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What it means to be Catholic September 6, 2013

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From Fr. Arnold Damen, SJ, from a 19th century treatise on sources of Divine Revelation.  What it means to be Catholic, in response to the errors perpetuated by self-serving individuals who try to pretend that one can reject all manner of Church Doctrine and yet still remain “Catholic.”

As usual, I add emphasis and comments.

We must have Faith in order to be saved, and we must have Divine Faith, not   human faith. Human faith will not save a man, but only Divine Faith. What is Divine Faith? It is to believe, upon the authority of God, the truths that God has revealed; that is Divine Faith [Well, that blows just aboutMadonna and Child with Doctors of the Church_UNKNOWN MASTER, Italian the entire Jesuit order out of the water, doesn’t it?  Especially those poor lost souls who produced this execrable video series encouraging sodomy?] To believe all that God has taught upon the authority of God, and to believe without doubting, without hesitation; for the   moment you commence to doubt or hesitate, that moment you commence to mistrust   the authority of God, and, therefore, insult God by doubting His word. Divine Faith, therefore, is to believe without doubting, without hesitating. Human faith is when we believe a thing upon the authority of men — on human authority. That is human faith. But Divine Faith is to believe without doubting, without hesitating, whatsoever God has revealed upon the authority of God, upon the Word of God.  [And this is where trust in Scripture and Tradition becomes paramount. Many souls think that Scripture is not really the inspired, inerrant Word of God. Oh, they may believe some of the highlights that appeal to them (thus, the dread effects of protestant private interpretation), or they may think more or less the whole thing is bunk, in which case, they are really just agnostics. But all faithful Catholics must believe that Sacred Scripture is the inspired, inerrant Word of God, and all the Tradition that flows from that. Those who do not accept that Divine Source of Revelation that is Sacred Scripture (and Tradition), are not Catholic]

Christ in Majesty with the Patron Saints of Cremona_BOCCACCINO, BoccaccioTherefore, my dear people, it is not a matter of indifference what religion a man professes, providing he be a good man. 

You hear it said nowadays in this Nineteenth Century of little faith that it matter not what religion a man professes, providing he be a good man. That is heresy, my dear people, and I will prove it to you to be such. If it be a matter   of indifference what a man believes, providing he be a good man, why then it is   useless for God to make any revelation whatever. [Exactly. If what religion a man possesses doesn’t matter – and this is something John Locke and the other enlightenment deists deliberately made a foundational aspect of their program for “liberty” aimed at undermining and crippling the Church – then none of any of this matters, and the Faith is a lie.  Why did God bother to become Incarnate and die the most horrific death Anthony Dedicates his Life to God at Mass_MASTER of the Osservanza possible, if, in the end, none of this matters, and “good” men all go to Heaven?  What defines “good,” anyways?  If you’re talking the world’s sense of “good,” often that is very far from what the Lord knows to be good.]  If a man is at liberty to   reject what God revealeth, what use for Christ to send out His Apostles and   disciples to teach all nations, if those nations are at liberty to believe or   reject the teachings of the Apostles or disciples? You see at once that this   would be insulting God. 

If God reveals a thing or teaches a thing, He means to be believed. He wants to be believed whenever He teaches or reveals a thing. Man is bound to believe whatsoever God has revealed, for, my dear people, we are bound to worship God, both with our reason and intellect, as well as with our heart and will. God is master of the whole man. He claims his will, his heart, his reason, and his intellect. [Therefore, to be Catholic means to accept with Divine Faith all the Truth Christ has revealed through His Church. Nothing more, nothing less. But heresy and apostasy are rampant, probably 90%, or more, of self-described Catholics reject at least one Dogma]

———–End Quote————-

All so very true. We must inculcate in our Catholic brethren that the idea of private interpretation they have absorbed from the protestant/secular pagan dominated culture is a LIE of monstrous proportions, a lie which if accepted leaves their soul tenuously dangling over the yawning maw of hell.  We must reject these errors of people who try to compartmentalize the Faith and force It to conform to their wishes, lusts, and desires, rather than conforming themselves to Scripture, Tradition, and all the Dogmas of the Faith. We must do so with great love, but we must do it. If we know cafeteria Katholycs, we need to try, very hard but with great prudence and charity, to challenge them on their (probably unthinking) assumptions.  If we know protestants, we must reveal to them the duplicitous illogic of private revelation, the fruit of which has been a never-ending multiplication of sects with no end in site, the Unity Christ prayed for His Church being made a mockery by the very system that purported to “save” Christ from the Church.

It will be painful.  We will annoy others. They may get very angry. It may wound close relationships.  But we have to do it.  Charity demands it, and God will ask us, at our judgment, why we did not care enough to try to convert our most cherished friends and family.



