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If Texas really wants to be a pro-life state…… September 5, 2013

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…..why hasn’t the state government made abortion coverage via private insurance illegal, as several other states have?  I know we were all pounding our pro-life chests when the state legislature passed an abortion ban after 20 weeks, and required abortion mills to meet minimal health and safety requirements, but the chart below from Jill Stanek shows Texas still lags behind many states in limiting abortion access, by preventing insurance companies from paying for abortion. It also means that if you belong to a private health plan, you are probably contributing to other people’s abortions, at least tangentially:


Pro-aborts lament state bans on private insurance paying for abortion, as yet another means of blocking access to their sacred rite.  Oh, did I say sacred rite?  Yes, I did…….as pro-baby-death Iowa democrats demonstrate below, with their prayers for unlimited abortion access.  :

“We thank you Lord, for creating life, so we can turn around and horrifically butcher it, all while claiming that YOU, Lord, could not possibly think of a better, more holy thing to do with Your creation! We also steadfastly ignore how You, Lord, destroyed Israel for committing the very same sins, of offering the most satanic of child sacrifices to the dark pagan gods of Moloch, Baal, Baalim, and others.  We know your Sacred Scripture prophesies one day You will visit the most horrific chastisements on this nation, but we don’t care, because for us democrats, God is just one of many props we use to advance our satanic cause.  We thank you, Lord, for not striking us dead as we stand here, as we so richly deserve.  We aging baby boomers, who think we invented sex, along with everything else, will never allow our worldly, self-serving faith in You to trump our far stronger convictions of radical sexular leftist paganism.  AMEN.”

Here are some of the real excerpts:

“We pray for women who have been made afraid of their own power by their paternalistic religion.” [This is exactly the kind of fem-power goddess worship crap that is rampant in feminist circles. It also echoes the murderous, barbarian goddess cults of pre-Christianity. We are returning to very dark times.  Paternalistic……you poor dears, dad just wouldn’t give up the car keys, would he?]

“Today we pray that all women will know that they are created in the image of God, good and holy, moral and wise.” [Oh, so now we’re all born inherently moral? I guess Original Sin never happened. That’s nice to know.  I guess we don’t need that Christ guy, errr…….God.]

“Today we pray for the families we’ve chosen. May they know the blessing of choice.” [I think that says it all. “Yes, darling daughter, I chose you, but your three siblings I had torn limb from limb, screaming in agony.  So don’t ever piss me off, or otherwise become inconvenient. We’re pushing very hard for post-birth abortion, and we aim to get it.  But I love you sooo much!  You’re very wanted.  For now….”]

Jill Stanek has her own twist on this perverse prayer, which is probably more appropriate. It starts with:

“Thank you, oh Lord, for doctors who are willing to use their medical skills to help kill over a million unborn children each year, most of the time simply for the convenience of the mother.”

I maintain that any vote for a demonrat is a vote for child murder, because when push comes to shove, any “pro-life” democrat will always fold to party pressure to vote “the right way.”  Not that Repubniks are a particularly moral alternative.


1. Raul De La Garza III (@raul_delagarza) - September 5, 2013

If she REALLY desires to be a pro-life state, she would leave the Union altogether thus making Roe v. Wade disappear back into those emanations from the penumbra from which it came. Secede or die, quite literally…

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