model included much more powerful engines and the final avionics set up, which combined many of the best features of previous models.  The F-111F was also equipped with the very useful Pave Tack FLIR and laser designation system, one of the first aircraft so equipped. This system proved its worth in the raids over Libya in 1986, and then again in the Gulf War. Strategic Air Command also received a variant of the F-111 that didn’t really meet their needs.  This was the FB-111A.

There was also another version, the EF-111A Raven electronic warfare aicraft. Many F-111As were converted to the EF-111A standard in the late 70s and early 80s.  Sadly, USAF has never replaced the EF-111A after they were retired in the mid-90s.  The EF-111A was an extremely capable ef111a_01UHEW aircraft (see photo left).

Although it had a troubled development, the F-111 went on to become the premier long range strike and deep interdiction aircraft for the Air Force. For well over 2 decades, the F-111 was really the only USAF strike aircraft to possess true night attack, all weather capability, and it could haul a large payload a long, long way.  The F-111 was eventually replaced by the F-15E Strike Eagle, aka the Mudhen, but even the F-15E cannot match the 111’s range and payload characteristics.

I found some good videos on the F-111 below.  One is incredible, a mid-60s video on the F-111A’s TFR system:

This video seems to focus on action at RAF Lakenheath and Upper Heyford in the 80s (I think that was F-111Fs at Lakenheath and D/Es at Upper Heyford?).  Sorry for the horrid 80s soundtrack!

The avionics vid.  Too bad the colors are so badly faded:

Oh, oh, one more goofy vid from what I guess would be the early 70s. The soundtrack…….oh the soundtrack, gotta love the 1970s era schmaltz! And the hair……only in the 70s did hair like that pass muster!

There…….almost two hours of glorious F-111 footage.  Don’t tell me I don’t bring the gold.

Oh, one final note. The F-111 was a very rare aircraft in that throughout its service history, it never had an official nickname, you know, like the F-15 “Eagle,” F-100 “Super Sabre,” etc.  It was only on the day of its retirement from USAF in 1996 that the Air Force finally officially “blessed” the name everyone in the service had called it for years……the Aardvark.  Because of it’s long, drooping snout.

Lebanese Food Festival Oct. 4-6 at Our Lady of Lebanon in Lewis-patch September 5, 2013

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That’s what my old boss Mike “Ma” Guy used to call it……..Lewis-patch. Back when TI had their AGM-88 HARM missile factory out there, he used to have to go, and Lewisville wasn’t much back then.

My realtor David Ross turned me onto Lebanese food, and it’s very, very good. Unsurprisingly, you’ll find strong influences of all manner of Mediterranean cooking, as well as Mideast and even Indian influences.

Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite parish in Lewisville is hosting their annual Lebanese Food Festival Oct. 4-6 at the parish.  Fri and Sat the festival runs from 11 am to 11 pm, and on Sunday from 10:30 to 4.  There will be Lebanese music and dancing, cooking demonstrations, live performances, and of course a large smorgasbord of Lebanese food. Admission is free, as is parking, but I don’t know what is charged for the food. Nonetheless, it’s for a good cause, to support the Our Lady of Lebanon parish.

And, if you’re looking for a very beautiful, reverent form of the Mass, but for whatever reason don’t cotton to the TLM or feel its too far, you might want to try the Maronite Rite at Our Lady of Lebanon.  It’s an Eastern Catholic Rite fully in union with the Holy See (and always has been), so it has many trappings of Eastern Liturgy, but it 100% satisfies your Sunday obligation.  I know a number of local Catholics who value a more reverent and traditional Liturgy occasionally assist at the Maronite Rite.