Bishop Paprocki on the persecution of the Church September 6, 2013

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I have been amazed how many people I have encountered over the past 2 or 3 years who, for the first time in their life, really feel that they may be made to truly suffer for being a Catholic. I would guesstimate hundreds of people have expressed such to me, often in unprompted, out of the blue type statements.  Most of the best priests I know are looking at the culture and warning their flocks – “you better get prayed up.”  They do so, because these men are in touch with Grace and can read the signs of the times, and these signs, they are not good.

And, as I have related on this blog many times, this persecution will almost certainly be brought about over this issue of homosexuality and homosexuals pretending to be married.  The radical homosexual lobby and their sexular pagan allies have been almost gleeful to see their views attain ascendency, certainly among the elites, and it’s possible a bare or near-majority of Americans now support, at least tacitly, this promotion of grave depravity as not only healthy and normal, but fully equivalent to their own sterile marriages.  More and more evidence supports my fear, and that of many others, that the sexular pagans intend to use this issue of homosexuals and their “rights” as the battering ram to drive the Church – including the faithful – completely from the public square, and to try to totally marginize our beliefs.  They are trying to make Catholicism the same as the worst depridations of racism, even though the analogy is utterly banal and wrong.

Note below, the reporter keeps harping on homosexuals pretending to be married and all their sordid “rights,” and then we get the segue to persecution.  These things are not unrelated:

Typically, hockey playing Bishop Paprocki (probably one of the 5 or 10 most orthodox bishops in the United States, and what an indictment that I have to even SAY THAT!) is much more animated. He seemed pretty low key, almost beat down, in this interview.

The money quote:

“We [Christians] find ourselves now – just in this short period of time – where the early Christians found themselves in the Roman Empire. So the church in 2,000 years, we started out as being a persecuted faith, with Constantine being an accepted established faith, then for centuries, kind of moving in that direction that had this close relationship between the secular world’s values and Judeo-Christian values,” Bishop Paprocki said. “And now I think we are moving in a direction that – not only is it more than secular – it’s a rejection. It’s an outright rejection [of Judeo-Christian values]. It’s a pagan kind of a culture.”

I like how he also mentioned that the Supreme Court, in finding in support of homosexual “marriage” and against state bans on same, has thrown out over a half dozen centuries of jurisprudence and common law to arrive at its very political, unconstitutional conclusion.

David Letterman hasn’t been funny in almost 20 years. He’s just another bitter old leftist, who has found a world of possessions at his feet still doesn’t bring happiness, but he refuses to acknowledge the one Source that could bring him true contentment.

Pope Francis has requested all Catholics to fast and pray for peace tomorrow, Sat Sept. 7 September 6, 2013

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A commenter asked me if I knew of any planned activities at local parishes regarding Pope Francis’ request for universal fasting and prayers for peace (made in regard to our sad president’s attempts to rebuild his shattered credibility by bombing a country in the midst of a fratricidal civil war, a war being waged by radical islamists) tomorrow, Sept. 7.  The only one I know of is that Mater Dei is having Adoration from noon till 5:15 in support of this request from the Holy Father.  For what may be going on at other parishes, you could check your local parish bulletin, but I would not be surprised if most do not have any special activities in response to this request.

A frequent reader sent me these suggestions for actions to take in response to the Holy Father’s request, which I’ll add to below:

As many of you know, Pope Francis has declared this Saturday, Sept. 7 as a day to pray and fast for peace. 

Everyone can participate, even if you don’t pray or go to church [This is true. The Holy Father has responsibility for the spiritual care not only of all Catholics, but all souls on Earth.  All can participate in this effort to pray for peace, and the end of this nakedly politically motivated attempt to restore a broken presidency’s credibility by killing some dirty foreigners.]

(1) give up alcohol for the day and offer it up for peace in the world [no problem!  Almost 7 years, thanks be to God!]
(2) fast from the internet/facebook or other social media sites [ohhh…..good one.  Out, danged phone!]
(3) don’t turn on the radio while driving in the car or refrain from going to the movies [that happened a looong time ago]
(4) make a donation to a charity, a soup kitchen or those who help the homeless in the name of peace [or volunteer your time!]
(5) help an elderly person you know – volunteer your services for an hour or 2 or a half-day

For Catholics:
(1) follow the same guidelines as Good Friday. No meat. 2 small meals and nothing in between, except liquids [I read some traditional Catholics are planning a liquid fast from sundown Friday until after Mass on Sunday. I wish my medical condition (which is not bad, don’t worry, I’m doing ok, just having some annoying/minor problems) would allow for that]
(2) refrain from all alcohol
(3) pray the Rosary for peace and the Holy Father’s intentions [brilliant idea]
(4) go to an adoration chapel for a holy hour
(5) get thee to Holy Mass!
(6) pray the Stations of the Cross

All those are great, and thanks to MJD for sending them.  I would also remind that First Friday Adoration at the Carmelite Chapel is tonight, and runs until Saturday morning.  The nuns will surely storm Heaven!  Joining the nuns at the chapel would be a wonderful way to answer the Holy Father’s request.

Other ideas for Catholics:

Read the Bible for an hour
Do some other spiritual reading for an hour or some period of time
Pray the Breviary/Liturgy of the Hours. Have the Holy Father’s intentions as your intentions for all the Hours.
Pray a familiy Rosary
Pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet at a church or oratory
Join Code Pink  [heh…….]
If you can’t fast a great deal on Saturday, eat bland foods or foods you don’t really like
Donate money to a charity that primarily serves those in other countries
As MJD said, assist at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

I am out of time, add your own below if you like.  I wasn’t very creative. God bless!

Michael Voris’ “tell-all” video – UPDATED September 6, 2013

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Because of prior association with CMTV and Michael Voris, a lot of what is below consists of things I’ve heard before.  But, few others have, so here is the video where Michael describes what happens to an apostolate when they bring up those things certain bishops and bureaucrats find embarrassing:

If you missed the live broadcast Wednesday night, there you go.  Michael has spoken in the past of these “whisper campaigns,” and how destructive they can be. Such has been conducted against Saint Michael’s Media/Real Catholic TV/Church Militant TV since shortly after its inception, when it failed to “stay in the middle,” that is, embracing the many progressive shibolleths of the post-conciliar Church.  By being openly orthodox, Michael Voris offended against the cherished beliefs, plans, and programs of a very large section of the hierarchy.  That’s it – it wasn’t tone, or politics, and certainly wasn’t the proclamation of any real error – it was simply that Michael Voris was giving too orthodox a presentation of the Faith, and that offended the sensibilities of the power that be.

And they be.  Oh do they be.

UPDATE:  When I first posted the video, I had not watched much of it (is anyone else having trouble getting it to play? One commenter complained).  Having watched all of it now, some notes:

  • Do you think any famous Catholic personalities will accept Voris’ challenge to get together and discuss why they won’t broach any of the forbidden, episcopate-embarrassing topics?
  • How revealing was it when Archbishop Chaput said he couldn’t believe the massive pile of evidence against CCHD, because to do so would mean that a brother bishop (that would be Bishop Morin) had blatantly misrepresented, even lied, about CCHD and what it does?
  • Isn’t it interesting that the ONLY bishop in the USA to ever get a criminal indictment over the child sex abuse crisis, when dozens of bishops were blazingly, criminally involved in cover ups and perpetuating the most horrible, soul destroying abuse, was Bishop Finn, and that was an incredibly weak case involving third hand involvement in child porn on a computer that he failed to report quickly enough? Compare that to Cardinal Roger Disciple of Bernadin Mahony, the very definition of an establishment insider, and his decades of what could well be lies under oath and far more egregious acts of deliberately covering up ongoing child rape in LA.  He’s never faced even a slight slap on the wrist for his gross dereliction of duty and likely immorality. And isn’t it interesting that Bishop Finn is one of the very few bishops who has ever raised a voice of criticism of his brother bishops, such as, how they agree to be interviewed by the heretical National Schismatic Reporter?  Do you see how the system works, now?  Any bishop who bucks the progressive dominated system is very exposed, and very alone. It takes great courage to be even moderately orthodox, let alone the Saints we desperately need. And yet, the office has so much Grace……
  • I find it amazing that senior Curial officials in Rome would be stunned by the opposition to the TLM by many bishops around the world. Please…..it was a miracle Summorum Pontificum got released in the first place, almost under cloak and dagger, because of all the opposition in the Curia!
  • Key point – souls will continue to be endangered, gravely endangered, and the Faith will continue to weaken and collapse, so long as the crisis in the Faith is ignored. Apologetics is great, there is a huge need for it. Scriptural exegesis is great, let us have more and more.  Catechesis…..Lord knows, Catholics are generally horribly catechized.  But that brings us back to the point – WHY are they horribly catechized?  Why are lay people having to shoulder such a huge share of the burden, which should really belong mostly to priests and bishops?  Why is the Church collapsing, with millions of souls leaving the Faith every year? Until we collectively, loudly, vociferously, and consistently demand answers to these questions, nothing wil change, and SOULS. WILL. BE. LOST.

That is why all this matters very, very much.